This was our first time to the camp. My nephew spent a few days here back in 2005 and raved about it back then. I wish we had visited here sooner! We felt safe and secure and it was so much fun for our daughter and for us as family. Ma kept things in pristine order and the entire group were in character and kept us entertained, educated, and appreciating everything around us in the most welcoming environment for a campground. It was wonderful that the parents were served first and the kids help clear the tables and clean up. It was a great reminder of responsibilities we have and you could see that it made the kids feel empowered to be in charge. The meals were excellent as we had vegetarian and nonvegetarian choices. The activities in rotation of each station by group was also extremely productive, educational, and fun. The only thing I would improve would be when going on the trail tours, that the guide remind the kids/parents about poison oak and to wear long sleeves on the trail as the blackberry bushes can really scrape your skin. When panning for gold the kids should not go past the big rock because the water current is so strong it can sweep you away in a flash. But I’m digging to find something, as Rock n Water Christian camp was absolutely incredible! A complete and wholesome family experience. We will be coming back every single year from now on. Loved it!