The camp was a 2 day school event. The staff were really into the activities and character of being from the Gold Rush days. They had Gold Rush activities geared towards 4th graders, that were interactive, not too long and fun. Making Candles, creating rope from bailing twine, and panning for gold to name a few. The kids ate it up, everyone participated. There were even times built in for reflection and to let the Holy Spirit work. They even made washing dishes after meals an interactive event. Pretty awesome seeing kids wanting to wash dishes – big tubs, warm soapy water :) kids loved it. The staff went the extra mile. for example at the evening activity, which involved some line dancing, the staff provided water afterwards – it was a hot day- but they brought the water to the kids with cups and pitchers. An awesome extra touch of service. Oh and the parents are also encouraged to join in the activities. which was pretty cool and a great time of bonding as a parent. At the wrap up our lead staff ‘counselor’ a very personable young lady, tied up the time reminding the children (and us grownups) of what the real Gold was and what was the most important part to take with them afterwards. All in all, the best run camp I have ever attended, with an awesome children loving staff, and Christ centered focus.I highly recommend them.