TREMENDOUS! My daughter, entering 9th grade, wishes she could have signed up for a second week and wants to return next year! She also said she felt a reconnection with God & nature (which was certainly my quiet personal prayer for her)! She went as an individual, not with a church group, not knowing anyone. She went reluctantly thinking she’d hate the outdoors and experience but came out of it loving the camping, the rafting, outdoors, food, the exercise, the basic, simple way of living! She really enjoyed meeting all the other kids and will stay in touch with a few of them! She also has more of an inner peace and confidence in herself and actually had conversation in the car ride back to the airport! She looks forward to coordinating next year and hoping for a possible two week experience. Thank you staff, volunteers and special kudos to Emily for the campfire nights and the memory writings of what God enjoyed you enjoying! Emily and that brief writing experience really tied the spiritual and life connection for her. A memory my daughter wrote was “God enjoyed me asking Him for safety b/c He could see my vulnerability and guided me to safety; He enjoyed me getting over my block”