White Water Kayaking Trips

Class III inflatable kayaking icon black

Spend a day or two rafting Class III white water in inflatable kayaks (Fun-Yaks). Our Christian staff and guides will teach you the basics for our white water kayaking trips before we head down the river to meet the waves face to face as you enter rapids at water level! Work in pairs to navigate your yak for a fun, challenging, and growing experience of a lifetime. The South Fork of the American River in Northern California has two, ten mile sections (the Upper-Chili-Bar Run and the Lower-Gorge Run) perfect for one or two days of white water inflatable kayak trips full of adventurous fun for Church youth groups, families, individuals, or Christian private schools. Each section takes about 4 hours to yak down during the summer months. While you can request the Upper or Lower, we are currently not always able to guarantee which section you will experience.
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