The Triple Play


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A Three Day Adventure Trip

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3 adventures, 8 meals, 3 nights

Our best-selling adventure package! Challenge your group to a new adventure each day..  We’ll spend 1 day rock climbing1 day canyoneering, 1 day of Class III river rafting on the South Fork of the American River.

Each day on our adventures, we’ll experience the beauty and strength of God’s creation.  We’ll challenge ourselves physically, to grow in our Christian faith and build lasting teamwork skills.  Among other things your group will take part in quiet times, campfires, climbing, exploring, and rafting.

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Nights of Camping: 3 Nights Camping
Meals: 8 Meals
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Rafting Class III, Canyoneering, Rock Climbing


3 Days


  • Available June through September
  • Groups of 6 or more
  • Limited to Middle School or older


  • You can add dinner, campfire, and camping to your trip. Departing the following morning at 8 AM with breakfast on the road for just $35/person.
  • T-shirts can be ordered for the whole group at $20/person.
  • You can lead campfire and other teaching opportunities yourself, combine your teaching efforts with those of our staff, or just ask us to handle it all for you – at no additional charge.
  • There are no additional taxes, fees, or other hidden costs.

About Rock-N-Water

Rock-N-Water is a group of Christians who want to impact campers of all ages with the joy of God’s Living Word. Our desire is that you might come to know the joy of our loving Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to pass on God’s love to others with excitement. We focus our programs on biblical principles, and use the help of nature, friendship, and adventurous outdoor challenges to develop eternal transformational change.

Located an hour East of Sacramento in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California, our staff travel from across the United States to minister to your students. Cross trained as camp counselors, youth ministers, and high adventure guides, they positively transform the lives of youth and adults alike. Our staff savor the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in your students’ lives.

Every Rock-N-Water trip is built around the idea that spending time in the outdoors, through fun and challenging adventures, is a great way to help youth and adults to experience real personal growth in their Christian faith. Each camp includes full action packed days of adventurous outdoor exploration with our summer counselors. And each adventure includes time intentionally set aside in the middle of each day to give you ample opportunity to just stop, and think, and pray. At night we gather together around the campfire for a time of worship and a more indepth biblical devotional.


103 reviews for The Triple Play

  1. Phil Swingle

    Great. First experience with Rock N Water and I’m grateful that a Christian outfitter exists. As a guide myself, I find myself pretty critical of decisions and some rules, but I think you did a great job. For instance, I would have like to wear my personal Type V rescue PFD (Astral Greenjacket) but because of insurance had to wear one with a head pillow. I know that insurance has rules. Guides were not arrogant and our personal guide genuinely cared about us and made the trip great. I will pray for your team and that the peeps are drawn closer to God on each trip Thanks, and see you next season.

  2. Lucy Keene

    SO fun! I was just a leader in the group, but I totally didn’t think I was gonna be “out-doorsy” enough to keep up with all the activities, but I was/did, and now I’ve even gotten more into rocking climbing myself now! Awesome way to “test taste” several different outdoor activities to see what one might like to get more into! I highly recommend this trip to everyone!!! Thanks for the hyped, patient, and fun guides, and the food was good too!!!

  3. Matthew Watkins

    It was great, the outings, at camp experience, our guide, everything was awesome. I would highly recommend it and hope to do it with our youth again in the future.

  4. Olivia Nelson

    I had a great time at Rock-n-Water summer camp! The day trips were so fun (my favorite was the rock climbing), and the guides made them even better. One of my favorite parts was how welcoming the guides were when we first got there. The food was great. I would definitely love to come back next year and bring a friend to enjoy the fun time with me.

  5. Cameron Ramsey

    It was a great experience once again. This was my fourth time attending Rock-N-Water and loved being able to return to the camp once again. The staff was amazing, great guides, positive attitudes, good humor, and above all a time where I myself felt more connected with God being in His beautiful creation and worshiping Him throughout the week. Love this camp and all that make up the camp. Major love <3.

  6. Adalay Vandepool

    5 Stars

  7. Charles Rhoades

    It was awesome, I enjoyed myself, our guide Sydney was amazing, and overall the trip was amazing.
    That said, the more important opinion I hold is that in all things we ought to be praising Him, glorifying and magnifying Him, for all He is. He has given us everything, all we could ever want, I would have enjoyed myself if I was making paper boats and floating them in a stream. Or if I was jumping in puddles, rather than hiking through a canyon. I would have been perfectly content no matter what we had done.
    I thank you for all you have done for our group, and for loving us.

  8. Elena Edwards

    Amazing! I loved every moment of it, except for bashing my knee in the bat cave. But even that is cool because I was in the Bat cave.
    I could go on and on about the astounding experience I had, but a huge thing I extremely appreciated was the guides and how they balance fun and safety so well. While we were rafting, for example, our guides were really clear about the safety instructions, making sure we were not in danger and knew how to respond if anything startling did occur, but they also let us enjoy ourselves, like actually teaching us how to pull people from the rafts and properly splash them with the paddles with the least amount of effort but most maximum amount of soak. They let us stand up going down certain rapids and play duck-duck-goose on the boats. While canyoneering they taught us how to properly ride a rapid Superman-style, then let us go at it and have fun in the currents, rocks, and water. I was so blessed by our guides and the genuine care for safety, and their genuine concern for fun! They held those two things evenly, guiding us skillfully but also letting us use common sense and enjoy ourselves. The guides hung out and played along with us, laughing, splashing, jumping, and pulling us off the rafts, which was something else I loved.

    The food, awesome.
    The facility, awesome.
    The sleeping under the stars, awesome.
    The quiet time with God on the hikes, awesome.
    The staff, awesome.
    The activities, awesome.
    The equipment, awesome.
    The canyons, awesome.

    I loved it. Thanks so much!

  9. Jonah Crandall

    5 Stars

  10. Conrade Kolde

    It was a great time and the people were very fun and all in all it was an enjoyable trip that I would go on again if given the chance.

  11. Shannon Percival

    We loved our trip to Rock-N-Water! My husband and I took our Junior High youth group to Rock-N-Water for 3 days and it was incredible. Awesome experiences in nature, hilarious and compassionate guides, great food, awesome and impactful campfire time. We’ll see you guys again next year…maybe for a longer time!

  12. Millie Dotta

    Amazing!!!!! I loved the quiet times every day. The camp was the perfect mix between spiritually deep and just plain FUN. Our guide was Caleb and he was super fun; Lily also was with us a lot and she was a blast. Both of them were really personable an easy to be around and share with. They also were responsible and really did make us feel safer and able to do things. Also they were both, especially Caleb, very encouraging if one of us was hesitant to do something they encouraged us till we did without being pushy. Thank you to all of you guys!! I wouldn’t want to change a single thing about it except to stay longer!! ;)

  13. Mike Cunningham

    Overall, amazing experience again for our 2nd year with you guys! Our kids love the adventures and how it keeps you busy. The space and time to reflect is always awesome! Food is great!!! We love you guys!

    Only constructive criticism is to have guides connect with us earlier on content for our trip. Both of our guides have been amazing, Josh last year and Curt this year. However, both of them contacted me just a day or two before our arrival to talk about content. I’ve been trying to figure out if most of the content is on us, or both us and your team. Either way it’s worked out great both times, but would like to have conversation a little earlier then a couple of days ahead of time.

    You guys are amazing! Thanks for what you do!!!

  14. Jeff Porter

    It was a lot of fun! The guides all took great care of our group and it really was s good bonding time for our youth group.

  15. Luke Rockwell

    It was an amazing trip, I loved all the food and activities we did! My favorite thing was the white water rafting.

  16. Alicia Zhou

    It was absolutely wonderful. We had great guides, who were all so enthusiastic, knowledgeable and safety-minded. Our group guide, Zechariah, was a true servant who demonstrated much patience and encouragement when leading us through the rock climbing feat. I thought the ratio of campers to guides was just right. Thank you Rock-n-Water for your professionalism, energy and passion for showing us God’s awesome creation! Many of the youth want to come again. We all felt it was three days well spent and a great time of bonding.

  17. Hannah Rockwell

    I have been to rock-n-waters three times in my high school career, and each time I had a wonderful experience,I absolutely love everything about your camp, and have no complaints, each experience was unique, and special, I would like to thank rock-n-waters for an amazing week.

  18. Matt Robbins

    Great! Food was wonderful. Activities were great. I have only a few suggestions:
    1) I’d love to see a stronger teaching/ spiritual component. It was great to have Gwen give campfire talks. But I would love more structure for quiet times and printed or projected words for the worship. We didn’t know the songs and struggled to participate because we didn’t have the words.
    2) I would love to get the packing list earlier.
    3) this one is small… I suggest that at meal times, when you do the announcements, reverse the order of the announcements. Do trip announcements first and then reveal the meal. This will keep the food warmer when served. Right now you take the cover off and then let it get cold while you give announcements.

  19. Caleigh Copeland

    Love it up at Rock-N-Waters! I have never been rock climbing or River rafting and had a blast. The guides are very friendly and extremely helpful! I had a great 4 day getting to know God more through His creation.

  20. Ashley Muse

    I loved my time at Rock N Water! I had so much fun and I learned a lot! About God and about adventuring! I loved all of the games that we played that helped build us up as a team and the challenges that we faced! White water rafting was my favorite! I loved going down the Rapids and then playing games in the ponds! I loved jumping off rocks, swimming in freezing water, and laying on warm rocks! I loved climbing on rocks and repelling down them! Thank you for the great experience!!!

  21. Annika Meyering

    It was one of the most amazing camps I’ve ever been to and the food is delicious!

  22. Kamau Canton

    Absolutely outstanding.

  23. Robin Susa

    It was any amazing experience. The staff is amazing, kind and just have the family feeling all around. I would recommend this camp to everyone.

  24. Terri Wisnskee

    This trip was amazing. As a chaperone for the end of the year middle
    School trip I was challenged to face my fears and watch kids face theirs. I witnessed Them grow as a person right before my eyes. Oh… and by the way… The staff is off the chart stellar. Kind, fun, patient, professional and ALWAYS safety first!

    I recommend the camp to anyone who wants to be challenged to in ways you may not expect mentally /physically but also grow in the Lord.

    Bring your friends, family and or even strangers. You will Not regret it!!!

  25. Aaron Fernandez

    Aaron and his staff were great. I would recommend rock n water to any group looking for a fun, Christian based experience

  26. Kyle Link

    It was amazing. It is always amazing

  27. Jill Encinias


    The couple that ran the camp and their family was absolutely wonderful. We all really appreciated the prayer time, the songs and the skits.

    The food was great. Events were fun and everyone was flexible regarding change in the schedule due to water levels.

    Would recommend reminding some of the younger counselors who’d been campers themselves to be more understanding and helpful when kids had trouble with the rock climbing. He repeatedly gave instructions but seemed disinterested and didn’t help the kids succeed. They didn’t know what they were doing wrong or couldn’t figure out how to make it work repeating the some mistakes until their muscles got too tired to continue.

    I would highly recommend this camp and appreciate the Christian presents in all we did.

    Thank you for the whole team!!

  28. Chandler kakatin

    I had a blast. The activities were fun and exiting, which was made even better by the amazing staff. Anyone wondering if they should give this place a try should just take the step and do it. It will be worth it.

  29. Matthew Watkins

    I was able to be part of our Jr. High Youth trip last week. The whole experience far exceeded my expectations. You have put together a really great program that gave the opportunity for adventure and fun, while still ensuring safety and a focus on truth.

    I would really like to compliment our guide Jacob, he was great with the kids, adults, and other leaders he was developing.

    Thanks for the awesome camp, I hope we are able to do it again in the future!

  30. Mike M.

    Wonderful trip! Our guide was wonderful and the family really enjoyed it. The “up early, back in time for dinner” schedule is challenging but the days are fun. Do note that, apart from sleeping, breakfast, and dinner, you won’t spend much time in the camp itself. This is very different from other types of recreational places where the camp itself is the focus of activity; here, the water and the rocks are the focus and where you will spend almost all of your waking hours. Bring a waterproof camera and you will capture some marvelous memories!

  31. Leigh Meyering

    What a wonderful camp and rafting experience! I look forward to going back again!

  32. Brent Baldwin

    It was a fantastic trip. We had been looking for a camp where we can take our youth to for several months. Rock N Water seemed to come out of nowhere and it was a huge answer to prayer. For what we got, it was a very affordable trip and we look forward to next year.

  33. Ruth Staley


  34. Joseph Merck

    Joe loved his experience at RNW. He and his dad were able to do activities together and separately, which was great for confidence and independence building as well as bonding with each other. Joe thoroughly enjoyed the activities. We would highly recommend this camp. Thanks for keeping him motivated, engaged and SAFE!
    This was written by Joe’s Mom, Elke Merck.

  35. Paul Lee

    A truly spiritually rewarding experience! The 3 days were packed with action and full of excitement, from canyoneering to rock climbing to rafting. Highlights included the amazing camp guideway, delicious food, and daily campfires.

  36. Crossroads Church Fremont

    All-around fantastic experience!

  37. Linda Robertson

    My husband and I have been to Rock-N-Water 4 times and each time was awesome. Each time was unique even when we always did the same three day trip. We are no longer in youth ministry and haven’t been to Rock-N-Water in 7 years, but my family often talk about our experiences there and all the good memories.

  38. Brooke Reimer

    This was an awesome trip. Avery was our main leader and he did a great job. I personally loved his corny jokes and he taught me a good life lesson while we were canyoneering. He’s doing a great job. I loved how other guides would come with us on the excursions and make an effort to learn our names and connect with us (shoutout to Tyler, Shelby, Emily, and Josh)! They are all doing a great job too. The atmosphere is so fun and it’s a fantastic getaway from the quick pace of life. Our church tends to complain a lot (Rock Bible), but the guides did a great job of loosening us up and helping us learn to go with the flow. It showed me that I don’t always need a schedule for the day, since I am a big planner. Thank you for an awesome experience!!

  39. Leigh Horvath

    Rock n Water was so much fun! It was awesome to have the time to bond with my classmates and others.

  40. Maggie Encinias

    This was my first time here and my friends told me it was great. I think they mislead me on it because it was awesome!! We were treated to a couple of runs on the white water. Best time ever. The food was great and the staff was friendly and very helpful.

  41. Stacey Hanson

    The overall camp experience was great. Good food and plenty of it. The whitewater rafting was awesome. The rock climbing and canyoneering was a lot of fun and well ran as well. Our third trip of creeking on the Rubicon river was not so great because the water was so cold and it was a very strenuous day with a long road trip out and back. Our fireside chats with the leaders were good and the kids enjoyed those as well.

  42. Renee Vanmaren


    Facility, staff, and trips were amazing!

    I tell all of our parents you need to go to Rock-N-Water at least once during your child’s 3 years of Middle School.

  43. Jami Behneman

    We love Rock-n-water every time we go! there genuine, fun and hardworking people that have taken such good care of us everytime!

  44. Martin Bogomaziuk


  45. Mike Mason

    As always, we had a fantastic trip!

  46. Denise Collins

    It was fantastic from the moment we arrived to when we departed. We loved the guides; they were encouraging without being forceful, and we all exceeded our goals with the help of their encouraging words. Great food too.

  47. Haleigh Watkins

    It was a lot of fun! To spend time with friends in a nice environment. I was able to reconnect with God on a more personal level focusing on just our relationship, instead of having a set sermon. It differed from other camps I went to in a good way. I would love to come back!!

  48. Joel Castillo

    good food and good staff made a great experience

  49. Itzel Ramirez

    Loved everything about it

  50. Christian Rockwell

    I really enjoyed it, all the guides were great, the food was amazing, and the experiences we were able to have I can remember for the rest of my life.

  51. Michael Collins

    We really enjoyed our time with you guys. our Students are still talking about it! Avery was a huge blessing along with the rest of the team! our students were challenged physically and spiritually. Thank you so much Rock-N-Water!!!

  52. Michael Micher

    My son liked the camp

  53. Adam Altig

    Rock n water is absolutely amazing. The guides were wonderful and really pointed you to God. Going on our adventures with other families really made the trip unforgettable.

  54. Leah Hipps

    It was awesome! This was our second year bringing our youth group and we can’t wait to come back next year!

  55. Teresa Coon

    I have been bringing students to Rock-n-Water for over 10 years. I cannot speak highly enough of this program. It is like no other I have experienced. First, you have the activities: Whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and canyoneering. Each of these challenges students, pushing them out of their comfort zones while simultaneously requiring teamwork and building relationships. My students always leave feeling proud of themselves for accomplishing things they never thought they could. While all this is amazing, it is the staff that makes the experience truly incredible. Young men and women from all over the U.S. spend their summers serving at Rock-n-Water because God has called them there, and their love for Him and passion for young people clearly shows. Throughout the day, they bring our focus back on Jesus with anecdotes, questions,and quiet times. They are amiable, and not hesitant to start a water fight or join a game at camp, playing with the students on their level. Most importantly, they are extremely well-trained and never lax when it comes to safety. Lastly, the food! I have had chaperones tell me that they gained weight while on the trip; the food is that good!Love R-n-W!

  56. Jason McGrath

    Adventure! God honoring guides! great being surrounded by creation. Such beauty. Guides and counselors listened well and asked for feed back, we certainly felt valued!

  57. Terri Breit

    I have accompanied our Middle School kids to three Outdoor Ed experiences at Rock-n-Water and, just as my prior times, this year did not disappoint! Ellen was an incredible leader, our other guides were also perfect in their supporting roles. Your staff know how to motivate without frustrating, encourage, and make every guest feel as if he/she can complete the physical activity.

  58. Sean Carreno

    Incredible fantastic at a lifetime experience

  59. Mikaila Pidgeon

    I loved my experience at Rock-n-Water, and so did all of the kids that we took with us. The kids had so much fun, and learned so much about God throughout it all. I especially loved seeing how this trip brought the kids together and created friendships that still exist today. As a leader, I never felt worried about safety because everyone at Rock-n-Water was extremely well trained, very patient, kind, and fun! I would recommend this camp to anyone, and can’t wait to bring our youth group back!

  60. Joelle Mundo

    IT was super fun!

  61. Tricia Duffy

    My kids and I had an amazing experience! I tell people about it all the time. Climbing rocks, then jumping into water and hiking thru ladybug canyon was the best day ever! And the food at the end of the day was fabulous and healthy! White water rafting was a thrill as well. Thank you Rock n Water for some GREAT memories 💕

  62. Theia Cortes

    God and nature and good counseling. My trips to rock n water have always been more than amazing and I am very thankful to have found out about this place!

  63. Patrick Grover

    It was great. It was a great trip. I enjoyed it. the kids in my youth group had a great time. Our host was awesome. It was a fun, adventuresome time all within a context of growing in Christ!

  64. Maria Valencia

    Super fun, loved all of the outdoor activities & staff. Can’t stop talking about all of the fun I had!

  65. Nancy Link

    Love this place! Wonderful activities and programs for a variety of ages. The staff was amazing and great with the kids–offering extra help and encouragement to those who needed it. I have enjoyed each visit.

  66. Jordan Sharqawi

    I absolutely loved this camp. The best camp I’ve ever been to. Amazing experience, the staff are so cool and chill. I like it a lot and would actually like to work there. Thanks for being amazing.

  67. Katherine Sawyer

    The staff did a wonderful job connecting with my youth. The kids mentioned how cared for they felt and they noticed the staffs attempts to get to know them. They already want to go back next year! It is a great thing to see your youth find a place that they love and where they can grow and have fun. Rock N Water provided a safe, challenging, and fun place for them to be themselves. Thank you to all of the staff who put so much effort into a wonderful trip.

  68. Audrey McIntosh

    The staff was amazing and I have never done anything so fun in awhile. I loved how the staff involved themselves in our activities and in free time. The meals were amazing too.

  69. Wade McCarty

    I loved all of the awesome guides that I was lucky enough to meet!!

  70. David Jones

    Rock-n-water is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life.The Rock-n-water guides make sure to make camp a friendly place that we can all experience peace at heart and the K about the beauty god has set before us. Please make sure that Brook,Alex Jacob and all the other guides know just how much they are appreciated.

  71. Abby Himenes

    It was amazing it’s a great experience especially to get away from a hard time at home all of the guides were so nice and helpful and some of the things we did kinda scary but if you put aside the fear it’s a great time I loved it so much

  72. Ramond Luna

    By far the greatest experience with our youth and as well as our leaders working together in the body of Christ .

  73. Joel Castillo


  74. Christian Castillo

    Had a lot of fun with activities and what not. Only thing that needs improvement I say would be the bathrooms.

  75. Jacob Solis

    It was a great experience. It was a great balance of fun and spirit.

  76. Tiffany Harris

    We have already sent friends your way and they had a fantastic time. We would love to go again we are just waiting for our youngest to get a little bigger.

  77. Matthew Shields

    Our leaders were awesome and very friendly. Activities were all engaging and exciting. Over all an amazing time!

  78. Jack Liebig

    Excellent overall, great staff, delicious food.
    I was a little concerned for the safety of some of the less athletic and “active” students… the tiredness level near the last 20% of the canyoneering trips, and too many kids crowded on top of large wet granite rocks with steep faces seemed to be tempting fate too much… though I tried to monitor and moderate those situations that I was near.

  79. Faith Eyraud

    I felt like a made so many great relationships with so many people also I felt like I became a lot more closer with God than before. Just the activities and adventures were amazing!!

  80. Danny Killough

    Great experience overall! Students love the outdoors and it teaches them so much about who they’re created to be in ways they don’t normally experience.

  81. Lux Goetz

    It’s the best summer camp! I love coming to Rock n Water. I get to do things I normally wouldn’t get to do living in Monterey. I truely feel Gods spirit with me during my time outdoors. It’s great to be disconnected from electronics. Thanks for everything you do.Lux G.

  82. Delaney Balza

    I just returned as a leader for my church’s middle school group. The students absolutely LOVED camp and as soon as we got in the cars to go home they couldn’t wait to tell us all how much fun they had at camp! They loved the food and the adventures! Overall great great experience!

  83. Karisa Guettler

    My youth group went here 3 or 4 times in the past and everyone had a blast recreationally and spiritually. Everyone is so kind and sincere. Although the I wasn’t there, my youth group ran into very rough and cold weather conditions a few years back while backpacking with your company and I am so thankful the employees brought them all back safely. Also, the whole camp is beautiful and the food as the

  84. Greg Farnes

    Had an awesome time experiencing the outdoors in a christ centered environment! Wish there would be more young couples camps though.

  85. Samuel Balchinas

    Rock n water was not only a fun but educational experience that really changed my point of view on the outdoors

  86. Rex Tadlip

    I had a wonderful experience in all the different activities. The staff is very helpful.

  87. Jake Hilliard

    It rocked! No changes.

  88. Darik Fannon

    My son had an awesome time!

  89. Kaleb Simpson

    Rated 4 out of 5 by Kaleb Simpson

  90. Ayden Byrnes

    My son had an amazing experience and would 100% go back!

  91. Mac Herrington

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Mac Herrington

  92. Ben Tumbel

    The adventure side of the camp was amazing.

  93. James Rong

    A very nice run very organized run camp I would highly recommend

  94. Susana Gallegos

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Susana Gallegos

  95. Hannah Rouland

    I loved it!!! Rock N Water is SUCH a fun camp and amazing experience when it comes to camping as well as feeling closer to God. I talk about Rock N Water to my friends and family all the time and some of my favorite memories happened at this camp. My counselor has been the same for the past two years and I love love LOVED her. The sights were breathtaking and made me really appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. My friends and I always come closer with each other during these trips and I can’t wait to return this summer. 10/10!!!

  96. Myra franco

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Myra franco

  97. Adeline Carruth

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Adeline Carruth

  98. Jayden Salinas

    Rated 4 out of 5 by Jayden Salinas

  99. Rylie Herrington

    Rated 4.5 out of 5 by Rylie Herrington

  100. Ashley Deason

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Ashley Deason

  101. Mike Mason

    We always have a blast and we really appreciate the guides. Our only concern is that the food is mostly carbs and very little protein. With all the energy we expend, having more substantive food would go a long way in helping the kids have a better experience.

  102. Teresa Coon

    I cannot speak highly enough of Rock-n-Water’s program, food, and staff. They hire such quality guides, who go out of their way to establish relationships with the students and to show them God’s presence through nature. I have been bringing Middle School through High School students here since 2004, both as a youth pastor and as a teacher, and my husband even came with a group of men from our church on a small group retreat. All of these experiences exceeded my expectations. The activities are challenging enough, but fun and rewarding. I have never felt that our safety was at risk I especially recommend the canyon hike! The students must rely on the guides and one another throughout the hike. They encourage, help, and support one another. I have been here during beautiful weather and during pouring rain, and Craig and his staff have always been prepared to make the experience positive, no matter what. I am bringing students again in June, and I can’t wait to see how God will use this camp to touch our kids’ lives again!

  103. Paul Behneman

    Absolutely loved it and our youth group will be back soon!

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Statement of Belief

We believe we should, "Love the Lord (our) God with all (our) heart, and with all (our) soul, and with all (our) mind," and "The entire law is summed up in one command: Love your neighbor as yourself." Matthew 22:37, Galatians 5:14. We believe Jesus Christ is the eternal and only Son of God. That He died on the cross as the perfect sacrifice, paying the penalty for all our sins, and then rose from the grave. It is through faith alone in Jesus Christ that we have received the free gift of salvation and eternal life. We are saved by grace, not works, “that no one should boast”. We believe the Bible is accurate, reliable, and the Word of God. (Luke 5:20-24; John 1:1-18; John 3:15-21; John 14:1-15; Ephesians 2; 1 John)

Who we are

We are a group of Christians who want to safely lead people into the wonder of God’s creation, challenging them through adventures designed to help them grow personally, relationally, and spiritually.   We focus our program on biblical principles, and we use the help of nature, friendship, and challenge to develop character.

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