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Outdoor Rock Climbing Adventure

Prepare yourself for an outdoor, top-rope, rock climbing summer camp. We’ll climb on real rocks, rappel, and boulder in an amazing river canyon of God’s beautiful creation. Together, you and your group will learn more about trusting and encouraging others. Secondly, each climber will get a chance challenge themselves to grow, mature in their Christian faith, and look to God in everything. We customize each climbing adventure so that every climber gets the right amount of challenge that will be fun for them.

We start in the early morning with breakfast in camp. Next, we will head out to our climbing destination. We will spend the morning climbing and repelling with Rock-N-Water guides before lunch.  After lunch, those who are anxious to send more routes will climb again. Meanwhile, others may have the opportunity for scrambling around the canyon,  or going in and out of caves on this single day trip. We will typically wrap up the day with some swimming and a small canyon hike down in the river.

Designed for all ages

camper climbing ant hill climb at summer campOur guided rock climbing programs and Christian camp program are designed to accommodate campers of all ages and skill levels. There is a wide variety of beginner, intermediate, and advanced climbs to choose from. Each climb has varying difficulty, so we can promise an adventure at any skill level with no climbing experience necessary. We take care of all the  rock climbing gear that your climbers will need (rope, harness, helmet, shoes…). Your professional mountain guides will provide  instruction on climbing techniques and belay your youth to the top of each climb.

Rock climbing is a great way to challenge kids or teenagers and introduce them to the beauty of God’s creation. Our rock climbing trips will take students into their growth zone by encouraging them to do something they might be afraid of. Our professional guides will be leading and coaching them as they overcome fear and find their strength.  Students often express how they enjoyed the challenges presented to them by rock climbing. Many youth embrace a feeling of achievement as they conquer the routes.  Note: All of our climbs are top rope climbs, we do no lead any pitching or multi-pitch climbs.

Details & Possible Upgrades

  • First, here is a detailed explanation of the specific rock climbing routes your group will explore.
  • Secondly, by default, each of the above multi-day rock climbing camps have you arrive around 7 PM the night before (eating dinner before you arrive), and leaving around 6 PM (eating dinner on the road) at the end of your last adventure. If you would like to do the same on a one day trip, it’s just an extra $27/person.
  • Third, day rock climbing trips require a minimum of 10 people.
  • Lastly, if you live more than 3 hours away, or you just want to finish your trip with even more awesomeness, we recommend you add dinner and another night of camping & campfire time to the end of your trip for just $35/person.
  • There is an extra $15 per person fee for doing adventures on a Saturday or Sunday.  Why weekends cost more?

More Information

Finally, please contact us if you have any questions, or are not finding exactly what you are looking for.

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