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Behind the Scenes

Joel Jay
Joel JayCamp Director
Tara Schnetz
Tara SchnetzLiving History Coordinator
Eden Morlet
Eden MorletAdventure Program Coordinator/Office Manager
Hannah Barnes
Hannah BarnesAdministrative Assistant/Cook/49er Fun Guide
Tiffiny Farley
Tiffiny FarleyReservations
Elena Jacoby
Elena JacobyKitchen Manager
Luke Haley
Luke HaleySystems Tech & Adventure Guide

Outdoor Adventure Staff

Hannah Edwards
Hannah EdwardsOutdoor Adventure Guide
Curt Wagner
Curt WagnerOutdoor Adventure Guide
Alaina Clayton
Alaina ClaytonChaplain/Outdoor Adventure Guide
Harrison Dougherty
Harrison DoughertyOutdoor Adventure Guide
Madison Roemer
Madison RoemerOutdoor Adventure Guide
Annika Johnson
Annika JohnsonOutdoor Adventure Guide
Isaac Craig
Isaac CraigOutdoor Adventure Guide
Tiffany Edwards
Tiffany EdwardsOutdoor Adventure Guide
Jackson Donahue
Jackson DonahueOutdoor Adventure Guide
Christian Gomez
Christian GomezOutdoor Adventure Guide
Arden Jacoby
Arden JacobyOutdoor Adventure Guide
Aidan Lende
Aidan LendeOutdoor Adventure Guide
Teadora Lende
Teadora LendeCook
Abi Chocholaty
Abi ChocholatyOutdoor Adventure Guide
Jason Orcutt
Jason OrcuttOutdoor Adventure Guide

Living History Staff

Sean Rohrer (aka: Junior)
Sean Rohrer (aka: Junior)Living History Guide
Tara Schnetz (aka: Emma)
Tara Schnetz (aka: Emma)Living History Guide
Sydney Roemer (aka: Rose)
Sydney Roemer (aka: Rose)Living History Guide
Madison Roemer aka Joanie
Madison Roemer aka JoanieLiving History Guide
Aimee Rohrer (aka Ma)
Aimee Rohrer (aka Ma)Living History Guide
Nathan Schnetz aka Fritz
Nathan Schnetz aka FritzLiving History Guide
Bethany Rothman aka Charlotte
Bethany Rothman aka CharlotteLiving History Guide
Nate Rohrer (aka: Sunny)
Nate Rohrer (aka: Sunny)Living History Guide
Alexis Callnon aka Jayne
Alexis Callnon aka JayneLiving History Guide
Isaac Allerton aka Cody
Isaac Allerton aka CodyLiving History Guide
Josie Rothman aka Liza
Josie Rothman aka LizaLiving History Guide
Kerri Schnetz
Kerri SchnetzCook
Noah Allerton aka Jim
Noah Allerton aka JimLiving History Guide
Hannah Rothman aka Faith
Hannah Rothman aka FaithLiving History Guide
Mira Heckle aka Spring
Mira Heckle aka SpringLiving History Guide
Hannah Barnes (aka Eva
Hannah Barnes (aka EvaLiving History Guide
Alyssa Jones aka Stella
Alyssa Jones aka StellaLiving History Guide
Eric Schnetz (aka Max)
Eric Schnetz (aka Max)Living History Guide
Lainey Heckle aka Clara
Lainey Heckle aka ClaraLiving History Guide
Sarah Neff (aka Rebecca)
Sarah Neff (aka Rebecca)Living History Guide
Kelly Richards
Kelly RichardsCook
Tracie Rothman aka Sunshine
Tracie Rothman aka SunshineLiving History Guide
Heidi Heckle aka Callie
Heidi Heckle aka CallieLiving History Guide
Joel Jay aka Cledus
Joel Jay aka CledusLiving History Guide

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