Rock-N-Water Christian Camps in California

4.9 Stars out of 5 from over 750 Youth Leaders & Teachers

Providing high quality Christian Camps in California to church youth groups, schools, families and individuals looking to grow in their relationship with our savior Jesus Christ. We focus our programs on biblical principals and use the help of nature, friendship, and challenge to develop character and to help impact youth with the joy of God’s Living Word – so that they might come to know Jesus and pass on God’s love with excitement.

Summer Adventure Camps

Extend your summer camp with extra days of adventures, nights of camping, meals, and best of all – more time gathered around the campfire worshiping the Lord of all.

Five Day Camps
Four Day Camps
Three Day Camps
Two Day Camps

Each of our summer camps is a wide array of full day outdoor adventures that we use to help youth grow and achieve new heights that they otherwise might never have thought possible. Find the adventures that is best for you so that you too might be immersed in the beauty of God’s creation, and have the summer camp growth you always longed for.

Leadership Training

Let us be of service to you! We’ve got an assortment of leaderships designed just for you and your team.

Winter Camps

Travel up to the mountains of Northern California for an isolated time together with your youth, our staff, and God at a remote cabin overlooking two private snow covered lakes 6,400 feet above sea level. We’ll take care of your group while you can focus on what really matters, developing relationship and mentoring individuals into a healthy and self sustaining relationship with our savior Jesus Christ.

California Living History Field Trips

Rock-N-Water Christian Camps offers a variety of living history school field trips that take your class on unforgettable adventures with history that comes alive! Our 4th Grade 49er Fun Program has both two night (The Double Jack) and one night options. Each of the one night programs contain plenty of hands on learning and discovery, but vary slightly on focus with The Prospector leaning a little towards more hands on, while The Mother Lode has a little more educational information.

For 3rd Grade students studying Native American history we have our Maidu Discovery day trip.

49er Fun
Maidu Discovery