The sun is shining and the flowers are just starting to… err, wait, they are already blooming. 

It seems that spring is already in the air, even if it’s technically still considered winter.  The sunshiny weather here in California has me thinking and dreaming about Spring. And whenever I think about Spring, I can’t help but get excited about another season of Rock-N-Water’s 49er fun camp!

Have you ever heard of our Spring living history program called 49er fun? No, you haven’t.  Well then, this post is for you!  Today I’m going to give you a fun and detailed look at our camp’s spring program, which is literally just around the corner!

Are you ready to learn more about Spring at camp! Here’s the inside scoop to what this program is all about and why you should come!

What is 49er fun? (A brief history lesson…)

Way back when this camp was just starting to grow, the founders of Rock-N-Water created the 49er fun program. What inspired the creation of the living history program we offer? Well, let’s just say that with our camp being right in the middle of the center of Goldrush history (the town gold was discovered in is literally two miles from our camp!) it just made sense. 49er fun was created to be a camp that gives 4th graders a chance to experience the gold rush in a fun and immersive way and allow kids the chance to see firsthand what history on the goldfields looks like.

Who is 49er fun for? (It’s not just for the children…)

Primarily this camp is for 4th graders and their parents.  But it’s not exclusive to just 4th graders.  There is no specific age for this camp, all are welcome.  But why primarily 4th graders?  Because 4th grade is the year that California history is taught in schools.  This camp allows school trips to come and learn about the gold rush in a fun and interactive way.

All ages are welcome. We even have many homeschool groups come to this camp too and family trips!  Just keep in mind when you plan your trip that the beauty of all the time traveling we do is more magical on the young mind, therefore, 4th grade truly is the prime age for this experience. The older the kids are the harder it will be for them to experience all of the time-traveling magic that happens here at the camp.

What will you do at 49er fun? (A peek into the schedule…)

When you come for a 49er trip, the first thing you will do is meet is your trip leader and guides.  They have time-traveled from their time (1854) to meet you. They are so excited to meet you and they even packed their own lunch from 1854 to enjoy with you as you have lunch together. As you eat lunch you can ask all of the guides questions about their time and show them all of the weird gadgets and things from your time.  You just might discover that your trash is someone’s treasure in another time.

After lunch, your trip leader will split you up into groups and assign a guide to each group.  You’re living history guide will give you a tour through two local gold mines and a gold rush town.  You will not only learn many fun and educational facts about the gold rush, but you will play fun games together as a group and enjoy some yummy snacks together.

The fun only continues when you get to time-travel with your guide to the 1800s where you will get to stake your own claim at our camp and set up your tent. The evening festivities include a delicious and authentic meal, a hoe-down and dancing, and an entertaining campfire program full of 1854 music and instruments.

And that is only the first day.  The next day will be full of more fun and food!  After a yummy breakfast, your guides lead you in many activities such as;

  • Gold panning
  • Candle Making
  • Rope Making
  • Pioneer Cooking
  • Old Fashioned Games
  • and more!


I could go on and on about all of the amazing and fun activities you will be doing here at this camp, but if I told you everything, what would be the point of you coming.  This little outline of a 49er trip only touches the surface of what it’s like to come and experience a 49er fun trip and Rock-N-Water.

Why you should come to 49er fun! (we want you to come!)

49er fun may be one of the best experiences you can have with your 4th grader!  As they learn about the gold rush in a fun immersive way, they will also learn about how God is greater than gold.  This trip creates a perfect opportunity for children to experience the outdoors and bond with their friends and parents as they do all of the fun activities together.

Most importantly, you should come to 49er fun because we want you to come!  We jump up and down with excitement each time we get to take a group of 4th graders back to 1854 to learn about the gold rush and how much greater than gold our great God is!

Will we see you this year?

There you have it, that’s the inside scoop for you all on what goes on during the 49er fun season at Rock-n-Water.  It is an experience you definitely don’t want to miss.  Will we be seeing you this spring?  I hope so ;)

Learn more about our 49er fun program and the different options we offer here