We all had a great time!
Our camp leader, Shelby, was wonderful! She was a great witness of God’s love to the 5 girls in our group! 4 out of the 5 said they did not believe in God. She just kept loving them and pouring into them! Second to the last night, camp director Aeron joined us at camp fire. He shared with the girls that there is a way they can know if there is a God. He made four points and then shared part of his testimony of how He came to Christ. It was powerful!! The girls haven’t been the same since! One of the girls wants to apply for training at Rock N Water! They’re lives have been changed! Shelby and Aeron went above and beyond to reach these girls! I will never forget 2020 at Rock N Water!
All of the staff are amazing! The way you train and pour into their lives is bearing much fruit!!
I was very impressed how on adventures, you encourage and make it so much fun! Your way of working with the difficult ones was such a blessing to me! Lots of patience, firmness when required, and bringing out the best in each person. The Spirit of God was moving!
The food was great and meal times were still fun inspite of the Covid restrictions. They were not burdensome and the staff had great attitudes!
The Country Cowboy (girls) are so thankful for the hard work and sacrifices you all made to make this funfilled, life changing event happen for us! God bless you!