Staff Off Site (SOS) fill in when our full time summer staff isn’t enough, or when our summer guides just need a break.

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Staff Off Site of Rock-N-Water

camper climbing ant hill climb at summer campRock-N-Water is located in Northern California and is composed of individual Christians that are excited about outdoor youth ministry. Some of those individuals are only available to work on a short term, occasional, or part time basis, we call them our Staff-Off-Site (SOS). It is our prayer, that though the use of SOS on an as-needed/as-available basis, we might be able to lighten some of the load off of our full time staff. This is a brief description of what SOS is, so that you can better decide if you may or may not be interested.

We can work with a wide range of availabilities and restrictions, so if you have questions just give us a call and we can take a look at how our schedules might or might not be able to mix together. Here is a brief run down of what being SOS would mean, and what it would take to become or remain Staff Off Site:

Basic Qualifications

Things we ask of you:

  • Current First Aid & CPR or equivalent – Rock-N-Water sponsors two classes a year at our camp, and will provide the training to all serious potential SOS for just $30
  • Recent Experience in the field (for each area you wish to guide: whitewater rafting, climbing, hiking)
  • A flexibility of schedule or general availability that yields a reasonable possibility of being available.
  • A passion for outdoor adventures, growing in your Christian faith, and leading youth to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.


two friends carrying backpacks on a summer camp outingThings you get in return:

  • Low cost or free training – Some trainings are free to all SOS, while others are offered at free to minimal cost based on each individual’s availability and qualifications. Note: These trainings require financial and time commitments from our staff, so we ask that you take any training commitments you make, as seriously as you would take them if you were paying for them.
  • Limited wse of Rock-N-Water equipment for Private Trips on weekends for your family and friends.
  • Invitation to Staff Events including: Sunday Dinners, Retreats, Parties and Training.
  • Free Rock-N-Water T-Shirt after 3 days worked & the Option to buy Staff only clothing.
  • Pro-Deal purchase options (requirements vary by manufacture and SOS may not always qualify)
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Being involved in ministering to youth through adventures, without a full time commitment.

We can’t guarantee how much we will work you, but we can promise you that we will always strive to make the most of the time you offer us.

How to Apply

All positions have a history of filling up very fast. We recommend you start the application process as soon as you are fairly certain you’d like to work here.

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