This is Consuelo, not Keelan, responding.
I enjoyed my time at Rock-n-Water. I appreciated how accommodating your staff is. I have dietary restrictions and there was always something I could eat. One of our students came to camp with a wound and your staff took the time to properly clean and bandage it. We were given the time and supplies to have the students share what they like about each other.

I have a fear of heights and when we went rock climbing, I was given the freedom to choose what to climb and how high to climb and was encouraged and guided as I was climbing. I was not able to go very high and still the belayer was positive about my attempt.

The river rafting was my favorite. I felt that our guide prepared us well for what we might experience. When we had to go on the high side, we successfully made it (although, the big reason is that God placed our heaviest passenger on the high side).

The only disappointment was getting an email (maybe automatic) saying that pictures were taken when this was not the case. I was excited when I got the email and disappointed when I heard that it was wrong.