The Mother Lode


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49er Fun: The Mother Lode

1 adventures, 3 meals, 1 nights

Our classic 49er Fun living history field trip campout. We meet each other at Gold Bug Park in Placerville California where you’ll meet our living history guides. They will transport you back to 1854, just after the height of the California gold rush. While we are there, we will explore some restored gold mines and learn about mining, play some games, and get a feel for what life was like in 1854.

Next we’ll stop of at Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park. (Want a more hands on experience instead of visiting Sutter’s Mill? Try our Prospector) We will see the location where James Marshall first pulled gold out of the river back on January 24th, 1848, examine a replica of Sutter’s Mill, and see mining equipment from the era. Our guides will also lead you on a walk in the surrounding hills for a short quiet time alone with God.

Finally, it’s on to our claim on the side of the South Fork of the American River (just a few miles downstream of Coloma California), where you’ll set up your shelters for the night before joining us for a great dinner. After dinner, an old time band will join us for a time of dancing and singing, followed by a time of worship and learning as one of the guides shares a devotional story with you about their experiences in the gold rush and how they have grown as a Christian and drawn closer to God.

The next morning, after a great breakfast, we’ll get our hands dirty as we experience first had a little of what it was like to live in the California Gold Rush. We will pan for gold right out of the American River, make rope and bead necklaces. We will learn how the Maidu Indians lived off the land, play some games, and take a short quiet time devotional hike. We’ll have a little more fun, games, and learning after lunch, then we’ll gather together for some last thoughts before waving goodbye.

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Nights of Camping: 1
Meals: 3

Tour of Goldbug Mine, Tour of Marshall State Park, Hands on Stations a campfire hoedown and More!

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Field Trips

Gold Bug Mine, Gold Panning, Marshall Gold Park, Rope Making


2 Days


  • April & May
  • Groups of any size up to 120 people. Smaller groups will share their trip with other schools.
  • Optimally: 4th Graders & Parents


  • You can add dinner, campfire, and camping to your trip. Departing the following morning at 8 AM with breakfast on the road for just $35/person.
  • T-shirts can be ordered for the whole group at $20/person.
  • You can lead campfire and other teaching opportunities yourself, combine your teaching efforts with those of our staff, or just ask us to handle it all for you – at no additional charge.
  • There are no additional taxes, fees, or other hidden costs.

About Rock-N-Water

Rock-N-Water is a group of Christians who want to impact campers of all ages with the joy of God’s Living Word. Our desire is that you might come to know the joy of our loving Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to pass on God’s love to others with excitement. We focus our programs on biblical principles, and use the help of nature, friendship, and adventurous outdoor challenges to develop eternal transformational change.

Located an hour East of Sacramento in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California, our staff travel from across the United States to minister to your students. Cross trained as camp counselors, youth ministers, and high adventure guides, they positively transform the lives of youth and adults alike. Our staff savor the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in your students’ lives.

Every Rock-N-Water trip is built around the idea that spending time in the outdoors, through fun and challenging adventures, is a great way to help youth and adults to experience real personal growth in their Christian faith. Each camp includes full action packed days of adventurous outdoor exploration with our summer counselors. And each adventure includes time intentionally set aside in the middle of each day to give you ample opportunity to just stop, and think, and pray. At night we gather together around the campfire for a time of worship and a more indepth biblical devotional.


213 reviews for The Mother Lode

  1. Vern Jeske

    I have taken my class to Rock-N-Water for 13 years, and I have never been disappointed! As a teacher, I appreciate knowing my students are in great hands with your staff. As a teacher in a private Christian school, I have appreciated the Christian themes presented throughout. The location is beautiful and the food is always delicious. Thanks for all you do and looking forward to next year! Vern Jeske PUC Elementary

  2. Eric Perez

    5 Stars

  3. Lisa Maloney

    We had a wonderful time at Rock & Water Camp. Joanie, our guide was excellent. She was very informative. Experiencing history and God’s creation was amazing. Thanks for all of the fun Joanie.

  4. Lisa Needham

    4 Stars

  5. Rebecca Robertson

    The program was good, my 8 year old had a really good time. I had an issue with the food program. The coordinator for my school sent in food sensitivity information for myself, my daughter, and another mother/daughter pair from our school. When we got to camp, the person in charge of food said she hadn’t gotten any information from our school, and there wasn’t enough allergy-friendly food for my group. I confirmed with my coordinator that our information had been given to the camp, and so was really disappointed.

  6. Sally Manoukian

    5 Stars

  7. Rudy Cayas

    Had a good time, good food and great experience for me and my son!

  8. Jayson Abila

    Fun and educational. Very organized, good food and great hosts. Kids had a blast!!!

  9. Jeff Puente

    I chaperoned my sons 4th grade field trip to rock and water this spring. We had a great time learning about the gold rush and god (the greatest treasure). The food was great. The staff stayed in character and were all very friendly. Camping out by the American River was wonderful even with a little rain. Can’t wait to go back with my youngest when they are in 4th grade.

  10. Naoma Lee

    We have been bringing 4th graders to Rock-n-Water for about 15 years. This past May was my 5th time bringing a class and, as always, it was a fantastic trip! The focus on God being greater than gold is fantastic. Thank you for all you do to make this field trip such a highlight of the year!

    I have one suggestion that I’d like to offer ‘off-line’ if possible. Please, forward me the appropriate email to use to do so.

  11. Lois Setterlund

    Really enjoyed the experience. Food was good and allergy-friendly. Appreciated our guide, Rebekah.

  12. Ying Ye

    The absolute best experience imaginable. We were surprised and impressed with every aspect of our experience.

  13. Lorraine Sousa

    My daughter and I enjoyed our trip. It was a fun, bonding experience. Our trip guides did a great job and the food was good.

  14. John Pangilinan

    Great 👍

  15. Kristy

    On a class field trip. The kids had fun despite the poor weather. The kids did enjoy the campfire! The staff did their best to educate and entertain the kids. The tent area was fine. The primitive bathrooms were as expected but the newer bathroom wasn’t as clean as it should be. The food was abundant but repetitive – chicken fajitas w/ burrito wrap for dinner and chicken with pita w/ bread for lunch we’re essentially the same meals. Breakfast was fine for the adults (scrambled eggs, ‘cowboy potatoes’ which were basically fries baked with bacon, cheese, and green onions) but wasn’t very kid friendly – it would have been nice to have at least some toast. Some kids only ate canned peaches for breakfast. Overall it served the needs of the class trip.

  16. Amanda Galli Cruz

    5 Stars

  17. Robert Burk

    We had a wonderful time of learning, fellowship, discipleship and fun. If you get the chance, Go!

  18. Joyce Kumar

    It was fun filled and very informative trip. I really enjoyed staying over. Very safe and secure place. Your food was incredible, place was super clean. I loved it. Thank you for everything!!

  19. Aldo Caballero

    We had a fantastic experience. The staff was amazing. Especially our guide Samantha.

  20. Steven Stocks

    It was a pleasure going on this trip. Our guides made it exciting for the kids and they emphasized how important it is to have God in your life.

  21. Erica Mcelhaney

    The entire experience was amazing. The time travel was fun. The camp staff we’re knowledgeable, stayed in character, and made everyone feel welcome. The food was outstanding – and we are on a gluten free diet. I am so pleased to have been able to attend with my son. I’m even more excited to go back with my daughter next year.

  22. Michael

    Entertainment- campfire event was the best its been, food on day 2 was good, don’t recommend chili for day 1. Rose and Sammy were great leaders and always in character. Overall a good experience. 1 recommendation would be to explain the rules and food prep while parents are seated. Most parents don’t hike and by the end of the day are tired. Standing and listening to a bunch of information wasn’t my favorite part.

  23. Mathew Jarghese

    5 Stars

  24. Joanne Sugiyama

    Really wonderful! It was an exceptional and interactive experience being in nature and watching the children learn.

  25. Deandrea Green

    I enjoyed the experience at Rock-N-Water, as a guardian for my younger sibling. The creativity of our guides and pitching of the information was wonderful. If I were to provide constructive feedback, the fire-side monologue where the young woman spoke about being “unclean,” “dirty” and being saved from “burning in hell forever” was NOT age appropriate. It actually caused my sibling to awaken at 4:00 AM from a nightmare. Also, the information packet suggested that it was possible to sleep “under the stars,” I wouldn’t recommend that due to the freezing temperature and darkness around the camp-if we had not brought a tent, we would have gone to sleep in the car.

  26. Michelle Rai

    Fantastic! Enjoyed the programming and activities. Food was stellar. LOVED the entertainment with the singer/comedian guy who also did the line dancing. I would recommend this camp in a heartbeat!

  27. Lisa Elliott

    Very informational, loved the mine tours

  28. Jeanne Woodbury

    My granddaughter and I had a wonderful experience at Rock-N-Water! It was just the right amount of exercise, excellent food, comraderie, prayer, games, rest, history, etc. My only complaint was getting directions to our first site as our teacher didn’t provide them until the morning we were leaving and I could not access them on your website.

  29. Nathan Beckman

    Great. Awesome staff and very informative. Kids really enjoyed the trip!

  30. Mary Schindler

    Our 4th grade class had a great trip back in time. Thank you Rock-N-Waters!

  31. Abigail Mathew

    5 Stars

  32. Sam

    It was very fun and entertaining for the kids, they sing the song that they listen while in camp. Nice experience in outdoor atmosphere and history, Also the staffs are nice to be around and well manner and food was awesome.

  33. Nick Boatright

    I have been to Rock & Water four times. All four times were great for different reasons. The food was awesome and the kids loved the crafts as always!

    However, this time was the only time our guide did not know where we were going and was not able to explain the locations we were visiting in detail. She was a fantastic person that obviously believed in Jesus as savior which is the most important thing. However, it was clear she needed some more training on the history of the sites we were visiting. Not sure that was the guides fault. Your tours have always been great but I fear that maybe you staff released someone too early this time.

    The campfire time was a great as always. I had a few other parents mention to me how fun that was. The amount of time spent on the trip is just right for children in the 4th grade. keep up the good work, you have a very special camp there!

  34. Nicole Cutshaw

    Such a GREAT experience!! My daughter wanted to stay longer. Thank you for your dedication to teaching our kids about history along with including our God.

  35. Angela Covil

    I missed the games this year! Last time we went the kids had fun with the balance boards and other games that were out. This is a fantastically organized camp! The food is great, the counselors clearly like kids. I was impressed yet again!

  36. Hilary Barragan

    I was a chaperone for my daughter’s 4th grade class. It was an overnight camping trip. It was such a great experience! The guides were terrific and the activities were so much fun – for the kids and parents. I have to agree with others that the food was amazing!! The kids helped to clean up after the meals and I really liked that part. Our guide (Rebecca) was very knowledgeable and gave so much info during our hike. She was fun and very pleasant! Thank you to the entire staff for an awesome experience!

  37. Amy May

    We had a great time. Loved how scripture was woven into nearly all of the teachings. “God is greater than gold!” came through loud and clear.

  38. Nicole Gottwals

    This was my first time attending this with my 4th grade class. It was hands down the most amazing experience possible. The kids had an awesome time as well as myself. The staff is very attentive and full of great information. The food is amazing as well. Thank you for all that you do at Rock-N-Water!!

  39. Jennifer Stiles

    We had a great time on the Mother Lode Field Trip! The camp staff are friendly and funny, the facilities are clean, and the food is delicious! I would definitely like to come back with my younger kids when they are old enough!

  40. Wendy Padmos

    This experience is so wonderful and memorable. I was impressed with how much camp lore and tradition they could pack into a such a short time. My older students that have attended continue to have such fond memories of their days at Rock n Water Camp.

  41. Daryn Honda

    My time at Rock-n-Water is always fantastic and certainly a worthy trip to make with my 4th grade class. The staff is engaging and fun. They are knowledgable about the time period and excited to share that knowledge with my students and their parents. I look forward to this trip every year.

  42. Tim Wong

    Great time with great people! They not only provided a great educational experience, but they also invested personally into the students. Highly recommend!

  43. Cami Scott

    Our experience was a great one, as always. Everything was fun, educational, and well organized. it’s always better for our first timers than they expect it to be. The best was how well God was intergraded into our entire experience. Thank you!

  44. Alicia Draves

    This is a wonderful trip for schools. The staff stayed in character the entire time. The kids got a ton of exercise and experience.

  45. Robert Canario

    Excellent, everyone had a great time

  46. Anne Grashoff

    Rock-N-Water is one of my favorite places. From the time we arrived until they time we left it was FANTASTIC!! I absolutely love the staff, the activities, the facilities, Rock-N-Water is the Best

  47. Molly Hamblin

    We had an amazing time. We came with my daughter’s school to spend the night and experience how life used to be when they were mining for gold. We learned so much, and the staff was amazing. Thank you

  48. David Larsen

    My daughter and I had a fantastic 4th grade trip with the Rock-N-Water folks. Even though our first day was plagued by wind, rain and hail of near-Biblical magnitudes, the staff led both students and parents with exceptional poise, demonstrating joy and thankfulness. Our guide was thoroughly acquainted with the relevant local history. Not a single one of the activities was a dud. Two thumbs up. Five stars. I look forward to several more 4th grade trips to Rock-N-Water in the next few years.

  49. Lauren Donaghe

    Very fun! I would have liked more accommodations for my son who where’s afo leg braces and uses a wheel chair part time. He still had a good time with friends.

  50. Vern Jeske

    As usual the crew at Rock N Water step up and take over. I did miss the amazing Harmonatras. What a great experience for the kids – next year’s class is already looking forward to going. Thanks for all you do!

  51. larry mittone

    5 Stars

  52. Debora Waller

    5 Stars

  53. Natalie Hsu

    My students, parents, and I had a great time! It was interactive, fun, good food, and great spiritual connection.

  54. brant roberts

    We got to enjoy one of your gold rush camps. I was overwhelmed by how much fun we had. Your staff is amazing and did a great job teaching all of the fourth graders. I would recommend this camp to anyone!

  55. neptaly sevilla

    It was wonderful. My daughter and I enjoyed it alot. I think the activities were well organized. We loved the night activity with the music and dance. It was super nice.

  56. luke middleton

    It was horrible starting from the direction the school gave us with no address, to the staff asking us to do idiotic bonding crap after most of us drove 3 hours, to the hiking that was never specified, and which kids were miserable.

    So as for this particular event I only went due to my son and school but outside this I would never recomend this to people

  57. Stephanie Lablanc

    Awesome experience and such knowledgeable staff. Thank you for the great experience for my student, chaperones and myself. I would highly reccommend this conpany and experience to anyone.

  58. vartan hanedanian

    My experience was most positive and overall excellent. My daughter and I would definitely come again as we found that our time was spent doing many activities that were interesting and fun for everyone. The staff was very very nice and we enjoyed our stay. Thank you so much.

  59. pablo castellanos

    Excellent experience! Emma, our guide, was knowledgeable and fun. The students had a blast and talked about it a lot.

  60. john dutton

    Amazing. More than I ever expected!!!

  61. randy nissen

    5 Stars

  62. jennifer SCIANCALEPORE

    The staff was wonderful, friendly, and knowledgeable. The food was delicious. The activities were good, but I would have liked to have had more information about what we were going to be doing ahead of time. The hike on the first day was long and I noticed that many families did not bring their water bottles along for the hike because they did not know it was going to be as long as it was. I would have also preferred less time hiking as that is easy for families to do on their own. I thought there were going to be more group activities and games. I did like the short hike on the second day and the encouragement to have a quiet time for prayer and reflection.

  63. mark deniston

    Excellent. You folks did a great job!

  64. Adam Stevenson

    Junior was a great guide – he shared a lot of interesting information and was well liked by all. Food was excellent! Campfire entertainment was such a fun and engaging experience! Would definitely recommend to everyone!!

  65. Joe Workman

    I had a blast! My only complaint is that I wanted to stay longer :-)

  66. Abel Cavalie

    it was a life time experience great adventure wonderful guys in charge!!
    Junior, Emma Anna and their family are the main reason of my total satisfaction They no only are a great guide they also change our lives by giving us the word of God!!

  67. Jim Snook

    Especially appreciated the time given for young people to commune with God and nature.

  68. Clara Brazovan

    Enjoyed every minute of it! The staff was courteous and very intelligent with all their information. The staff worked very hard! God bless them! Our kids will remember this trip!

  69. Kevin Hemilton

    Fun and exciting oh and we learned a few things.

  70. Amanda Galli

    This was our second year and we really enjoyed the trip. We love all the interactive activities, food, and fun that Rock n Water provides. We felt the parents were better engaged last year then they were this year. I would just recommend the leader try to get the parents more actively engaged from the beginning like it was last year. We always enjoy our experience at Rock N Water and look forward to next year.

  71. Narisa Loyola

    Very good. I’m not a camper person but I appreciated the area, the activities and the food. It provided a chance to go back to the time when technology did not exist yet. And felt so close to nature and appreciate God’s creation that we neglect sometimes while we struggle to our current life settings. The only thing that I did not like is that there was no one cleaning the experience chamber. Other than that, it was a great experience. Thank you!

  72. Harry Lee

    The trip was magnificent. My son and I had a great time bonding together and making lasting memories. The staff was great and helped us soul search and bond with God. We met a lot of new friends. We kept busy with all types of bonding activities. The place was clean and the food was great. Nothing like a simpler life sleeping under the stars in a tent with love ones without the electronic distractions. Thanks for this cherished time.

  73. Gregory Forest

    Great fun for our Fourth Grade class. Well organized crew and smooth program. Unforgettable campfire experience. Highly recommend it!

  74. Jonathan Pitts

    Great overall experience for the second year in a row. Our host were wonderful. The band was a teacher and student favorite. However, I think we rather do a full day trip next year instead of the overnight. Not because of anything that happened, but because it is just too many moving parts for to plan for.

  75. Sarah Birch

    I enjoyed everything about the stay! Thank you so much.

  76. Clint Jewett

    5 Stars

  77. Joe Rickert

    Fantastic trip! Full of learning and exploring for both kids and adults. Wonderful staff, food and scenery for this city family to enjoy.

  78. Casey Fullen

    Great. Kids had a great time. The instructors were wonderful. I would definitely recommend it.

  79. Shanice Wright

    I loved it! I was a bit worried about doing an overnight field trip, but everybody involved made us all feel at ease. The kids loved it and I can’t wait to go again!

  80. Rachel Philpot

    I really enjoyed the time with my daughter. The leaders were knowledgeable and fun. I thought it was a great experience for children and adults. I am thankful for the reality of God’s plan and involvement in our lives being the focus on so much of what was discussed and lived out. It was a great opportunity to show our children in another setting that God wants to be a part of our every day lives.Amazing grace shall always be my song of praise, in Christ I died, am not condemned, co-raised and seated in the heavenlies! God bless!

  81. Tony Colaprete

    Had a great time! Staff was great, food great, kids and grown ups learned a lot!

  82. Lillian Macias

    It was a very lovely experience and everything was great.

  83. Dan Vallejo

    I have been to your site before with one of my older children and I’ll be coming back again with 2 other younger children in the coming years. I enjoy this trip with the kids and the overnight camping for them etc. I think you have the right balance for them and this works out fine and is fun for everyone. It was pretty much the same as the last time I came and I don’t think I would change anything on your end. The only thing I missed was the printing press where the kids made cards. I thought that was really nice. The only complaint would be that the mosquito’s were really bad this year and were just everywhere. Not sure how you could cure that but it was bad because of the wet year we had. Improvements might be a bigger area for gold panning. I know the river was also high this year so not sure if that works. Keep up the good work.

  84. Scott Pero

    Enjoyed the history aspect of the trip! The campfire music was great.

  85. Lisa Schwappech

    It was very good. I would suggest you make sure people know they need protection from the mosquitos (including a tent- the idea of sleeping under the stars is nice but not practical, I was eaten alive, came home with at least 12 bites in spite of using repellent). The night campfire was an AWESOME evening, so much fun and so funny- it did run a little late for the little ones, though… and a plus would be to ask the kids for song requests in the end segment- a lot of them didn’t know the songs being sung, but they have favorites they know really well and different schools could share with each other if they don’t know each other’s songs. The guides were so nice and ours, Rose, was so very sweet. We just adored her, and so did the kids. All of the crafts events were perfect for the kids and their attention span. Good message, and well delivered. Overall, great time! THANK YOU!

  86. Mike Ascarrunz

    We loved it! The guides are all wonderful and the evening entertainment is absolutely fantastic!

  87. Wayne Wilson

    The children certainly enjoyed all of the many activities. I felt the councilor led times of reflection and meditation were very well done and beneficial for all.

  88. Bieu Do

    Wonderful bonding experience with my son!

  89. Jim Szumlas

    The Pros: Atmosphere, Camping, Campfire, River, Mines, Panning, Parking, Team Leaders & Staff, Hiking, My Childs Smile.
    The Cons: Never knew what we were doing or doing next. Felt rushed thru the different activities, Food was limited, Food was non-eatable due to I don’t eat CHILI with ONIONS, neither does my child.

    Suggestions: Slow down and let the activities take place. Offer PB&J as a food alternative. During activities hand out laminated facts about the activities. Provide an agenda to the parents.

  90. Trisha Raia

    The experience was awesome, fun, energetic, and organized. My only recommendation (and this may have been a breakdown of communication from our teacher to the parents) is to have a clear (as much as can be) itinerary. We arrived after getting up and traveling since 6am. We were advised to bring hiking clothes/shoes, water shoes/flip flops, hat, etc, which was great but we didn’t have any idea when we would be using those items. When we arrived we went on a good hike and the only warning we had was ‘we’re going on a long hike, grab a water bottle and hat if you need them’ – it was totally fine because the hike wasn’t as long as I anticipated and I was in hiking shoes, but some parents were in delicate sandals and dressier clothing. Then the next morning we panned for gold first thing but didn’t know to bring our water shoes so the kids were wet and freezing within a few minutes. They’re tough so that wasn’t a problem but we could have avoided a little of the hassle knowing we would need them that morning. Overall it was a wonderful time and we are blessed to have been able to come. Thank you for all you do

  91. Kimberly Toledo

    Our fourth graders and their parents had an amazing experience on the Mother Lode trip. The tour guides were kind, the adventures were fun, and the food was amazing.

  92. Robert Franklin

    My son and I enjoyed the program a great deal. Good food, informative and well coordinated.

  93. Mark MacBayne

    I attended the 49er camp with my 4th grade son and his class. The staff were excellent. They were friendly and organized. They rarely, if ever broke character. The activities were well planned and educational to give the children a glimpse of life in the 1850s during the gold rush. I would highly recommend the camp.

  94. Melaku Benti

    I feel really great.

  95. Nathan Rodont

    Absolutely amazing. I loved every moment. The activity schedule was full but doable. I was exhausted by the end of the day. So grateful I was able to attend.

  96. Lynette Webb

    Our experience this year was good. There were a few bumps here and there. Our guide did a wonderful job but really struggled to give us information about a lot of the landmarks on the first day of the trip. There were also some time management issues which prevented us from visiting the Marshall Monument(bummer!!!). But overall, the trip was good and my parents really enjoyed it. We will be back next year!

  97. Adam Howard

    It was a lot of fun. Love the gospel and word of God being given to the kids as well as the chaperones

  98. Sarah Cole

    We had an excellent experience. Everything was very organized and the food was delicious! Would definitely recommend to a friend and am looking forward to our next trip! 10 stars! Can’t say enough good things about this camp. Especially our fearless leader Emma!

  99. Kim J Jolivette


  100. Christopher Decamp

    A great educational experience for kids of all ages even grown up kids like me.

  101. Michelle McLaughlin

    I thought it was a great experience for the kids and parents. Spiritually, history, good clean fun. Best of all no electronics. The staff was very nice and made the camp fun. Great activities.

  102. Robel Derese

    Ilike everything, l had a good time

  103. Kathleen Baggett

    In the past, I would have always given the camp a 10. This was the first year that I was a little unhappy with the camp. Our leader wasn’t as strong in terms of controlling the group. I understand my class has some very energetic and headstrong students, but one of the other group leaders was very energetic, fun, but also in control. Also, there were too many people there. If there is going to be that many groups, I suggest having each group set up their tents in certain sections. I didn’t like how my class was spread out throughout the whole camp. Also, one of my parents had her bag taken, she told someone about it, but no one tried to help her locate it. It was her toiletry bag, so it wasn’t of value, but that isn’t something that I would expect to happen nor has it ever happened in my experience at Rock-N-Water’s camp. Can we bring the swing back? I feel there is too much “down” time after dinner and breakfast. That’s why I want the swing back so that students are engaged. Maybe some groups games could be added as well. The evening program was fantastic! I loved the TV/book poem! The food was fantastic as always! I look forward to it every year! Thank you for asking my opinion

  104. Brent Frame

    It was a good experience. I learned a lot about the gold rush and my son liked to see where it all started. Miss Lou was a very good leader for our group.

  105. John Gummadi

    Amazing staff! Such a stressful and long days, and they were always smiling. Wonder how they do it!!!

  106. Loren Herring

    Hello Rock-n-water,
    I am sorry it took me so long to respond. The experience that I had was awesome. It brought back memories of my childhood church camps during the winter and summer. The entire trip was loaded with so many different activities and yet never felt like to much. The knowledge shared as we hiked through the gold rush era, down into the mines, and amongst nature was very nicely delivered. At least in our group The perry-winkle fuzzy foxes of doom. I enjoyed the story telling, the display of juggling I cant put into words other than the man has mastered his craft. He did so much more. Even though it was locked at the time with a small amount of begging I was aloud to enjoy one of my all time favorite things to do which is rope swinging. Well having said all that. I still need to say one last thing, and this tied everything that happened at the camp together. From start to finish. That was your cook. My wife is an excellent cook with spices and never letting meals get boring and your cook was just as good if not better. Every meal was delicious, with each ingredient tasting clean and boasting great flavors. I did not expect all the things that I got out of the camp!!

  107. Carlos Concepcion

    Libert was amazing, she made it fun for the adults

  108. Kathy Robertson

    It was definitely like going back in time–very refreshing in today’s tech. world. The children loved just running and playing in the trees. Maybe a little more free time or physical activities. Add some seating at the areas where explanations are being made. As a grandparent on the trip, the “standing,” was most difficult.

  109. John Tepoorten

    Great field trip that my son and I really enjoyed

  110. Naoma Lee

    Our 4th grade students have been attending Rock-N-Water camp for several years now. It is a trip that children look forward to each and every year. The staff does a fantastic job of making learning fun, interactive, exciting, humorous, and God-focused. We anticipate going to Rock-N-Water for many years to come!

  111. Michelle Parsons

    It was a wonderful experience.The food was delicious,staff was friendly and provided a great learning environment.

  112. Kezia Banerjee

    We had a very refreshing and amazing time in Roc N Water. Loved the hospitality of everyone. The games were fun and the messages from the Bible with prayer time was very encouraging. Loved the quiet time the best where I could just reflect upon God during that short time of quietness in the beauty of his creation.

  113. Teresa Padilla


  114. Sal Quezada

    I really enjoyed it, the staff was great. I really appreciated the quiet time during our hikes. It was cool to have the kids participate in that.

  115. Timothy Loza

    We had an awesome time on our School field trip with Faith Christian fourth graders. The staff was great, our guide Liberty was amazing and the kids loved it.

  116. Rudy Bridgeman

    Very nice!!!!

  117. Joseph Aldeguer

    The best that’s all I can sat

  118. Sarah Kuher

    I loved every minute that my daughter and I spent at Rock N Water. I love that the guide stayed with our group the whole two days. She made the whole experience amazing and focused on God. The camp was so beautiful.

  119. Cody Lewis

    I liked how well done the camp portion of the trip was done

  120. Cortney Helton

    I thought the 49er overnight camp was a great experience for both the students and chaperones alike! The tour guides were amazing in their knowledge as well as their ability to connect with their groups. We spent most of the time with Junior, and I am so impressed at how engaging he was and how much information he was able to impart to the students. They definitely went above and beyond to provide an enjoyable and memorable experience! Not only did they make it fun and exciting to transport students back in time, but it was evident that they genuinely cared for the students and adults that were visiting. I also was very impressed at how tasty our meals were while at the camp, and how well we were accommodated with our food allergies. My daughter and I cannot have gluten and are used to having less than appetizing options when we eat out, however we were so glad to say that we loved the food offered us at Rock-N-Water! I am so glad I was able to attend this camp and I have been telling everyone I know what a wonderful place this is! Thank you!

  121. Lisa Bellavia

    It was great! Very well organized snd presented

  122. Kara Wininger

    Most amazing experience for myself as an educator and for the students! Can’t wait to come again.

  123. Anna Halpin

    The students loved the trip. It will be a treasured memory of their elementary years.

  124. Lonnie Houser

    From the start the staff was friendly and outgoing. Throughout our adventure each one of the team leaders brought a unique style and character with them. The learning material was fun and the hikes on the trails were amazing. A lot of our kids had never been in the mountains before. Some had never even been in the river. The only thing I would change is the amount of tine the kids spent gold panning. The kids were reluctant to leave water so quickly and as I understand finding gold is a fluke (I actually found 3 gold flakes in the sand from my river shoes when I came home) the trip was centered around gold. I know there are some regulations with mining certain ways but a working off river slouse box would be an easy and fun thing to show kids, we could make them fetch water from the river in small buckets to pour over the dirt.
    I think the program is an important part of our history as californians and I hope it has many more years of service and dedication. Thanl you for letting us be a part of it.
    Ana was our tour guide and she was amazing.

  125. Raynell Verlinden

    I was really touched with the spiritual encouragement that lady joy gave in her talks with the children. My daughter learned lots of new facts about the miners and has a new appreciation of life😊

  126. Tara Shively

    It was a wonderful trip. The staff was extremely knowledgeable, fun, and very charismatic with all the children. I would definitely recommend.

  127. Monico Tangaan

    Excellent hands-on learning experience. Staff was engaging and kept to a very tight schedule, which I appreciated. I would have liked a heads-up about what to expect and not be kept completely in the dark. A full detailed agenda is not needed (in order to keep everyone surprised) but an outline for the parents of the daily activities would be helpful.

  128. Venus Williams

    It. Was very fun and educational. The people that work there are very friendly.

  129. Angela Kinnard

    It was a once in a lifetime experience for us personally. I have been working on cleaner eating and exercise for which there was NO lack of. You are well organized as a group and there was never a moment of boredom. I could barely move for a few days due to sore muscles but I needed it and my son was resilient as most 9 year olds are.

  130. Maria Galli

    We had an awesome expirence with rock n water. We look forward to next year’s trip.

  131. Joel Palustre

    Great all around experience. First time I can remember my son now uttering the words…”I’m Bored” great bonding without electronics or the busy city life. The connection to nature was the best part.

  132. Aarow Collier

    It was awesome

  133. Laura Clinton

    We were there for the 4th grade camping trip. It was incredibly fun for the kids and they learned a lot. The food was great and the itinerary was full of fun activities. The staff was incredible and never once broke out of character. It was an amazing field trip that will have long lasting memories for the kids, parents and teachers. I’m so glad I was able to accompany my daughter.

  134. Angel Walker

    It was amazing. We had a blast. The adults and the kids really enjoyed the experience.

  135. Lisa Greer

    I’ve been two times now and each time was fabulous! The only suggested I would make is to be more allergy friendly for those with dairy/egg allergies. One of my sons classmates was unable to eat most meals due to cross contamination (other kids went before and dropped dairy onto the food) and each item having dairy. For example, breakfast on the day we left was potatoes with cheese on them, eggs, and peaches. The only thing the child was able to eat was peaches. Lunch was better because they let him go before the other kids and he was able to have a sunbutter sandwich and fruit. Other than that it was truly a unique experience and I’m sad I don’t have any younger kids to go with!

  136. Kanitra Simmons

    Overall our group experience was great. Your staff are very knowledgeable and made us feel welcomed.

  137. Michael Garbett

    I had a great time. I know that the students really enjoyed the experience and I look forward to going back next year when my other son is in fourth grade. The staff did a great job!

  138. Tim Wong

    Enjoyed the experience and the staff very much. Food was above average and the content and message was very good. Not everyone, though, knows how to enjoy camping. Thanks for your ministry!

  139. Kim Holliday

    Can’t wait to come back!

  140. Debra Chao


  141. Brad Pluckhan

    My son loved it!!!!

  142. Mark Sisto

    Lots of fun for kids and adults.

  143. Ronald Eberhardt

    Great time and great experience for our children. It gave them the opportunity to take part in things they normally wouldn’t to include visiting a gold mine and gold panning in a family friendly atmosphere.

  144. Heidi Aguirre

    We always have a great time!

  145. Karen Ayotte

    Too heavy handed old testament Evangelical. Prefer a less overtly judgmental approach to Christianity. More God is love, less “God is going to kill your enemies if you believe exactly like I (some teenage counselor) do.”

  146. Chris Chu

    It’s been about seven years since I’ve last been to 49er Fun Camp, but it’s as outstanding as ever—if not better. (I used to attend when I was the 4th grade teacher, before I became principal.) Filling in for my 4th grade teacher (who just had a baby), this year marks the tenth year that I’ve enjoyed your CA history program. Way to go, Rock-N-Water! Keep up the great work!

  147. Maria Tate

    Our school had a great time! Our leader Emma, was wonderful. So knowledgeable, patient, fun, interactive with the kids. Your camp offered delicious food, well organized and never a dull moment. There was always an activity planned. We enjoyed the camp fire and singing as well. We had a wonderful time. Thank you!

  148. Tammy Torosian

    My son and I have decided between school field trips taken and Pathfinders trips taken, Rock-N-Water was the best yet!!! Loved everything about it and people were super nice!!! And they did a great job!!!

  149. Jennifer Woody

    Great time! Great staff – perfect for kids!

  150. Clay Campbell

    I’m happy to say the staff at Rock-N-Water and the experience they give their guests is as remarkable today as it was when I was in high school. I had the pleasure of attending their “49ner” camp with my 4th grade daughters class this spring and was pleased to find the staff still knows how to entertain and educate students in our countries history and God’s creation. My daughter and her friends are still talking about the adventures they had in the Gold mines and at the camp in Coloma. I’ve often told others of the week long camps I went to there while in high school and the emotional and spiritual growth I experienced, not to mention the great memories of river rafting, rock climbing, cliff diving and back packing. If there is an opportunity for your family, class or youth group to spend time with the people at Rock N Water I would highly recommend putting in the effort to make it happen.

  151. Jenny Vazquez

    It was a great experience for both my son & I. While he was very hesitant to camp (being hiso 1st time) and participate (because he is too cool) he laughed, had fun & learned many new things. He even asked if we could go back again – and we hadn’t even left the parking lot yet. The staff/guides were amazing too, very knowledgeable & friendly.

  152. Shelby Bates

    Awesome. Fun. Friends. Enlightening.

  153. Scot Kaumans

    Great camp and fun loving guides that really love the kids. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this camp for all kids to see and experience.Loved evey second:):):)

  154. Justina Staley

    We had a great time! It was our first time and was very impressed on how organized it was!

  155. Lupe Chavez

    My son and I had a wonderful experience. The staff at the camp were amazing and so friendly. We learned a lot of new things and enjoyed the hiking, music, and food. I would highly recommend this experience to all.

  156. Vanessa Castioni

    I loved everything. Great people, great history, great food. My 10 yrs old son is in love and eager to go back.

  157. Jenny Sanchez

    My daughter and I had such a great time. There were constant activities so we were never bored. The staff was great with the kids. We came with our school group but I would love to go back with my family!

  158. Monica Vado

    I was impressed with the balance of activity, learning and application of bible stories to each activity we did. I was also impressed with the meals. The food was delicious and I loved the fact that my son was able to help wash dishes. We both enjoyed this experience very much and I would recommend it to everyone.

  159. Leanne Wright

    Our experience with your camp was nothing that I was expecting since it is a Christian camp. I was expecting to have religion shoved down my throat when in fact, it was the total opposite. This was one of the best experiences I had but, more importAnty, it was a chance to share this with my daughter. Something changed between her and I and the bonding was awesome. Sonny was our group leader and he is THE BEST!! A genuinely nice and patient person who claims he loves his job and it is so great when you actually enjoy your job, because it shows and puts people at ease. He was so knowledgeable and informative. My favorite activity was sitting inside the tee pee, making bracelets with those JOB’S TEARS and how Sonny told us the story behind the “tears” and referred to the Bible story of Job. It was so interestingMy daughter is still talking about the trip. Thank you! Thank you!

  160. Cher Duke

    Our experience at Rock-N-Water was absolutely amazing!Sonny was our group leader;he was extremely knowledgeable,passionate and patient.I also need to recognize the kitchen crew;they never missed a beat,their service was flawless,and the food was better than expected.Your organization and staff are the best!

  161. Cassie Faber

    It was fine. If we had an outline of a schedule it would help us to prepare the kids. Some times the activities seemed like they were just ways to kill time.

  162. Michael Zehner

    I really enjoyed my time. The kids loved it. I could really tell that everyone who works there has a tremendous amount of faith and loves what they do. It show in their interactions with the children! I look forward to returning next and a few years after that. I have two more kids that will come your way.
    Thanks, Michael Zehner golden hills

  163. Vladimir Bantseev

    Enjoyed it very much!

  164. Stephanie Fischer

    Overall ot was good. I have been now two years in a row, and I can say it was pretty different this year. I feel the leaders/group guides need to me much stronger. I don’t feel each group had the same experience. Some of the leaders seemed very new and not able to keep the group’s attention. The lunch this time was not very good; last year the pot pie was much better. I do like how Christ is tied in to a lot of the experience.

  165. Melissa Lemos

    Had a great time! It was my second time there and enjoyed even more than the first time. Loved it!

  166. Michelle Covington

    Overall it was a great program. Sometimes moved too quickly and sometimes moved too slowly. I liked the Christian emphasis however sometimes our leader went on too much/long about biblical principles and stories for the attention spans of our 4th graders. She was going to get her message out without reading the audience for clues about boredom or over-saturation. Thanks a bunch!

  167. Anna Halpin

    Our guide, Ajudy, really poured out the love of Jesus and the gospel message to our crew. We thank God for the timing of the rain, as it did not prevent our participation in all the activities.

  168. Karen Baker

    Very clean. Smart,kind staff. Great musicians!

  169. Tibi Brazovan

    I enjoyed the history and biblical context of this wonderful experience.

  170. Glenn Houston

    This was a wonderful Christian family experience.

  171. Anthony Armstrong

    Awesome experience. I really enjoyed the scripture and biblical/life lessons shared with the kids and parents. Eva and her mom Judy were amazing.

  172. Kevin Trenam

    Awesome place I had a great time

  173. Tyson Schoel

    It was informative, fun and included exercise which I think was good.

  174. Joshua Hammer

    I loved Miss May! She is a sweetheart and I loved how she added God and his word into many different situations.

  175. Rose Garr

    We loved our experience! It was a great, very professional, fun experience. We loved the people who were there to help us, who were wonderful Christ centered people. They made it spiritual, educational and fun! Thank you for all you did!

  176. James Erhard

    Rock-N-Water Christian Camp provided a very memorable and educational experience about the Gold Rush in 1854. Our main guide, Jess, was very informative and charismatic with the kids. The quiet times were very helpful for us to re-connect with nature and with God. My only feedback would be that, given all of the activities, this trip should have been a 2 night experience so that there isn’t a rush to do everything.

  177. Melissa Lozano

    Wonderful experience for both my daughter and I. Superb Staff..Jessie and Emma!! Thank you and God Bless!!

  178. Robert Papagni

    Myself and my wife were extremely impressed with simple fun layout and structured atmosphere . Thank you for making it memorable. Please send info for future visitsBest

  179. Karen Papagni

    The experience was awesome! It was like being at an all inclusive resort, except camping style of course. It was very nice having the Rock n Water staff guide us the whole way, we learned about our nations history and culture, while being entertained.The staff was always on point and never detoured away from character.
    I will definitely recommend Rock n Water.

  180. Donald Bogan

    My daughter and I had a really great experience at Rock-N-Water. Mrs May and Lola Bear were our guides for our group, and we believe they are very knowledge. We had such a great time with them and would like to say thank you very much you all.

  181. Carrie Copithorne

    We had a wonderful time at Rock-n-water. I felt it was an educational and enjoyable experience for kids and adults alike.

  182. Julia Panayotakopoulos

    Good times

  183. Maria Elaine Ponce

    Entertaining and educational!!! Kids had so much fun. Thank you!

  184. Ted Bell

    It was fun and well done.

  185. Dennis Hunt

    One of our best experiences ever. The people who ran the park were awesome and I can’t say enough about the experience.Their staff was top notch,extremely helpful and great interaction with everybody throughout the experience.
    We would love to go back again at some point in time.

  186. Bryan Letcher

    We had a great experience with Rock-N-Water for our class trip.

  187. Jillene Bohr

    My daughter and I had a great time with her school grouop. Honest to goodness folks, food, and fun.

  188. Christine Szeto

    Loved it! Love the high adventure and most of the counselors were great! The high energy and ability to engage the kids was exceptional.

  189. Heidi Delatorre

    It was fabulous, organized, inspirational and filled with knowledgeable adventure. Loved the experience with our 4th grade class!

  190. Joanne Baker

    This Christian camp was such fun and a great learning experience!The staff is exceptional!
    Each day from breakfast thru campfire was packed with crafts and adventures … Two mine tours, panning for gold in the river, hiking to historic sites, big swing experience, postcards on old type
    press, docents dressed for era, great meals, square dancing, music at the campfires, funny stories and great messages of faith❣
    My granddaughter and I loved our time together at Rock N Waters …

  191. Vanessa Payne

    Rated 4.5 out of 5 by Vanessa Payne

  192. Jennifer Dancy

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Jennifer Dancy

  193. Claire Spencer

    Rated 4.5 out of 5 by Claire Spencer

  194. Kelly Woodall

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Kelly Woodall

  195. Ashley Pate

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Ashley Pate

  196. Tom Barnidge

    Rated 3.5 out of 5 by Tom Barnidge

  197. Cindy Richardson

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Cindy Richardson

  198. Robert Wesselman

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Robert Wesselman

  199. Paz Gonzalez

    Rated 3.5 out of 5 by Paz Gonzalez

  200. James Long

    Rated 5 out of 5 by James Long

  201. Kent Evans

    Rated 4.5 out of 5 by Kent Evans

  202. Deann Horbaly

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Deann Horbaly

  203. Luis Paez

    Rated 4.5 out of 5 by Luis Paez

  204. Debi Melendres

    Rated 4.5 out of 5 by Debi Melendres

  205. Bert Wenzel

    Rated 4.5 out of 5 by Bert Wenzel

  206. Ericka Schallmo

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Ericka Schallmo

  207. Dan Lucht

    Rated 4 out of 5 by Dan Lucht

  208. Gina Ledesma

    Rated 5 out of 5 by Gina Ledesma

  209. Logan Heyer

    Loved both my trips

  210. Alison Christie

    I have brought my students to 49er camp for 8 years now. It is so well done! The students love it, and I look forward to coming year after year as well. It is the perfect end to our study of California history.

  211. Amy Herrick

    We have had an amazing time each of the five years we have visited. Can’t wait for our next trip

  212. Linda Martinson

    I have always greatly enjoyed my time with you and appreciate the wonderful job you do. I pray the Lord keeps you safe and gives you an amazing year!

  213. Diana Orgain

    Loved it!

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