The trip was fun, but very rushed to fit everything in. It was hard to break down camp in the time given in the morning. My daughter was exhausted way before lights out so I think bedtime could be earlier. She would have liked more time gold panning. My biggest concern was the food: My daughter has a food allergy and I was assured that you handle this all the time. The teacher provided allergy info 4 different times. However, on the first night at dinner, there was no information given and nobody asking, so I approached the person in charge of dinner. She had no idea what my daughter could eat or not. I explained that I need to know about each item. She seemed annoyed and showed me the can for the beans and said the meat was safe. Right before my daughter was to eat the meat, she ran back out stating it had dairy. This did not instill confidence. This trend continued for each meal and we frequently ate last due to waiting for ingredient info (and it’s a little unfair to serve huge brownies and throw a little tiny packaged cookie out for allergy kids). I would have brought some if I had known. Please get info to allergy kids ahead of time so they don’t eat last waiting for info.