Rock-N-Water’s Educational Value

Equipping youth to recognize their Creator through outdoor adventures

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Educational Objectives

All of Rock-N-Water’s camps and retreats have specific educational objectives, agreed upon between your group leaders and Rock-N-Water staff, and require the attendance and general participation of all campers at daily lessons or day-long activities. One of our most passionate and common educational objectives is to equip campers to recognize their Creator while engaging in hands on learning in His Creation. There are other educational objectives our adventurous courses can pursue. Including:

  • Developing Christian Leadership
  • Creating Loving and Practical friendships
  • Building Group Unity
  • Communication Skills
  • Educational History
  • Physical Education
  • Problem Solving
  • Environmental Conservation.

There are a variety of approaches to achieving these goals that are customized to your group and activity, but the most common tools we expect you to see utilized are: the exemplary Christian leadership and knowledge of your guide, nature, friendship, adventurous challenge, and FUN!

The Value of the Outdoors

We believe that this style of outdoor education will be increasingly valued as the church and educational institutions realize the currently overlooked, critical need that most of today’s students have to be in the outdoors. Individuals are not experiencing God in the most foundational way He has provided for them. They are growing up indoors almost completely protected from His creation and their faith is potentially missing a depth of conviction that used to be provided through daily, required interaction with the Creator in the natural world.

We predict that as society learns more about the deficiencies of raising children indoors, organizations will become progressively intentional about addressing their unmet developmental needs with specific outdoor activities. The 2008 passing of the “No Child Left Inside Act” is only the beginning of a realization that youth leaders and educators now need to provide for students in ways that were previously unnecessary. Physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually we believe humans need significant amounts of interaction in nature with what God has made and Rock-N-Water is committed to being a relevant source for meeting that need.

The Value of Camp Experiences

Growth! Camps offer individuals an opportunity to get away from the constant distractions of everyday life. By breaking away from the routines, places, and the things that we find familiar, we are better situated to discover new things about ourselves, our friends, and our Heavenly Father.

We also grow closer together with new and old friends as we create unique memories together through unique shared experiences. These shared experiences create frameworks help develop trust in each other, and bonds that can last a lifetime.

More Information

For more information on our Christian camps, or to check on availability please Contact Us. We’d love to answer any questions that you might have.

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