Did you know that the spring season at Rock-N-Water is just around the corner!  Are you coming out this spring for the 49er Fun program?  During the spring months, we offer a fun and immersive living history program for 4th graders and their parents.  Our camp time-travels back in time to the year of 1854 to provide 4th graders with a hands-on approach to learning about the gold rush. This spring you could come with your 4th grader and have one of the most enriching experiences of your life!

I could go on and on about all the many reasons why you should come to Rock-N-Water’s 49er fun program but in this post, I will give you just the top ten reasons why I think you should book a 49er fun trip at Rock-N-Water.  So let’s get started…

1. Great Food!

There’s nothing like a homecooked meal to end the day with.  Know what’s even better, though? A home-cooked meal in 1854!  A warm bowl of chili and slice of buttery cornbread will make your stomach dance with happiness.  The food in 1854 is more than enough reason to come to camp, and I’m not lying when I say that the food is yummier in 1854! If you don’t believe me, you’re gonna have to book a trip and come find out!


2. You May Strike it Rich!

There really is still gold in these hills (and the river)! When you come to Coloma in 1854, you have the opportunity to pan for gold, just like the original 49ers, and guess what? If you find any gold, you get to keep it! Don’t worry if you don’t know how to find gold–we will teach you! You might just luck out and leave richer than when you came. If you book a trip this might just be your chance to strike it rich!

3. Time Travel!

Have you ever wanted to time travel? I’m sure you’ve heard of all the ways people have tried to make time machines.  Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the simple truth is, time machines don’t work. Fortunately, I have some good news too: there is another way to time travel!  When you come to our camp for a 49er Fun trip, we will show you how to travel through time fields back to the year 1854!  Now, who doesn’t want the chance to time travel?  It’s an experience you won’t want to miss out on!

4. Bring Home New Treasures!

After the 49er Fun trip, you’ll come home with more treasures than when you left.  Not only will you get to bring back any gold you find, but there are many other treasures from the 1850’s you get to take back with you.  Who doesn’t want a strong handmade rope to tie up their horses with?  And you can forget those expensive store-bought candles; you’ll get to make your very own candle while you’re here!  No twentieth-century gadget can fully replace the good old fashioned tools from 1854 that you’ll get to make and take home with you.

5. Make New Memories!

Bringing home new treasures and tools is great, but what’s even greater is coming home with new memories that will last a lifetime!  In 1854 you will make so many new and fun memories with your 4th grader.  At our camp, we aim to make every experience fun and exciting.  Even on rainy days, we can guarantee that you’ll be having fun and making special memories.  You and your 4th grader will be talking and smiling about this trip for years down the road.

6. Enjoy a Screen-Free Era!

Are you tired of constantly being glued to your screen (or your child being glued to one)?  Well, lucky for you, in 1854 this is not a problem; phones and “screens” as we know them just didn’t exist back then.  In 1854 we have many other exciting ways of having fun that don’t require a phone or a screen. When you time travel with us, you get to enjoy the luxury of living life screen-free (at least for a couple of days). If you need a break from constantly being plugged in, book a trip with us and come to 1854!

7. Interact With Actual Humans!

In this digital age, sometimes it is easy to forget that we need to actually interact with other humans.  Everything is available to us through the web with the touch of a button.  But when you book a trip to 1854 for the 49er Fun program, you will get to meet many new friends.  We create the perfect environment for you and your 4th grader to come and connect with others face-to-face!

Man and boy play instruments at campfire

8. Pique Your Childs’s Interest in History!

Maybe your child doesn’t seem to have any interest in history, at all. You’ve tried everything, but their grades are still failing. Maybe they just need a new approach to the subject.  A more immersive method of learning about history might help; time traveling to 1854 might just be what your child needs to discover a new love for history!  Booking a trip allows you and your child to come and see firsthand what life was like back then on the frontier, which is sure to spark more questions and conversation.

starry night in the backcountry of an outdoor adventure summer camp

9. Camping Under the Stars

Set up your tent under a sky full of stars. (Need I say more?) The lights of the city won’t dim the stars in the sky as you gaze up into the heavens.  Maybe you’ve never camped before and you’re unsure how it would be. Not to worry–we’ve got you covered. We’ll take care of all the food, plus we’ve got showers and flushing toilets to make your first camping experience as seamless and stress-free as possible. So what’s keeping you from booking that trip and making this your first camping trip under the stars with your 4th grader? Make your first camping trip one you’ll remember, and one that’s also educational. It’s a win-win!

10. Learn About True Treasure

The most important reason you should book a trip is that you’ll learn what true treasure is.  All that gold you stuffed into your pocket to bring home with you may be special, but it’s not true treasure.  In fact, all the gold in the Gold Rush can’t compare to the true treasure that is found in God and His word!  When you come to our camp you’ll get to learn more about true treasure and how it can be yours. Book a 49er Fun trip so you and your 4th grader can come and learn about God’s true treasure and how it can change your life.

Go Book That Trip!

So there you go–there are the 10 reasons why I think you should come to our 49er Fun program!  If any of those reasons tickled your ears and made you jump with excitement, then please, don’t hesitate–book your 49er Fun trip with us!  I’ll be waiting to see you in 1854.

And if you have “been” to 1854 before and think that I missed anything, please share it with us in the comments. We’d love to hear what you love the most about the 49er Fun program at our camp and what keeps you coming!