The experience was awesome, fun, energetic, and organized. My only recommendation (and this may have been a breakdown of communication from our teacher to the parents) is to have a clear (as much as can be) itinerary. We arrived after getting up and traveling since 6am. We were advised to bring hiking clothes/shoes, water shoes/flip flops, hat, etc, which was great but we didn’t have any idea when we would be using those items. When we arrived we went on a good hike and the only warning we had was ‘we’re going on a long hike, grab a water bottle and hat if you need them’ – it was totally fine because the hike wasn’t as long as I anticipated and I was in hiking shoes, but some parents were in delicate sandals and dressier clothing. Then the next morning we panned for gold first thing but didn’t know to bring our water shoes so the kids were wet and freezing within a few minutes. They’re tough so that wasn’t a problem but we could have avoided a little of the hassle knowing we would need them that morning. Overall it was a wonderful time and we are blessed to have been able to come. Thank you for all you do