We had a wonderful trip. The staff was friendly, the campsite was well-maintained, and the food was delicious! White water rafting was my favorite!

The only reason for the 4 stars is that while appreciate the camp taking care of all of our needs, some things are better off done individually. Perhaps this is not true for inexperienced campers, but our group of high school students are used to packing their own lunches, water, and sunscreen in waterproof day packs. While traveling outside the camp, the water jugs we used were cumbersome, we were often without sunscreen, and it was painful to watch one or two people carry all of the lunch supplies in a huge backpack. I would recommend having campers pack their lunches in the morning and have them carry these individually in small daypacks. I think by putting a little more responsibility on the campers, it would streamline the day treks and immerse them in the spirit of adventure and self-reliance.

Overall, our camp was amazing and we had an incredible time! Highly recommend Rock-N-Water!