Popular Team Building & Educational Outdoor Field Trips for Schools

Through fun outdoor shared experiences and intentional team building activities, each of these trips is specifically designed to improve school unity and encourage cooperation between your students.

  • 1 Day Canyoneering
    1 Day Class III River Rafting

  • 2 Nights of Camping & 5 Meals
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  • 4.9 out of 5 stars 4.92 (76 reviews)
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  • 1 Day Rock Climbing
    1 Day Class III River Rafting

  • 2 Nights of Camping & 5 Meals
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  • 5 out of 5 stars 4.97 (63 reviews)
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  • $40375
  • 1 Day Team Building
    1 Day Canyoneering
    1 Day Class III River Rafting
  • 3 Nights of Camping & 8 Meals
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  • 4.8 out of 5 stars 4.83 (90 reviews)
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  • Develop a closer knit student body

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    Kick off your school year with 1-5 days of Christian adventures designed to help your students have fun, grow closer together, and learn to work better together as a unified class body while also growing closer to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ .

    Field trips to Build Team Unity

    You can customize your team building class field trips in a myriad of ways including adjusting how many days, nights, campfire topics, and the specific adventures that you do together each day you are here. You can even do just a single day of focused team building if that best fits your schedule and lesson plans.

    Stretch your group to trust, encourage, and support each other as they attempt our games, challenges, and collaborative initiatives. We use fun games, outdoor challenges, icebreakers, and problem solving exercises to help build Christian unity within your group. Our basecamp is ideally situated to customize this day to help teams of individuals to become cohesive tightly knit groups through a team building activity. In addition to our high-energy team building training exercises, we will also take advantage of beautiful outdoor setting, challenging your team members with times of stillness designed for an intimate encounter with God in His creation. Minimum of ten people for one day team building field trips!

    Who is Rock-N-Water?

    Rock-N-Water is a Christian Camp located an hour West of South Lake Tahoe in California. We have been leading church youth groups whitewater rafting since 1989. Our Christian staff are not only trained camp counselors, but also outdoor adventure guides. It’s our passion to not only get youth groups into God’s creation, but to also help them to experience the joy of God’s living word through those outdoor experiences. Every trip we lead includes time intentionally set aside for Biblical devotionals.

    A perfect fit Private Christian Schools

    • Christian Guides
    • Partners in Ministry
    • Onsite Camping available at a low price
    • Customizable trips designed to best meet the goals of your class
    • Built in Biblical Devotionals (free)
    • Simple pricing: No hidden taxes or fees – the price you see is the price you pay
    whitewater rafting day trips with Rock-N-Water Christian Camps in California

    Popular Team Building games you might enjoy

    We switch things up so that each field trip is different, but here are some of the fun team building games you might play:

    • Holy Tubes – PVC Pipes with holes for transporting water.
    • Minefield – Direct your blind partner through a maze with just your voice.
    • Invisible Maze – Walk through an invisible maze
    • All Aboard – Everyone stands on a small platform
    • Island Hopping – Use wood beams and platforms to move from point A to point B
    • Spider Web – Move through a limited number of openings without touching the sides
    • Hot Potato Circle – Answer the poised question if the ball gets thrown to you
    • Human Shapes – Hold hands and make various shapes, blindfolded or silent
    • Silent Line-Up – Line up without talking in various orders (name, age…)
    • Tarp Turnover – Turn over a tarp while the group is standing on it
    • Lean On Me – Balance with a partner while moving further and further apart
    • Tank – Direct your blindfolded partner (the tank) to hit other tanks with balls using only your voice
    • Sheet Volleyball – Teams hold onto sheets to launch a volleyball over the net to the other team

    campers support a team mate through a challenge web

    Details & Possible Upgrades for Team Building School Groups

    • By default, each of the above multi-day team building field trips have you arrive around 7 PM the night before (eating dinner before you arrive), and leaving around 6 PM (eating dinner on the road) at the end of your last adventure. If you would like to do the same on a one day trip, it’s just an extra $27/person.
    • One day team building events require a minimum of 10 people.
    • If you live more than 3 hours away, or you just want to finish your day of team building games with even more awesomeness, we recommend you add dinner and another night of camping & campfire time to the end of your school field trip for just $35/person.
    • There is an extra $15 per person fee for doing adventures on a Saturday or Sunday.  Why weekends cost more?
    • For river rafting trips that take place October through June there is an extra $15 per person fee in these months. What's it cover?

    More Information

    For more information on our Christian camps, or to check on availability please Contact Us. We’d love to answer any questions that you might have.[/fusion_text]

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