The Prospector


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An overnight learning experience for 4th grade students of Christian Schools

1 adventures, 3 meals, 1 nights

This is the  hands on 49er Fun living history campout. We meet each other at Gold Bug Park in Placerville California. You’ll meet our Christian living history guides who will start to transport you back to 1854, just after the height of the California gold rush. At Gold Bug we will explore some restored gold mines as we learn about mining, play some games, and get a feel for 1854. Before we leave the mines we’ll take a few minutes in the surrounding hills for a short quiet time alone with God.

Then it’s on to our claim on the side of the South Fork of the American River (just a few miles downstream of Coloma), where you’ll set up your shelters for the night before jumping into some hands on learning experiences of what life was like back in the California Gold Rush. We’ll make candles, play some old fashioned outdoor games, and make (and eat) tortillas and butter in the kitchen. Soon it’s time for dinner, but don’t worry, we’ve got lots of time tomorrow to play and experience these fun activities before we wave goodbye.

After a great dinner an old time band will join us for a time of dancing and singing, followed by a time of worship and learning as one of your guides shares a devotional story with you about their experiences in the gold rush and how they have grown as a Christian and drawn closer to God.

After a great breakfast we’ll continue our first hand learning experiences as we go gold panning right out of the American River, make rope and bead necklaces, learn how the Maidu Indians of Coloma California lived off the land, play some games, and take a short quiet time devotional hike. We’ll have a little more fun, games, and learning after lunch, then we’ll gather together for some last thoughts before waving goodbye.

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This trip not only enriches the minds of students by giving them a hands on understanding of California’s history, but it enriches their spiritual lives.

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Nights of Camping: 1
Meals: 3

Includes a tour of Goldbug Mine, hands on station, a hoedown campfire and more!

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Field Trips

Candle Making, Gold Bug Mine, Gold Panning, Rope Making


2 Days


  • April & May
  • Groups of any size up to 120 people. Smaller groups will share their trip with other schools.
  • Optimally: 4th Graders & Parents


  • You can add dinner, campfire, and camping to your trip. Departing the following morning at 8 AM with breakfast on the road for just $35/person.
  • T-shirts can be ordered for the whole group at $20/person.
  • You can lead campfire and other teaching opportunities yourself, combine your teaching efforts with those of our staff, or just ask us to handle it all for you – at no additional charge.
  • There are no additional taxes, fees, or other hidden costs.

About Rock-N-Water

Rock-N-Water is a group of Christians who want to impact campers of all ages with the joy of God’s Living Word. Our desire is that you might come to know the joy of our loving Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to pass on God’s love to others with excitement. We focus our programs on biblical principles, and use the help of nature, friendship, and adventurous outdoor challenges to develop eternal transformational change.

Located an hour East of Sacramento in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California, our staff travel from across the United States to minister to your students. Cross trained as camp counselors, youth ministers, and high adventure guides, they positively transform the lives of youth and adults alike. Our staff savor the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in your students’ lives.

Every Rock-N-Water trip is built around the idea that spending time in the outdoors, through fun and challenging adventures, is a great way to help youth and adults to experience real personal growth in their Christian faith. Each camp includes full action packed days of adventurous outdoor exploration with our summer counselors. And each adventure includes time intentionally set aside in the middle of each day to give you ample opportunity to just stop, and think, and pray. At night we gather together around the campfire for a time of worship and a more indepth biblical devotional.


380 reviews for The Prospector

  1. May Huang

    Programs and activities were amazing, food was awesome, kids were educated in pleasant atmosphere and inspiring ways. I’m so glad that I participated the Rock-n-Water field trip with my daughter!

  2. May Huang

    5 Stars

  3. Maria Cristina Ilao

    5 Stars

  4. Jenny Vochatzer

    This was a great experience for all ages. Our tour guide was phenomenal. Very well spoken and had a gift for this type of thing for sure. Looking forward to going again with my youngest child.

  5. Paul Valentino

    Wonderful, fun, energizing, well done through the entire learning experience. The food was amazing, the campsite clean, it was very authentic and we loved it.

  6. kate

    Excellent experience. Great food and wonderful guides.

  7. Devon Elisara

    Wonderful trip. Everyone involved with Rock-N-Water camp was awesome. They were so welcoming. The kids (and adults) were busy with all the different activities around camp. I would recommend this trip!

  8. David Lopez

    Wonderful experience! Fun filled, Beautiful scenery with easy camping access and very helpful staff! Highly recommend!

  9. Venkatesan Narayanan

    It was wonderful trip and great experience. This was the first time where I and my daughter had over night camp. The service was great and enjoyed the trip.

  10. Joseph Hernandez

    I loved the entire trip! we were kept engaged the entire time we were there.

  11. Lisa Gentry

    Wonderful camp. Both kids and parents had fun. Food was delicious.

  12. Susanna Nicole Evans

    5 Stars

  13. Laura Mariani

    Overall we felt the camp was too crowded. Having a mix of ages was not ideal. We felt the counselors were to heavy and negative with such young children. We wanted to see a more positive lighthearted approach to our daughters time there. We understand the value of a Christian approach to the camp, but it unfortunately left us with an uneasy feeling.

  14. Ruth Whiting

    The trip was enjoyable. I liked the pita chicken a lot. I did not have to wait in line for the bathroom which is a huge plus considering the number of people at the camp.

  15. Yvette Van Zandt

    Our 4th grade class from Presentation had a great time. The bummer was the weather. We were there on the day, May 21, that it rained and hailed. While most everyone was prepared with jackets and ponchos, it would have been nice for the staff to tell us before the next activity that we better have our jackets and ponchos on because we’re walking in the rain from activity to activity, or the activity was in the rain. And for the last activity to have our flashlights with us because we had to walk back in the dark and rain.

    The staff was great – all really nice and in character. The food was delicious!! The activities were really great for the kids to learn. It was nice that the kids had to help clean up and wash the dishes. Thank you for the experience! God bless!

  16. Ramona Tan

    Fantastic. Excellent camp. Great peoples and activities. Really enjoyed it. Wish it had a second day.

  17. Kiley Saint Saens

    I have to say that I was expecting to be hungry, tired, and ready to go home. I was totally wrong! The level of commitment and all of the group leaders have been blessed genuine teaching gift and desire to share their knowledge. It was refreshing to put phones away for two days and just be present. I was surprised by the food! The food was amazing and there was enough for people to have seconds and thirds. The campsite was clean, well thought out and so much fun! We had a great time even in the rain. My heart was so full leaving the event. It really kept me engaged. I would recommend Rock & Water to anyone looking to do something different for a couple of days (or more). Everyone was so kind, always smiling and just happy. Our daughter still talks about the trip! I’d like to give a special shout out to our leader Shaggy as he had such a kind spirit and was so great at teaching and sharing! Thank you for such a memorable experience that was filled with the Holy Spirit. I felt safe and at peace!

  18. Wanda Gier

    It was a fantastic experience, even though it was pouring rain half the time. The staff were incredible!
    They kept us busy with all kinds of activities, crafts, and games that taught us about how life was in 18 54. They never went out of their character and they were so much fun to listen to. No time was wasted and all of it was interesting, fun, educational and inspirational as they wove Bible stories and teachings into each activity. To top it off the food was delicious! The students got to join in some of the preparation and cleanup and that was a great experience for them, also.
    This is definitely 5 star experience! Highly recommend!

  19. S. C.

    I would give this 5 stars, but there was a thunderstorm during our trip. Of course this wasn’t the responsibility of Rock n Water, but it was something that made the trip a little more difficult than anticipated. But in spite of the terrible weather, the staff were all amazing! They inspired me with their positive attitudes and helpfulness as several of us tried to figure out how to dry our tents before it was time to go to sleep. I was so thankful for the clean towels and the dryers. The food on this trip was amazing too!

    This was a good experience, and it makes me want to spend more time outdoors with my kids. We’ll try camping again this summer. Thank you Rock n Water!

  20. Stephanie Bulleri

    This was our first year. We loved it and will be back again next year.

  21. Elizabeth Womble

    What a fantastic program! As a parent on the trip I extremely enjoyed watching my daughter answer questions, willingness to help clean up after meals, the excitement as she learned about plants, rope making, swing, the grinding rock, and tortilla making. My absolute favorite moment was square dancing! And the “Band of Bob’s”! I not only will tell people I have been telling people! I walked away not wanting to leave. Such a wonderful group of people. Thank you so much for all your hard work EVERYONE!!

  22. Darris Austin

    The experience was good overall, the food was great and the staff were friendly. In regards to the spiritual pieces of the experience, staff members should be clear when they’re sharing a personal testimony versus role playing the testimony of their character for the event. I believe there’s a great opportunity for your staff to share their personal connection with the Lord and His word rather than “playing” someone who shares these stories. On most of the moments where bible stories were shared, I found it difficult to hear or feel the story tellers intimate connection with the material.

  23. Lynette Dayce

    My 4th grade class and parents had a wonderful experience.

  24. Lorena Munoz

    Amazing. Thank You!

  25. Jasmine Smith

    Wonderful! The experience, the food, the devotions, staff and environment. Loved everything!

  26. Ignacio Munoz

    Our experience was one of i king, every single guide hostess were so good on what they did that I can’t wait to go back again.

  27. Keith Fletcher

    The trip was a great experience & yes I would recommend it to others.

  28. Diane Ringue

    Awesome! It was well done. Many activities and many memories made.

  29. Rodney Tornstrom

    5 Stars

  30. Toby Farnsworth

    Excellent expreience

  31. Leslie Beebe

    Wonderful family experience

  32. Scott Byrne

    Good, I thought some of the speeches were a little too wordy.

  33. Rita Alfiche

    This was my first adventure with Rock-N-Water and you guys exceeded my expectations with the activities, the food, the coffee, the location of the campsite and the bathroom/shower accessibility, did I mention the coffee? I was able to go with my daughter during this field trip and appreciated how you integrated messages of the bible throughout the trip.

  34. Angela Maestas

    Not without warning over how much in your face the religion was. It felt so invasive of the customers you had in front of you, catholic school. We are a progressive school that did not feel respected on what values we try to teach our children. I was prepared to be an ally and walk hand in hand with our gay families if the sermons crossed the line.

    If you are going to continue rain or shine, at the very least give some direction on where to set up the tents so that we are not on top of one another. Your team has the experience on how to beat fit these tents given you camp more often than most of us combined.

    The staff was great and hard working. We appreciated this very much.

  35. Cheishna Weyes Jamora

    The staff at Rock N Water were amazing! They were so knowledgeable about California history and quite patient and kind in leading activities. The food was fantastic and I really felt like it was such a rewarding experience to attend with my son.

  36. Jennifer Y.

    It was a great experience and the team was amazing and stayed on character….

  37. Soe Fong (Irene) Phoon

    Wonderful experience. Guide was knowledgeable, friendly and fun – Jony
    Food was very yummy and kitchen and eating area, very well-kept and clean
    Station activities and campfire were all great – our kids kept singing the songs and doing the dance after we came home
    Only con was the mosquitoes. Overall, great camp, great people, great program, great testimony of God and His beautiful creation-nature itself
    Highly recommend!! We’re coming back for the rafting and canyoneering!

  38. Paul Sossaman

    Wonderful experience with the whole family and school friends. Loved the gold mine tour and all the old-time experiences ranging from gold-panning to candle making to making our own butter and tortillas!

  39. Kimberly Vernon

    My daughter and I had a wonderful time on her 4th grade trip. Thank you for all of your hard work, energy and organization.

  40. Shirley Chatterton


    This was the best Christian camp I’ve been to, ever! The Biblical application with scripture and Bible stories was amazing, thank you! It was so great to have that support and back up that our school teaches. It totally reinforced my teaching from the classroom. Parents were impressed also.

    The facilities were well kept and the food was delicious!

    You did a wonderful job keeping the children and adults busy with useful tasks and opportunities to learn more. It was the right balance of being active and then sitting and listening quietly. I appreciated the one-on-one time for chaperones and children.

    The staff was friendly, gracious, patient, and knowledgeable. They were Spirit led. I will be praying for you as God brings you to my mind.

  41. Traivya Bradley

    Excellent, we had a great time!

  42. Jenny Schofield

    We had a wonderful time!! I can’t wait to do it again someday when my son is in 4th grade.

  43. Paul Padilla

    I loved the experience. I like that you got the kids invoved in clean up. The staff was exellent. I really felt the ministry aspect of it all. The entertainment at the bon fire was so much fun. My daughter and I will never forget this trip. It was a really special time.
    Thank you. Keep up the excellent work.

  44. D et King

    Excellent. Great experience.

  45. Jennifer Russo

    It was an amazing experience with my daughter. We had great bonding experiences and thouroghly enjoyed every moment of our trip.

  46. Edward Grutzmacher

    We had a lot of fun and learned a lot as well. The mixture of events was good with some more focused on learning and some more on fun. I would like to especially praise our group leader, Scout, who I thought did an excellent job both engaging the kids and keeping them in line. The only bad thing I can say is that I need to wait 2 years for my next kid to be in 4th grade. Thanks for everything!

  47. Scott Carpeneti

    Everything was great, and the staff was wonderful

  48. Hector Rosas

    It was awesome! Emma and the rest of the staff were great. Great meals and the campfire entertainment was great. The whole experience was well put together and ran like clock work. My daughter and I had a great time!

  49. Heath hardcastle

    Had a great time with my kid there. Really enjoyed the experience

  50. Andy Sabherwal

    5 Stars

  51. Shelley Kramer


  52. Grayson Baker

    We had a blast. Such a great experience, fun activity, good food, music and fellowship ❤️

  53. Daryn Honda

    This year’s trip to Rock n Water was better than last year’s trip in every way, and last year was pretty great. We greatly enjoyed our guide who engaged with the kids in a very relatable way. I especially appreciated how the candle-making activity was not quite so prolonged so the kids didn’t have a chance to become “bored” with the repetition of it. The food was fantastic and we had a wonderful time. Thank you!

  54. Richard Morris

    The experience was lovely! The caretakers were fun to be with, yet firm in a good way. The scenery was breathtaking and the activities always kept us busy! Plus, the food was delicious! We had fun and also learned about God! Overall, Definitely a 10/10

  55. Neil Leahey

    5 Stars

  56. John Spicer

    Good wholesome experience, guides were terrific, and the program was well thought out. We stayed busy through most of the two days we were there.

  57. Nicholas Colonna

    Very enjoyable time

  58. Kaysee Kirby


  59. John Moore

    It was wonderful! Everyone was helpful and gracious!

  60. Marc Smith

    Great leaders, fun activities, amazing food. The entertainment in the evening was wonderful, funny and high energy.

  61. Patrick Gates

    One of the best times i have ever had on a camping trip!

  62. Stacey Weller

    We loved it! All of the activities were well planned out and meaningful. I thought chilli was risky but it turns out that my students loved it so keep it in. Thank you for all you did!

  63. Hannah Mendoza

    My son and I had amazing time on this trip! The experiences, information, and memories made are priceless. I can’t wait to go again in a few years with my next child.

  64. Jamie Torres

    We had a great time and look forward to visiting again.

  65. John Epperson

    What an amazing experience! Everything about the camp was enjoyable and entertaining

  66. Courtney Lavering

    My daughter and I had a great time. We look forward to coming back in the near future.

  67. Patty Sanchez

    Loved the Christian aspect of this camp – guides were patient and kind and helped make our stay fun and enjoyable. Kids loved all the activities and we especially loved the food! They were also great about accommodating food allergies. Kids washed dishes after meals which was a wonderful opportunity to share responsibilities. Highly recommended!

  68. Rossmery Garcia

    Amazing. The staff were very friendly and helpful. We had a great experience living in 1854 for a couple of days. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends and family.

  69. Trisha Primes

    5 Stars

  70. Michael Bradley

    It was great. The group leaders had all the patience in the world with both the kids and especially the adults.

  71. Kelly McGregor

    My daughter cannot wait to go back! Great experience.

  72. Scott

    Fantastic experience and I was blown away by how kind, serving, and helpful everyone at the camp was. The evening hoedown/dancing was incredibly entertaining and rivals anything I have ever watched at a Disney theme park (I should know, I was a performer at Disney for many years).

    The kids had such an entertaining and educational time and the experience is sure to create lasting memories for them. Thank you for your love of God and the way you reflect Hos love into the lives of these children!

  73. Angela Hansen

    The Rock N Water crew was organized, thoughtful, helpful and knowledgeable about their topics. They did a great job incorporating imagination and practical how-to’s. It made this educational experience so fun, the kids didn’t want to leave. From the daintiest daughter to the adventurous son, each child felt comfortable and incorporated. The food was also very delicious and accommodating. I have gluten sensitivity and am lactose intolerant and there was plenty of delicious food for me. Also, my daughter is probably one of the pickiest eaters on the planet, and she had plenty of options at every meal. We did not go hungry at all!
    The guides also included a short time with the Lord at a couple of points during the experience which was just the right length for these “youngens”.
    I would highly recommend this camp!

  74. Clay Barbieri

    The camp was a 2 day school event. The staff were really into the activities and character of being from the Gold Rush days. They had Gold Rush activities geared towards 4th graders, that were interactive, not too long and fun. Making Candles, creating rope from bailing twine, and panning for gold to name a few. The kids ate it up, everyone participated. There were even times built in for reflection and to let the Holy Spirit work. They even made washing dishes after meals an interactive event. Pretty awesome seeing kids wanting to wash dishes – big tubs, warm soapy water :) kids loved it. The staff went the extra mile. for example at the evening activity, which involved some line dancing, the staff provided water afterwards – it was a hot day- but they brought the water to the kids with cups and pitchers. An awesome extra touch of service. Oh and the parents are also encouraged to join in the activities. which was pretty cool and a great time of bonding as a parent. At the wrap up our lead staff ‘counselor’ a very personable young lady, tied up the time reminding the children (and us grownups) of what the real Gold was and what was the most important part to take with them afterwards. All in all, the best run camp I have ever attended, with an awesome children loving staff, and Christ centered focus.I highly recommend them.

  75. John Thomas

    I have been here twice with my two daughters. It was a great experience both times. The camp was well run, a lot of fun and Christ centered. I would highly recommend this camp to anyone.

  76. Dan Lucht

    I attended the Prospector trip 3 times, once with each of my daughters when they were in 4th grade. I enjoy history and camping so for me this was a great time to do both with my kids and their classmates. Parents who go on this adventure need to be fully prepared to engage in all the activities and support the camp guides. One of my favorite parts of this trip was the square dancing and fun campfire skits and songs.

  77. Shelly Kramer

    5 Stars

  78. Danielle B.

    Our family had an excellent experience during our Rock-N-Water 49er overnight. We have fond memories of the camp guides and their enthusiasm for living history.The kids and adults were engaged the entire time. The evening activities were very entertaining and my family’s favorite part. All of my kids enjoyed the meals. We still talk about the most amazing oranges ever!
    Thank you so much!

  79. Ronald Herbert

    It was awesome

  80. Fabio Rodriguez

    Wonderful Experience.

  81. Corey Fielding

    It was a good time. Staff was nice and engaged with students. It was a nice trip

  82. Lisa Smith

    Our trip was wonderful due to the amazing leader we had. She was so knowledgeable about the plants during our walks and talks. We really enjoyed it.

  83. Vanessa Perry

    It was very fun. I enjoyed the activities and hiking

  84. Nina Wideman

    It was fantastic. A little fast paced for the parents but a great experience none the less.

  85. Michael Brennan

    Loved the experience with my daughter and her school. So educational on how things use to be made, the hard work that was performed and just how different life was all the the around! I’m looking forward to doing it again next year if her school goes back

  86. Jaime Dickerson

    The experience was very rewarding. I was there with my daughter’s 4th grade class and we all had a great time. The staff, the programs and the food were all outstanding. We will certainly come back!

  87. Amy Herrick

    It was amazing- as usual! The leaders were great and very energetic, knowledgeable, patient, and fun.

  88. Frank – NorCal

    Great Staff, great food, a wonderful experience reminding us God is greater than all. I can’t say enough good things about Rock-N-Water.

  89. Nancy Schoonover

    As usual, my students and parents had a wonderful experience. Of course, the fun factor is high but what I really appreciate is the heartfelt love for Christ that is shown by all the employees. The overnight field trip is a great way to finish the year with class bonding and California history in a Christian environment.

  90. Angie Lam

    Enjoyed the activities and the whole camp area was clean and kept nicely. Did not enjoy the mosquitoes at all lol. Food was delicious but my child was not a fan of breakfast (non-egg breakfast option other than sbj would be good). The guides were very informative. Very patient with the children. Tolerant of adults whining lol.

    The timing of activities throughout the afternoon and next morning was a little tight and felt rushed. Would be nice to have a little more downtime in the evening. After a long drive and full afternoon of activities, it was too much. Was hoping children had a little more time to run around and connect with friends.

    Overall, I look forward to visiting again when my now 1st grader is in 4th. Keep up the great work!

  91. Edward Weishan

    had a great time! people were amazing, food was good, Christian atmosphere with out being over bearing ( preach the word in anyway you can and if necessary use words) kept the kids busy with lots of projects and teaching about the past. we loved it

  92. Kate Alsobrook

    I give it a 5 ⭐️
    The experience was great. I loved the food. The staff was awesome.
    The entertainment was funny and kids were involved. Keep up the great work.

  93. Cecilia Machado

    This was our first time to the camp. My nephew spent a few days here back in 2005 and raved about it back then. I wish we had visited here sooner! We felt safe and secure and it was so much fun for our daughter and for us as family. Ma kept things in pristine order and the entire group were in character and kept us entertained, educated, and appreciating everything around us in the most welcoming environment for a campground. It was wonderful that the parents were served first and the kids help clear the tables and clean up. It was a great reminder of responsibilities we have and you could see that it made the kids feel empowered to be in charge. The meals were excellent as we had vegetarian and nonvegetarian choices. The activities in rotation of each station by group was also extremely productive, educational, and fun. The only thing I would improve would be when going on the trail tours, that the guide remind the kids/parents about poison oak and to wear long sleeves on the trail as the blackberry bushes can really scrape your skin. When panning for gold the kids should not go past the big rock because the water current is so strong it can sweep you away in a flash. But I’m digging to find something, as Rock n Water Christian camp was absolutely incredible! A complete and wholesome family experience. We will be coming back every single year from now on. Loved it!

  94. Christina Marotti

    5 Stars

  95. Angel Borromeo

    Great! It was fun and educational. Your staff is wonderful!

  96. Erin Jones

    This camp exceeded all expectations! Lots of great information, good biblical teaching, fun, and great food! Well organized. Highly recommended!

  97. Amy Gaudard

    My daughter and I loved the food and the activities.

  98. Robert Rodriguez

    My experience along with my son’s was extremely pleasant. The activities planned were very fun and kept the day moving.
    I want to point out that Jessie (our guide) was awesome! She gets it. She kno s how to handle kids, make it fun for them and still keep the focus on why we are there.
    That being said, I received some feedback from people in other groups and they stated their guides or leaders, were too strict and not really in touch with children…..just passing that on. But our experience was something I would like to do again. Thanks for everything you all do😊

  99. Holly Easterbrook

    My third grade daughter and I had so much fun together with her class. From the time we arrived to the time we left, i was impressed with the thought given to the program. We were engaged both mentally and physically throughout the trip with interesting and fun activities. The beautiful surroundings and the yummy food were the cherry on top.

  100. Kimberly Dickson

    Rock-N-Water is in a beautiful setting right along the South Fork of the American River and in the heart of the gold rush. Their 4th grade camp was great! I loved the focus on bonding between child and parent. The entertainment in the evening was hilarious!

  101. Martina Sourada

    Fantastic. really wonderful to spend quality bonding time with my little one in such a great atmosphere

  102. Sharon Fisher

    It was amazing. Great time to spend with the kids, especially my kid. I loved how kids were taught to be respectful. It made me so happy to send this next generation of children out into the world knowing they have a good head on their shoulders and Jesus in their heart. The workers have such a love for the children and the kids absolutely fell in love with them.

  103. Geoff Harris

    5 Stars

  104. Kerry Stockwell


  105. Theresa Levi

    It was a fun experience. My son had a great time. It was dark at night however and I got lost finding my way back from the bathrooms. I ended up in another camp. Maybe hang some lights around.

  106. Daryn Honda

    I look forward to bringing my students and their parents to Rock N Water every year. The staff is engaging and patient, the food is great and the activities are loads of fun. It’s an experience they talk about for years. Thank you!!

  107. Lance Meddux

    All of the 4th graders enjoyed it immensely. Great lessons learned.

  108. Kristi K.

    We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Rock N Water camp this spring. The staff have an amazing way with the kids, teaching them the truths of God’s word while tiring them out at the same time! We would definitely recommend it!

  109. Melissa Meyer

    I went to the camp with my daughters school, an overnight trip. We had the best time. We met new people, kids and adults from a different school which was great. We learned so many new things about the past! It was very interactive, the leaders are so knowledgeable, kind, fun, and so much more. It’s something we will keep with us in our memories and hearts forever. The best part was God was with all of us, every step of the way!

  110. Mark

    Junior, who led during the whole trip, was fantastic with the kids and adults. We appreciate so much how the leaders all continually point to God. The entire set-up, organization of the days, and activities are all outstanding. We are so, so pleased with Rock N Water’s fabulous content and guides. This was our second time attending, with a different child. Thank you so much!!

  111. Kayley Brady

    Good my favorite thing was making new friends, and making the totillas and eating them.

  112. Jessica Gravitt

    Took our 4th grades for the Prospectors Trip…. what an unforgettable trip!!! We had a great time!!! The information was great, experience was so fun for the kids, food and service was excellent, and the employees were outstanding!! Their dedication to make this a memorable trip was amazing!!! Would recommend this trip for any 4th grade class!!

  113. Barbara Cole

    My class and all our adults had a great time. Our principal “could see the joy on your faces” when we returned. Everyone raved about the food! The activities were well planned and kept us busy. Completely worth it. I would recommend it to anyone.

  114. Stacy B

    We had an amazing time at Rock-N-Water. The facilities/grounds were good, the staff was excellent and the kids really enjoyed all the planned activities. The kids even enjoyed doing the dishes after dinner — a miracle! Food was good and plentiful. Campfire time with the brother/sister singing duo was a huge hit. Overall, and amazing experience.

  115. El Kim

    The whole experience was great. I really enjoyed the experience where we did not interact with technology at all and got to make things like the old days. My son loved it. Thanks to all the staff who hosted the event. They were professional and explained things where the children understood.

  116. Rob Hunt

    We had a great time exploring the mines and participating in the various activities. The staff was just delightful.

  117. Karen Hicks

    Everyone had a great time. I was use to having the older gentlemen perform duing the fireside and the line dancing , but the younger ones were ok. I missed what the men brought to the evening. We were delighted that it didn’t rain as was expected. Our only suggestion might be not serving beans to the guests at night. The families enjoyed the food especially those chocolate chip cookie bars. So yummy!

  118. Tim Jacobsen

    It was a fun time with the school group I attended with. The activities were professionally led and interesting. I would definitely recommend this for other school groups.

  119. Art Cena

    My experience was great!

  120. Veronica Sololean

    Lovely! Everyone on the staff was friendly and did a great job. My son had a wonderful time.

  121. Rena Staley

    Fabulous! Everything was great!

  122. Randy Scott

    My son and I really enjoyed our time at the camp. Visiting the mines, gold panning, and the swing were big thrills for my son. The devotional that Sunny gave during the bead bracelet making session was my favorite part. He talked about Job and all of the bad things that happened and the way that God restored him in the end. When the counselors/leaders engage with the kids and parents on a personal level, it makes for a better overall experience. My wife and I have 8 kids, too, and I would’ve enjoyed talking to “Ma” about the challenges and blessings involved. You guys do a good job and we appreciate what you do to share Jesus with all of the students. May the Lord bless all of you for your efforts. Thank you for a great time.

  123. Claudia Martinez

    I loved it!

  124. Kari Delyser

    We had the absolute best experience at camp! My son has a nut allergy and they made us feel complety comfortable with all snacks and meal times. I really appreciate the extra effort and caution they took to keep us safe!!!

  125. Antonio Urbalejo

    A great bonding and fellowship experience with my soon to be a 10-year-old son. We enjoyed how the staff stayed in character from 1854.
    I was quite surprised by the quality of the food. The Chili and cornbread were surprisingly good. The breakfast was delicious as well.

  126. Matt Ladd

    We had a great time at camp. All the staff were amazing, and prepared for anything. Rain didn’t hamper anything and probably made the trip more memorable. Very grateful for the experience with my daughter. Being able to sing worship songs around the fire was great. Thank you for the memories!

  127. Sarah Yendrey

    It was fabulous! The message of God’s love and prioritizing Him and how God is in control of everything and in everything! Loved the messages woven throughout the trip.

    Food was tasty.

    Bathrooms were nice.

    There wasn’t a lot of down time which is nice, so the kids didn’t get too much in trouble.

    The only concern or question I had was when we were on the tour the first day, the adults had the wear hard hats. With the concern for lice and sharing hats and combs , what is your process after someone puts on the hard hat? Do you disinfect then somehow?

  128. Marilene Roder

    Had a wonderful experience and lots of fun at the camp. Everything was well organized and the staff was very attentive.

    I loved that the parents got to be served first! :)

    The setting is beautiful!

  129. Tiffeny Damico

    Great fun, food, and great activities such as viewing gold mines, candle making, panning for gold, campfire, line dancing and more. My daughter and her 4th grade class had a great time. A big shout out to our camp counselor Sunny, he was very engaging and fun on the hikes and with the bible stories. Keep up the good work!!! I think the adults had as much fun as the kids, I know I am ready to come again.

  130. Patricia Hom

    This was a wonderful excursion! I can’t believe how much we did in only 1.5 days! Our guides, especially Emma, JR and his family, helped transport us back in time. They were very knowledgeable and helpful and kind. I loved how everything pointed back to the Lord! The food was yummy too! And it was good that you made clean up a fun thing for the kids to do together!

    I would recommend this trip to anyone who asks!

  131. Jeffery Lyon

    From our first introduction, our first meeting a Gold Bug Mine, Ma was gracious, entertaining and giving. We were greeted immediately by Emma and there was never a break in the action. Their focus on our experience was tremendous, great detail in ensuring a focus on learning and faith. The camp was peaceful, safe and secure. The activities most appropriate for our adventure.
    Thank you for your efforts to make this experience memorable.

  132. Judy Schaefer

    This was an amazing trip to share with my daughter. It gave us much needed one on one time. The crew working there was very organized and enthusiastic and kept us entertained through out our entire trip. It was educational and fun. We are sad we can’t go back.

  133. Eccho

    My daughter and I had a lot of fun! The experience of “time traveling” back to the 1849s was awesome. We explored many different mining caves, dipped our own candles and slept in tents. Bonding with other families about God was icing on the cake. None of us wanted to leave!

  134. Michelle Mansfield

    Staff was wonderful, adventures were amazing. Great memories made!

  135. Abigail Cunningham

    Our 4th Grade field trip to Rock-N-Water was fantastic! The students came back from it saying they loved it, which is huge as this is the first time for many to sleep outdoors in a tent. They learned so much about the California Gold Rush and what it would be like to be a miner in 1849. This is the second year I have been to the camp and I have been impressed both times by the staff members’ enthusiasm and professionalism. Thank you, Rock-N-Water!

  136. Timothy Inman

    The food was tasty and healthy. The mine tour was awesome! Rebecca was the guide for the group my daughter and I were in and she was fantastic – I was very impressed the the care she took to learn our names.

    Thank you for a great experience with my daughter and a great experience for our school. The other parents I spoke to shared the same sentiment.

    I was also able to attend your camp with an older daughter 9 years ago and that trip was a highlight of our time back in the US between 2 missionary terms. You all are doing a fantastic job with this business/ministry. I know that your work requires lots of patient persistence. Thank you for what you do.

  137. Todd Greisen

    Lots of fun!

  138. Jackie Pereira

    We had a wonderful time. This was my daughter’s first time camping and she thoroughly enjoyed it, wishing she could spend more time out here. Food was delicious, the activities were very age appropriate and a lot of fun for the kids, it brought out the kid in me as well :-) The campfire experience was very entertaining as well. The kids are still singing the fun songs they learned. Going back in time made it very interesting as well. Adding a spiritual aspect to the trip was an added bonus with very insightful tips and advice being provided. Overall I would rank it an A + experience.

  139. Sharon Buckner

    Once again my fourth grade class had a wonderful time at Rock-N-Water Christian Camp. The activities were top notch with biblical truth woven throughout the leader’s comments. It was a safe, fun, exciting way to experience life as an 1800’s miner. The food was delicious and plentiful. Our overall two day trip was a five. I would highly recommend Rock-N-Water Christian Camp.

  140. Oswaldo Rendon

    Simply amazing! I can’t recomend it enough! I will be coming back for sure, and the next time I come I’ll be bringing boys from our troop. Trail Life USA! This was a personal time with me and my son, but I’m always “scouting” places to visit! This is a good one!

  141. Emma Howe

    5 Stars

  142. David Close

    I brought my girls to the 49er Fun camp, along with a number of schoolmates. We had a fantastic experience as we learned about California history, enjoyed God’s created natural beauty, and worshipped the living God in Spirit and in Truth. It was a perfect blend of education and fun. The staff were very good with the kids, and they were passionate about both God and the history they taught. Well Done.

  143. Sarah Nguyen

    Wonderful, my daughter and I had a blast!

  144. Bryan Ramsey

    My child and I very much enjoyed our time at Rock n Water

  145. Neva Loeb

    Everything that Rock-N-Water had control over was great! They all did a fantastic job staying in character, food was alright, and the activities were so much fun and age appropriate. The rain was what made us miserable! My tent turned into a wet mess! Not their fault. Make sure you have the right rain gear on your tent for camping if it is expected to pour.

  146. Maria Brazovan

    I can’t say how much fun my on and I can’t lie so did I have on our little adventure back in time! The staff is super friendly and very helpful. The bathrooms are clean and the food is great!! We will be back for sure!! ❤️

  147. Thanh Nguyen

    5 Stars

  148. Eric L.

    We really enjoyed this camp! Through this camp we learned a lot, from poison oaks to gold mines to making candles. Thank you so much for bringing joy to our community.

  149. Christina Layton

    5 Stars

  150. Douglas Sayuk

    Great! We still talk about our adventures there!

  151. Brinea McFall

    It was an enjoyable experience for me and my was nice doing activities together and learning new things. The staff were accommodating and friendly. The food was tasty and it was nice to sit down and enjoy meals with other parents and their kids. My son Shaun particularly enjoyed washing dishes with his classmates and new friends. Despite of the heavy rain the night we stayed there we still had a lot of fun activities the day after. We brought home a lot of good memories.

  152. Preston Cole

    We had lots of fun.

  153. Alba Kellejian

    I loved the spiritual aspect to all that we did. Not only were students immersed in history, they were immersed in God’s word and a Biblical world view.

  154. Kevin Vergho

    We thought is was a good educational experience overall. However, a couple of the instructors were a bit too mean to the kids and judgmental of the parents for making a simple phone call away from the children and activity. Some of the children in our school group have special needs (my son has autism and ADHD) and the instructors didn’t seem to care or how to handle them.
    Would not recommend this camp to my friends at the school when their children reach the 4th grade.

  155. Taylor Leal

    Excellent staff. The family activities were great and helped be bond with my child. Bathroom near the kitchen is in need of an upgrade. I used the bathroom in the newer trailer. If that did not exist, I would not return. The letter about cell phone usage is too strongly worded. I am a paying customer. If I need to use my phone, I will do it without asking to anyone’s permission which many parents did.

  156. Lisa Page

    The activities were fun and age appropriate. The staff were very helpful and engaging. I had a great time with my daughter and her school.

  157. Victoria Thacker

    Love all tbe activities and my child had fun meeting his penpal

  158. Christine Ray

    this year’s program was better than last year. I appreciated that they had the schools mixed in groups with pen pals.

  159. Kerry Carissimi

    OverAll fantastic. My second time with my kids. Our guide was fun and energetic and very well liked by the kids. My only issue was very intense conversation about the book of Jobe. These kids are 10 and some still very innocent, and I thought it was too much to pose such reflections such as “imagine your parents both die tomorrow, then imagine your siblings die!” Too much . There were definitely a few kids that really backfired on and you left several parents with some kids in a stressed out situation that is unnecessary for them to worry about. Other than that, it was great.

  160. Periza Laninovic-De Leon

    Great adventure, I would greatly recommend it.

  161. Leonard Ray

    I found the staff extremely organized, helpful, and patient with the children and the adults. The experience was very fulfilling and my kids enjoyed and learned a lot in a short amount of time. The staff makes it look easy but they work so hard for the betterment of others. Simply awesome. Bless you, and thank you. Very much. Sincerely, Jim Ray.

  162. Joseph Fallon

    Great fun with some good faith formation. Nice place very friendly staff

  163. Michael Hong

    Overall a fun experience, but way too jam packed. I thought there were way too many activities, especially on the first day and at some point children will tune out the message.
    Highly recommend ending the nighttime activities earlier and provide more rest time.

  164. Kathy Cretu

    Extremely satisfied–went beyond my expectations!

  165. William klein

    We had a great time.

  166. Pooja Batra

    Very adventurous and well planned. Simply wonderful! But the food was less. Need to have plenty of food. Some people don’t get enough.

  167. mark Weeden

    It was fun and we did a lot of fun activities.

  168. Rick Fuller

    Good staff experience, knowledgeable. Anna was very good. Perhaps keep sessions a bit shorter or delete one to give kids/chaperones an extra break period or a bit more time. You do keep everyone running which is good in some instances and less in others. Overall positive experience.

  169. Rachel Nervo

    We really enjoyed it Great activities good structure

  170. Ingrid Gustafson

    As always, very well organized and fun. Thank you for a great time.

  171. Jan Leigh

    Wonderful. It was informative and well run.

  172. eduardo Monterrosa

    It was very informative. ..I would highly recommend you.

  173. Victoria Ortiz

    Great activities for the kids. Kids had a lot of fun.

  174. Joe Elliott

    Great StaffAnna did an Awesome job. You are very fortunate to have such a great employee

  175. Jolie Blood

    I had a great time with my son and his 4th grade classmates! The trip was well organized and kept them busy having lots of fun!

  176. Matthew Hartman

    Nice and fun. Safe for all.

  177. Karen Rodriguez

    It was a great experience! The staff was entertaining and knowledgeable, the history was hands on, and our food allergies were accommodated at all meals. You offer a great ministry.

  178. Alex Abetkov

    I felt the camp was a wonderful experience for both children and adults. Learning how things were done during the gold rush days really opens your eyes. Cole was a fantastic guide and he was very knowledgeable. He incorporated his knowledge about the miners, the land, the native Americans and the Lord in almost every teaching. His passion for his mission was very evident. All of the staff were amazing and their love for their mission and the Lord was evident at every step. The food was fantastic, the facilities were awesome and the site is beautiful. It’s too bad I don’t have another 4th grader in the house, because I’d love to do it again. Thanks to all of the staff for the amazing experience and the dedication to our children. It’s wonderful to see such young people so passionate about history and the Lord.

  179. Jessica Arcilla

    It was a great experience.

  180. Liza Salvador

    It really takes you back to 1800s as said at the start of the trip. Food and entertainment were good, place and setting are beautiful. It was fun, interesting, informative. Counselors were nice and firm to the kids when needed. Lou was great and very nice. Thank you!

  181. Sandy Kwong

    Well run, educational, and Christian-centered. Children enjoyed the experience.

  182. Clayton Lissow

    Great fun!

  183. Katie Schwartz


  184. Lajean Salonites

    My son and I had a fantastic time. I thought the counselors were very impressive especially knowing that a lot of them were HS students. Thank you for an educational experience.

  185. Sharon Buckner

    My fourth grade class had a wonderful experience at Rock-N-Water Christian Camp.The activities were age appropriate and FUN. All the group leaders were positive, enthusiastic, good Christian examples, and full of pioneer information. The food was delicious. I highly recommend the camp.

  186. Martha Cortes

    It was a wonderful experience.. very educational and extremely organized.

  187. Gearoid Omeachair

    I can say how much I enjoyed myself as an adult at the camp, all the activists were fantastic and our guide Anna was fantastic

  188. Michelle Schneider

    The religious component was WAY over the top. I felt as though it was pushed upon us at an inappropriate level. I’m not sure I will send my second child on that same field trip when it’s time for them.

  189. Edward Higginnbotham

    i thought the entire experience was great. I thought the activities were well thought of, the food was very good quality and everyone was pleasant and the entire operation well run

  190. Roberta Woo

    Great. Loved all the kids who helped out and worked the trip.

  191. Anthony Guerra

    Overall a great experience. Very well structured and organized. The kids all had fun and were engaged. Ana, our guide was awesome! Professional, personable and enthusiastic! The food was great too. The only negative thing I would say is that I (and some of the other parents) didn’t appreciate the hard pressure to participate in everything. I do understand the importance of it,But if I choose to step back for my own reason,I shouldn’t be called out and pressured into doing whatever the activity is.

  192. Kelly Doornbos

    very good. Our guides to the past were great. Loved the evening entertainment. Food was very good. (we did a 4th grade living history camp out, our guide was Cole)

  193. Debra Merritt

    My only negative this time was the food. The accommodations were not adequate for vegans and vegetarians and the breakfast and lunch on the second day were not filling enough for any, especially the vegans and vegetarians. In the past we have had potatoes, etc. which are more filling for breakfast and a heartier lunch than greek salad with pita…a number commented they would have to eat on the way home, from our group and another. Never had that experience before. I know the chef was stressed with having two large groups following us. Don’t like being negative, but it needs to be addressed for the future. Thank you…God bless in your wonderful ministry…

  194. Olston Kellie

    Well planned. Appreciated the Christian environment. Lots of good memories.

  195. David Bandy

    The time there was thoroughly enjoyable. The period characters were knowledgeable and friendly. The food and entertainment were wonderful. The Bible lessons were well received. Thank you!

  196. Glenda Yang

    Food could be better. On a cold and rainy day, serve hot soup, with noodle or hot pasta will be nice rather than cold salad, cold chicken, cold bread, and cold drinks. It made me feel really cold!

  197. Rob Van Dyk

    Wonderful experience. My 10 year old son and myself went on a school overnight field trip that was mimicking the gold rush era. All of our guides did a terrific job, and helped our group understand what life was like in the 1850’s. Thankfully my daughter will be taking this same school trip in a couple of years, and quite frankly I can’t wait. All in all, the entire team does an outstanding job teaching and entertaining the children and adults.

  198. Yodor Morales

    I am feel very good..Thanks for everything
    God bless you

  199. Nancy Urizar

    Staff was amazing and food was better than I expected! The band was pretty awesome too~

  200. Flormarie Flores


  201. Erica Martini

    We had Pepper as our guide and it was such a fun experience for the kids and the adults! Thank you for helping us make great new memories!

  202. Shelly Kramer

    I love the program. It fits well with what we study. The emphasis on God is something I can take back with us to the classroom. I love that!
    This year the food wasn’t satisfactory. The first night there wasn’t enough food for the vegetarians. The cook hadn’t planned for enough. The quality of the chili wasn’t as good as in years past. Breakfast was good but thought we’d had some sort of potato dish before, but really no complaints for breakfast. Lunch was bad! Always before we have had a veggie pot pie that has been well received by our group. This year we had white pita bread with shredded cheese tomatoes lettuce and cucumber. Very unsatisfying. Even if there had been slices of cheese a more substantial sandwich could have been made. It’s hard to make a veggie sandwich with shredded cheese. Not sure what happened with lunch but it left a bad last impression on all. Not sure what we were to fill up on. The fruit was good but that doesn’t hold one for very long. I feel like I’m complaining too much but something was off when even the cookie, at the end was burnt, hard & flat. Love coming but if the quality of food isn’t improved we will have to make a change.

  203. Carla Ribeiro

    Great! Wish there was more downtime to explore the camp ground nature

  204. Jeffrey Hidalgo

    Great experience

  205. Daniel Miller

    The hosts, especially Anna, were excellent.

  206. May Manu

    It was a wonderful experience in nature

  207. Jessica Ayon


  208. Amy Babler

    My daughters and I had a fantastic time! There was nothing that we would change, and it was our first time camping. Loved our guide, Pepper, and enjoyed all of the group activities. We left the camp wishing that we could go back, and to me that says it all!

  209. Jesus Macabenta

    What a wonderful experience. I went there with my son along with his 4th-grade class on a two-day trip and was amazed on the how beautiful the place was as well as how pleasant and the fun the staff were. I am definitely going back there and will recommend the place to friends. We had Pepper and Coal as our guide and the kids love them!

  210. Elizabeth Jenkins

    Such an amazing time of learning both about the time period and about the Lord! I greatly enjoyed the time with my son and the other kids, the games and activities were so much fun, and I loved that it was centered around God. Thank you! I will totally recommend!

  211. Paul Sossaman

    Great tour guides (Junior was mine.) Great band/song leaders!Other than the weather… cold/rainy, great experience…good food, guides kept pace going non-stop.

  212. Chris Lim

    Everyone was excellent and we had a great time!

  213. Shane Kinosita

    It was one of the best times I’ve had in many years. It was truly a blessing. My daughter and wife also had the best time. “Rabbit” was our guide and he is one of the greatest guys we have ever met, a real delight, you have a real gem in him. I’d love to come back just to hang with Rabbit, a really cool man. Thank You “Rabbit”

  214. Terri Akers

    Had a wonderful time, was great to see how you kept the kids so busy.Very organized in everything they did, was great learning experience.

  215. David Moody

    Grounds a little run down.

  216. Will Heuser

    Well organized, start to finish. Always kept busy. The staff was super helpful and interested. Thx to Rebecca, Cole, Rose and Emma

  217. Jeff Schlotter

    Great experience, awesome people. Nice to have a Godly place like this. Thank you!

  218. Heidi Heckle

    49er trip was just perfect.

  219. Carissa Krater

    Despite the rain and going home with most of our stuff damp, my family (myself, husband, 13 y/o, 10 y/o, and 4 y/o) had a great time. Your staff was awesome and the food was delicious!

  220. Mrs S

    What an amazing camp! Even being totally rained out didn’t damper our trip. They thought of everything, for every kind of weather. The children loved the activities – from panning for gold, making candles, rope and beaded bracelets to giant rope swings, dancing and tug-o-war! All around a grea time! Highly recommend this camp to anyone!

  221. Becky Jones

    Group leaders were knowledgeable. We had a fun time and learned a lot.

  222. Leigh Arevalo

    Loved it all even in the downpour. Excellent staff, food, experience. Great value for what we paid.

  223. Jeffrey Arcilla

    EXCELLENT experience! I was part of the OLM (Our Lady of Mercy) School group from Daly City (April 4 & 5). You have a very-efficient and ‘well-run'(?) organization. The staff were all very really nice and played their 1800-role throughout our stay. It was fun, educational & spiritual…the complete package. The one-night stay was not long enough. It seemed like we pitched tents and then packed tents. I don’t camp that much so it was exhausting to have to do that for such a short stay. If I had to do it again, I would change it to a 2-night stay, as there was very little daytime downtime to enjoy the campsite and area. Other than that, you have a great program. Keep up the great work!

  224. Jean Hanson

    But for the rain, it was well organized. The kids were kept engaged throughout, thank you.
    Suggestion: Demarcate areas that are likely to flood during rainy days. That way no one would set up the tents in those areas. Some families had to sleep in their cars because their sleeping bags and tents got wet in the middle of the night.

  225. Dan Honaker

    Had a Great time and would do it again.

  226. Erick Pangilinan

    We had a great experience and can’t stop talking about all the good times we had at Rock n Water.

  227. Dan Martin

    My daughter and I really enjoyed the Rock-N-Water gold mining camp. Even though it rained during our whole stay, that couldn’t put a damper on the enthusiasm of the staff or campers. It was a great experience learning about the ways of the old west. We learned about plants and trees that Indians used for a variety of purposes as well as learning and playing Indian games. We made rope from twine and candles from a skinny wick. The kids made buttermilk and tortillas – and then we got to drink and eat what was made. We both loved the musical program and the way the kids were involved in the program. The entertainers were fabulous and we laughed during the entire performance. The food was hearty fare and really hit the spot. I would definitely recommend the camp to anyone looking for a fun learning experience and a bonding experience with their kids. Keep up the good work!

  228. Tracy Sheffer

    We had a great experience. Your staff is great with directions and being organized. We enjoyed the dancing and music.

  229. Trini DeBoard

    It was very pleasant. My kids and their friends had a wonderful experience.

  230. Laura Brooks

    Our group of 70 from our homeschool group had a wonderful time of fellowship and living history fun. Our group was primarily 5th graders studying California history and their families with kids ranging in age from 2 to 15. The Rock N Water staff managed our mixed age group with ease and excellence 1854 style! It was a rainy weekend, but miraculously when it was pouring the kids were happily engaged in living history activities, eating delicious food, or enjoying the campfire in the covered areas! The campfire entertainers were the highlight of the trip… adults and kids alike had fun singing, laughing, creating music with old time instruments, and worshipping together. A special relaxing and fun community building time for families and our homeschooling group. The encouragement that a relationship with God is more valuable than pursuing gold was masterfully woven throughout the camp. The Rock N Water staff again was excellent! We enjoyed this trip as much or more than our last trip to Rock N Water. I highly recommend it!

  231. Harry Nemetz

    Ma and family are awesome. Bernadette and the cook staff is 2nd to none. Words cannot describe how impressed I was with the meals. Other I spoke to felt likewise. God bless.

  232. Gwen Larsen

    Some of my best days have been with R&W! I appreciate the impact your ministry has had with my own children and dozens of 49er fourth graders.

  233. Stephanie Kent

    As a teacher Rock-N-Water has been a FANTASTIC learning adventure for the fourth graders at our school. They have been given an incredible, memory making opportunity to apply their California History knowledge, gained throughout the year within the classroom, to a uniquely ‘hands on’ experience at the Rock-N-Water facility. I would recommend this company to anyone that would enjoy a fun Christian event! The staff, the activities, the food, the nature, the spiritual connection impresses me each and every year.

  234. Matthew Valencia

    I loved it. The adventure, the professionalism and most of all the care and Christian focus are what would make me recommend Rock’N’Water to pastors, principals of schools and parents.

  235. Evan Leal

    From camping to gold panning to the sing along campfire, Rock-N-Water Christian Camps delivered an amazing bonding experience for me and my son. They provided a great opportunity to un-plug and really soak in the gold rush experience within a Christian environment which allowed for prayer. The staff was filled with joy and it was thoroughly enjoyable to experience them in-character. I highly recommend the Rock-N-Water Christian Camp experience!

  236. Karl Stewart

    Wonderful staff. Wonderful location. Wonderful experience.

  237. Angeline Barrozo

    I chaperoned my daughter’s class 5 years ago and it was an amazing experience for the children and adults.

  238. Darcie Walls

    The staff, program, food, atmosphere that is created is amazing! I was so very blessed to attend Rock-N-Water with my 4th grade son! Incredible experience! Adventure Christian School loves you!!!

  239. Brenni Veit

    About awesome!!

  240. Tracy Neal

    It was amazing, loved the Rock-N-Water overnight camp with my 4th graders! Your team does such a good job – and I was a part of the “wettest” camp week of all time, Providence Christian School, April 2014!

  241. Karen Hicks

    The students really look forward to the trip. Afterwards they love telling others about the exciting classes they experienced. For most the the students this is their first camping experience. I had a dad come up to me from last year and expressed what a great time he and his son had together.Karen Hicks-Los Gatos Christian School

    other feedback: We were disappointed that we were again scheduled for a Monday-Tuesday slot as we prefer Thursday-Friday. We have been coming to this camp for such a long time that I would hope that would give us some senority.

  242. Trinity Bodine

    I loved it so much. Please do another trip for families at the discount price. I was only able to come because of the discounted price. It was a very special trip for my son and I. The bonding/games were fantastic. The leaders were great. I hope their will be another email coming out about the next half price trip so we can attend again. I loved it. There wasn’t any work for me to do.

  243. Lorraine Ronca

    Our group had a wonderful time. The staff made it fun and their love for God was very evident in all the activities that we did. Highly recommend the camp.

  244. Jeanne Conca

    My experience has been during a school trip. I was extremely impressed with the knowledge of the guides and how well run the trip was. I look forward to have other opportunities to participate with trips with Rock N Water.

  245. Karima Monsanto

    We enjoyed it a lot.

  246. Calvin Tsay

    Great time. The guides were all friendly and nurturing hosts. The food was great. Didn’t expect that my son would love chili, but he’s been talking about since then and wants me to cook it at home.

  247. David Sullivan

    I was extremely impressed by all aspects of the camp. I thought the staff was all incredibly friendly and attentive, the grounds were impeccable and the food was better than expected. My only caveat is that the religious focus was a little more than I am used to, but other than that I think the camp is fantastic!

  248. Craig Oku

    I thought it was very well run but the staff. I look forward to coming back in a few years!

  249. John Nay

    i know this is a Christian based camp and appreciate that. however turning down the volume would increase the receptivity to your message. There can be more power in teaching by example than teaching by word.

  250. Chad Lyon

    It was a fantastic experience.

  251. Jason Mar

    It was a very good experience. My students were still talking about their time at camp until the very last days of the school year.

  252. Traci Giles

    We had a great time at camp! The location was beautiful, the leadership was fun and cute, and the action was non-stop. The kids are still talking about it! Thanks for a great time!

  253. Todd Glennon

    It was great…kids and parents alike had an excellent time.

  254. Lolita Churchill

    Too preachy. Sermons and prayers at every stop/activity. The kids would zone out or not pay attention to what was being said, and so would I. I’m a christian, and I didn’t need God shoved down my throat by the group leader. I appreciate and respect her love and devotion, but it was over the top for me. The kids did have a lot of fun with the activities though and I liked the campfire songs. And the food was good and the candle making (the gal in charge was funny and engaging). It was a bit exhausting running from one activity to the next and again, if so much time wasn’t spent on prayer (during walks and activity stops) I would have loved to have enjoyed the environment and nature and activities. In all honesty, I couldn’t wait for the bell to ring so I could get away from her.

  255. Tim Carey

    Overall, we had a great time. Feeding such a large group can be challenging, but the camp did fantastic and we really enjoyed the food. The campfire and entertainment in the evening was a lot of fun.
    All the kids enjoyed the tree swing, but little time was made available for this activity. Adding time here is the only thing I would change.

  256. Leah Kral

    It was a nice experience for my daughter but it seemed like Rose was new and we can barely hear her. We thought Junior was an excellent leader along with his siblings, Nan and Trevel (spelling?). The campfire was the best part and highlight of the entire camp. I think you need an enthusiastic leader who has a stronger voice. Rose was nice, but didn’t keep the attention of the kids very well.

  257. Jennifer Marenco

    Nice. Refreshing.

  258. Rick Valpreda

    Our group had an amazing time. Never seen a group of 4th graders so engaged for an extended period of time. Wonderful. And the food was great too.

  259. Roberta Ruch

    I loved the kitchen! Being a foodie and a cook (at home) I was happy to see a number of the items that we ate were made from scratch. They did a wonderful job with the food.
    Everything else was well planned and timed appropriately.

  260. Briggitte Auguston

    It was non-stop fun!

  261. Caitlym Pananganan

    The staff were great and I had a lot of fun even though I didn’t get any gold I still had fun

  262. April Hennings

    I had a wonderful time! I was hesitant to go but am so glad that I did! The hikes, activities and food were amazing! The kids at school can’t stop talking about the trip. The staff were very attentive and everything was well organized!

  263. Maria Loera

    We had a great time. We enjoyed the whole weekend. Everything was very well organized and super fun. We enjoyed having Junior as our leader. He did such a great job. He was very professional and entertaining. The kids learned a lot from him. Overall the weekend was an amazing experience.

  264. Gina Gillihan

    We had an amazing time! Very pleased with the grounds, activities were fun and educational, campfire was spectacular, staff was fabulous and friendly. Would love to experience this camp again!

  265. Rico Mundy

    Really enjoyed the adventures and people with the 4th grade overnight class trip we did. Thank you for giving of yourselves in Christ’s spirit to make this a special time.

  266. Brandon Knapp

    we had a great time! The location, employees and experience was great!

  267. Blair Aas

    Awesome. Don’t change a thing!

  268. Joseph Lugo

    Loved it. Great, hardworking, fun, young staff. Great activities and lots of them. No time for kids to get bored. Good way of showing God’s role throughout the entire camp experience. Clean.

  269. Klaus Roder

    Just loved it! A really well done camp!The activities were awesome.
    All of the kids were engaged and even the parents had a lot of fun.

  270. Yesela Gonzalez

    It was great! My son loved all the activities and the Christian songs and prayers were great !

  271. Allan Amante

    The Family had a great time At Rock-n-Water. The food was awesome, the Staff was very patient and entertaining, and all of the kids really enjoyed the experience. I would heavily remind families to bring lots of bug spray, bring your jacket during the campfire, and also to bring your flashlights walking back to your tents after the night festivities. Overall, an Awesome and Fun filled event for the Family!!!

  272. Craig Shaver

    It was a great trip. Your organization does a great job and all of the staff made it fun, friendly and educational for everyone. Thank you and keep up the great work !

  273. Sharon Smith

    Every student and parent had positive comments and want to return!We have approached other local Catholic schools to try and team up with one for next year.

  274. Steve Peterson

    Your staff did a great job with the kids from VCS! There was no down time besides bed time. I really enjoyed my time and that’s coming from someone who use to work at various Christian camps.

  275. Danlin Li

    It is a wonderful experience for learning a little California history. The kids have a lot of fun in learning and gaining hands-on experience. The camp site is right by the river so it is cold at night. Make sure you pack for sub-zero camping.

  276. Monica Cornell

    We’ve gone to your camp twice, and both times we had a great time!

  277. Eric Smith

    Great location and events planned for the kids. Meals were well prepared and evenly balanced and the projects planned for the kids kept everyone enthused.

  278. Jeff Janson

    Beautiful blend of activities and Christian Values! Thank you

  279. Anadel Maguiad

    It was fun and it’s really safe because they had lots of activities for the kids and it’s organized for adults and children. I would recommend this place.

  280. Lettiua Gormely

    My daughter and I had a great time with her classmates. We enjoyed the history, scriptures, music, and food. Staff was friendly and my daughter enjoyed conversations with them all.

  281. Monica Durham

    I really enjoyed it!!! I enjoyed all the children’s envolvment in all the activities I also enjoyed being disconnected from ALL social media all the actives were very exciting for all the children/parents I REALLY REALLY enjoyed it! The food was DELICIOUS the staff was VERY friendly and very informative. I HIGHLY recommend it!

  282. Tami Overton

    We had an amazing time! Really appreciated all the Bible stories. The dancing was especially fun!

  283. Brian Collins

    Overall the experience was great. Very organized and each station served a purpose. Loved the way the bible and teachings were intertwined. Would definitely recommend.

  284. Judith Duguzman

    I was very amazed at how organized the staff was. They kept the kids and parents interested and engaged in every activity. I also appreciated the fact that parents were encouraged to participate in almost all of the activities; and each activity has lessons to be learned about God. Not only did we learn about history (mining, crafts, nature, etc.) but we also learned spiritually. Thank you for all that you do! I will definitely share the great experience I had with my friends and neighbors.

  285. Janice Wheeler

    Enjoyed it and wished we had been there for the extra night.

  286. Herb Starks

    I hadn’t heard much about RockNWater prior to attending with my child’s 4th grade class (St. Basil’s School). I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with the entire program. From the cleanliness of the facilities & organization of the activities to the meals & evening entertainment, RockNWater gets an A+ from me.

  287. Alma Pelayo

    I loved everything about this camp. I got to bond with my family. The activities were amazing and the staff was amazing. Thank you for the great memories

  288. Laurienne Bode

    I was very impressed with how well things were run, activities were tied to Scripture, the variety of activities, and how well transition time was utilized- keeping kids busy and out of trouble. This was my third child to attend this camp and they have all loved it! Thank you for all of your hard work and serving the Lord with this great camp.

  289. Ronda Wasco

    We had the best time!! It was one of my favorite experiences with our homeschool group. Next year we will most likely do the 2 day trip! Ronda

  290. Bonnie Shadle

    We had a great time. The kids are still talking about how much fun they had, and how much they learned. We loved how organized everything was. Next year we would like to come back with a bigger group of homeschoolers and do the 2 day trip. MJ was a great guide, we were really impressed by her knowledge and great attitude with the kids. I only have a couple ideas for improvements. One, I’d like some sort of schedule for each day. It be nice to know ahead of time which shoes we will need and where we will be spending time, just so we could dress appropriately. Second, I’d like more filling snacks available more frequently. My kids tend to get grumpy and lose interest in the activities when their blood sugar gets low. Thanks so much for providing such a fun and education experience for my family. We will always look back on it fondly.

  291. Moria Mcafee

    Loved it! We are already focusing planning a three day 49ers camp with you guys for next year!

  292. Sandra Schilling

    It was a great experience and the food was great!

  293. Darcy Smith

    It was a great camp. Children and adults had a blast. The food was really good. I liked that there were so many activities to keep the kids busy. Cole was a great counselor. He was good at interacting with the children. Thank you

  294. Noemi Belamide

    My son had a great time. I loved the activities for the children. The camp counselors were fun and engaging. Maybe need a little more practice in their dialog with children. Food cooked well. Campground was clean and loved all the shade. Bathroom was a little too rustic for me LOL. Need to give map with directions going to and map on going back to freeway. GPS didn’t work at all. Loved the idea. Only complaint is distance and directions/map of area.

  295. Rebecca Caldera

    The 49-er camp experience with the fourth grade class at VCS was amazing!!! The guides were wonderful and we all had a very memorable experience.

  296. Chris Aronis

    It was truly an AWESOME experience! the staff, accommodations, food, environment, everything was terrific. So blessed that I was able to experience this with my son Jake “the Snake” (as given him by counselor MJ!) Thank you so much – Blessings to you all!

  297. Mike Hislop

    It was amazing! A great family experience, we would absolutely do it again! And the good was awesome!

  298. Christine Ray

    Enjoyed my time. Suggest that maybe stories of people dying and then a song about a decomposing moose not be told right before the kids go to bed. It frightened some girls and they were crying. I don’t think it would bother them when the sun was up and then activity after.

  299. Kevin Houston

    It was a great experience our son had the best time and so did everyone from our class. We had a great guide Cole who was very informative and great with the children . He had a nice calming way about him and the kids related to his personality.The experience was great our son had a fun time and loved it . Our Guide Cole was wonderful too. The children really related to him he had a very calm presence and he was informative about the camp the the surroundings. The food was good and all the staff was friendly and helpful. and we enjoyed all the daily activities that we did together as a group. And the reflection time and prayer time was awesome. It was a fun time had by all. Thank you again for providing such a memorable experience

  300. Janet Oliveri

    Loved it! Loved how Christ-centered it was… all the Scripture and theme of true treasure. Loved the staff…so friendly and kind. Loved the pacing. Loved the food. Loved the activities. Wish we studied CA history every year so we could keep going back. Will definitely be looking into the other camps offered. Thanks for the memories, ~Janet and Grace Oliveri.

  301. lennete Cariza

    I loved it!! It was relaxing for me and fun and educational for my son!

  302. Robert Schilling

    Wonderful time. Really enjoyed “Ma” and her kids. Our children enjoyed the gold mines, the hoedown, panning for gold and the dancing. Your Christian focus is great and greatly appreciated.

  303. Catherine Sevier

    We had an amazing time! I’ve already been telling all my friends about Rock and Water!

  304. Nazanin Zarrabi

    This was a wonderful camp with beautiful camp grounds. Very clean and the staff was very friendly and always around.

  305. Natalie Key

    I loved Rock n Water. It was a unique , Christian based experience like none I’ve ever had. My group did the 49er camp and we enjoyed every bit of it. From the hiking, the panning for gold, the camp fire songs, square dancing and story telling to the touring of the mines, rope making and tug of war. Please don’t change a thing.

  306. Nancy Connor

    I really enjoyed our one-night stay with you. The children had a lot of fun and learned a lot. It was fun interacting with the “characters” from the past and it was great how the staff dressed up and played their roles so well–accents and all! The evening program was particularly wonderful, as was the dancing and the gold panning. The tug-of-war at the end was awesome and the food and set-up for that was good as well–no one had to wait long. Sleeping under the stars in such a beautiful place was great. We created wonderful memories and even though this was four or five years ago I still smile as I relive all these things. I am retired now but would recommend RW to teacher friends who are still teaching.
    I also would like to say that I hope you received my card that I sent when you lost your precious daughter, Linnea. My heart went out to you at that time and it still is with you, as are my prayers. I’m so glad that your strong faith has given and continues to give you strength to move forward and to do your wonderful work for others.
    Nancy Connor

  307. Lynette Araujo

    I had a great time! Our docent Emma did a fantastic job! She was very enthusiastic and knew her stuff well! I would recommend this camp to others.

  308. Kaety Morales

    It was amazing!!!

  309. Carol Grier

    This was my first time at your camp. It was well run. Our students had an excellent experience.

  310. Trish Dowhah

    Our favorite part was the campfire and the band. They were amazing!

  311. Amber Grove

    We loved it, had a great time! Just wish it was longer…..Might be fun if kids dressed the part….thanks for the fun, amber

  312. Rob Covert

    Me and my son had a blast. Can’t wait to take my daughter in 5 years!

  313. Brian Sutliff

    It was great. Well organized and hard working staff.

  314. Stephanie Young-Birkle

    Very positive experience, great activities, great food. Definitely a memorable experience

  315. wade Oliver

    Loved it staff was very nice, knowledgeable,and the food was very good

  316. Anna Lynch

    The kids had s lot of fun. We had a nice but very NEW leader. It would have been nice if a more experienced leader was there to mentor her. We did not get the same quality tour & activities as other groups but I don’t blame the new person. She just wasn’t quite ready to lead a group of her own.

  317. Olga Bodnar

    I have been to this camp with three of my children and looking forward to go next year with my youngest. I absolutely loved the experience, staff was great, food was great, just overall an awesome time to spend with my child and her classmates and other parents. Thank you so much. Be blessed. We absolutely love Ma, and Sunny, and Cole. I remember them since my older daughter went with her school 5years ago. was hoping to sing and learn “La moose” with the band, but this year was a different band, great time. would definitely recommend this camp, and hope that the fourth grade teacher decides to go back next year.

  318. Melissa Maloof

    I loved our visit…loved the Christian emphasis and the scriptures woven into all lessons. Thank you!

  319. Randy LaBeske

    My son and I camped there one night with his school class and I was very impressed with the staff. They had a very tight, organized schedule from activities throughout the day to breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was very well planned out and left just enough free for the kids too. The responsibilities they put on the kids were very appropriate as well. Very satisfying visit. Thank you.

  320. Courtney Graham

    The trip was fun, but very rushed to fit everything in. It was hard to break down camp in the time given in the morning. My daughter was exhausted way before lights out so I think bedtime could be earlier. She would have liked more time gold panning. My biggest concern was the food: My daughter has a food allergy and I was assured that you handle this all the time. The teacher provided allergy info 4 different times. However, on the first night at dinner, there was no information given and nobody asking, so I approached the person in charge of dinner. She had no idea what my daughter could eat or not. I explained that I need to know about each item. She seemed annoyed and showed me the can for the beans and said the meat was safe. Right before my daughter was to eat the meat, she ran back out stating it had dairy. This did not instill confidence. This trend continued for each meal and we frequently ate last due to waiting for ingredient info (and it’s a little unfair to serve huge brownies and throw a little tiny packaged cookie out for allergy kids). I would have brought some if I had known. Please get info to allergy kids ahead of time so they don’t eat last waiting for info.

  321. Mary Gibbons

    I had the most fabulous time at your camp with my daughter! The leaders were friendly, knowledgable, and simply wonderful. It was a magical experience and one I will treasure.

  322. Jackie Mosley

    We had a great time!

  323. Beth Foraker

    I absolutely loved my time with your camp. I was on a field trip with my daughter for 4th grade and it was everything I could have ever hoped. Thank you!

  324. Jose Goya

    Fantastic experience for the kids.Thanks a lot!

  325. David Perry

    Wr enjoyed our trip. It was a little disappointing for our group as it was obvious our leader was brand new. Had I not been a returning parent, I may have not noticed. However, I had been on the same trip the year before and our guide Pepper was awesome, so this year it was a bit of a let down to not have the same level of interaction, leadership, and experiences. Many of our stations felt rushed and incomplete.

  326. Cathy Lapp

    It was a fantastic experience!!

  327. George susaivathnam

    It was well organized and the kids lot of fun and it was educational as well.

  328. Helen Wang

    It’s a great experience. The only thing is that I wish the staff could tell us how long the activities would be in the night time. We didn’t expect to run so late; therefore, we didn’t have the jacket nor the flashlight with us at hand. Thanks,

  329. Erskine Reed

    I thought it was great for the kids to get away from the Tech and spend time in the 1850s. A few of the kids in my group had never been camping before, this was a great experience for them. I think it gave some of the kids a new respect for how people lived before video-games and microwaves. I also learned a lot about how hard life was in the 1850s and how easy my life is now! The food was great and the environment was safe for the kids. The staff was awesome and Anna was great, she really knew her stuff! I thought the cost was fair, but I know there were other families that had a hard time coming up with the money. I hope you all are around when my other young-en gets to 4th grade.
    Thank you for doing God’s work and God bless.

  330. Carolyn Bean

    It was very positive. The kids were very enthusiastic about it. The only downside was the second day felt a little rushed and some groups didn’t get to do everything. It was great getting to know some of the staff a little bit. Really appreciated the spiritual aspect of the camp and how “real” some of the stories were. Loved the campfire and Charlie and Jerry and the ho-down. Would love to do more hikes. Would love to stay longer. Thanks for the wonderful experience!

  331. Carla Combe

    It was a great experience, my daughter and I we really enjoyed

  332. Manuel Campos

    Thanks for the good times!

  333. Emmanuel Sazon

    Me and my twins had a great time, even though it was short, two event. The staff where great host, in educating us about land, mines, history of the area, and especially sharing the Word of God to us. The food was yummy, the camp entertainment so fun, and the location great.Mama, Junior, Emma, and Rose where some of the awesome guides we had. We will miss them. This trip will definitely not only an impression, but wonderful memories that will be shared about for long time.

    God Bless you all!,
    Emmanuel Sazon

  334. Rick troia

    The staff did a very good job of teaching and showing the students what it was like back in the mid 1800’s California. The food was very good. One weird sight: I saw a young lady using her fingers to scoop and lick a bowl just before cleaning it. No students saw. I just happened to walk by that area.

  335. Rommel Fermin

    It was a great experience. It was my daughter’s first camping trip and the activities were perfect to fill her time.I would recommend the experience to my friends.

  336. Christian Condrey-Quintana

    I was greatly impressed. Although the guides were not able to promote God persay because it was a school group, the stories of unconditional love evoked the spirit and brought a peace and calm feeling. The guides were amazing. Ours was Miss May she was extremely knowledgeable and so sweet. The hikes were fun even though the one to Sutters monument almost killed me. Lol. The night entertainment was so fun for adults and children alike. Izzy I believe his name was, was very talented. The juggling and his stories and dance calls and games were much enjoyed. Mas story about Bart I believe and unconditional love was inspireing. The toilets were clean and the food was well thought out and delicious.

  337. Ted Jones

    everyone was really engaged, kind, patient and helpful.I sure enjoyed my one-on-one time with my son.

  338. Sudha Rajaih

    Great ! I throughly enjoyed the program. The crew leaders are wonderful! Food we enjoyed from moms kitchen. We wish to come again with our family. Thanks.

  339. Trang Nguyen

    I had a great time! My daughter really enjoyed it too. Emma was a wonderful group leader. I’m amazed at her knowledge of the outdoors and her love for God’s word.

  340. Erik Hobbs

    Second time going, this time with my youngest. Much like his sister before him, he had a great time, as did I. Thank you very much for the experience that both my kids will remember for years to come!!

  341. Ashley Meier

    My experience at rock n water was so amazing! I didn’t want to leave and my son couldn’t stop talking about everything we did there. This is a well organized experience and I highly recommend it.

  342. Jennifer Restori

    Loved it!! Emma and Jake were amazing. Only thing disappointed about is that prior years we went to Coloma and Suttee’s Mill but not this year. Was curious as to why. But a fantastic trip beside that.

  343. Cynthia Buhler

    Rock N Water is always an amazing experience and a memory my 4th graders never forget. We are thankful for this opportunity every year! Thank you!

  344. Megan Nguyen

    Thank you for a wonderful experience.

  345. Staphanie Patton

    We had fun but i would leave the last hour 9-10pm to so the kids and parents can unwind back at their tent. It was a little rush rush from last story to bed time

  346. Alex Miller

    Though I am retired, old and not as active as I would like to be, I will always let groups families know they would have a fulfilling outing at Rock-N-Water

  347. Linda Giusti

    Attended a school field trip with my then 4th grader at Rock-N-Water and it was easily the best experience. The staff, the facilities, the site, etc. were extraordinary.

  348. Laurel Spallone

    We had a great fun healthy time!

  349. Julie Bowden

    I had a memorable time with my grandson. I am so glad we did this together.

  350. Keilani Burrage

    It was a lot of fun. The kids had a great time.

  351. John Coyle

    Very enjoyable experience. The kids had a great time from start to finish. The people who work there are a credit to their families. they make you feel very welcome from the moment you arrive until you leave.Best part – the dancing!

  352. Ingrid Gustafson

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Ingrid Gustafson

  353. Adalberto Gonzalez

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Adalberto Gonzalez

  354. Rick Panarello

    It was AWESOME! I wish I remembered everyone’s names, but Rose was our main guide; she was wonderful! It was such a unique, life-changing experience for my husband, myself, & our two boys. Definitely somewhere ALL families should go. Hope to go back again, try other camps. Thank you SO MUCH! :D

  355. Daryn Honda

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Daryn Honda

  356. Stephanie Kent

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Stephanie Kent

  357. Kathy Martinez

    Best field trip ever says mother of 3!!!

  358. Kathleen Baggett

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Kathleen Baggett

  359. Mary Jane Thornwaldson

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Mary Jane Thornwaldson

  360. Jay Huang

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Jay Huang

  361. Dollene Jackson

    I have taken my 4th Grade class to Rock-n-Water for over 15 years. They have an excellent, hands-on overnight program where the children pitch their tents, pan for gold, and so much more! They get to see/feel what it was like to live during the Gold Rush. The people that work there are enthusiastic Christians, who help the children experience Christ in a new way. They dress in period clothing and represent a character during the 1800’s. I highly recommend any teacher to make this a yearly event for your class . . . you won’t be disappointed!!!

  362. Scott Martin

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Scott Martin

  363. Leslie Lindsey

    Rated 4.5 out of 5 by Leslie Lindsey

  364. Darcel Ioane

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Darcel Ioane

  365. Kathy Di Nicola

    Rated 4 out of 5 by Kathy Di Nicola

  366. Steve Grubbs

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Steve Grubbs

  367. Ruth Heinitz

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Ruth Heinitz

  368. Sheri Agers

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Sheri Agers

  369. Rena Staley

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Rena Staley

  370. Cyndee Westenrider

    Rated 4 out of 5 by Cyndee Westenrider

  371. Jeff Love

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Jeff Love

  372. Scott Coletti

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Scott Coletti

  373. Kate DiGiorgio

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Kate DiGiorgio

  374. Shelly Kramer

    It is well worth it! The kids learn about and experience a little of life around gold rush times in a fun way. The parents and kids are always super excited about the trip.

  375. Laura Brooks

    Our 5th graders at our homeschool coop and their families had a wonderful time at Rock-N-Water! We enjoyed excellent food, living history, and fellowship. We look forward to coming back in 2017 when our younger daughter studies California history.

  376. Dana Bringolf

    I love rock n water! The staff is friendly and the activities are well thought out. My students love their experience at the camp and often tell me it’s the highlight of their year.

  377. Nancy Schoonover class always has fun

  378. Martha Strader

    My time with your camp is memorable. I loved how you incorporate the Lord in all we do. I like how the staff related well with the children. The camp is always clean and inviting. I really enjoyed the activities we were able to do. You definitely have a special camp.

  379. Amy Downing

    Loved every minute!

  380. Arnold Sotelo

    I’ve been twice. My kids loved it. Counselors were awesome. Would go again.

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