Overall it was a great experience. The camp is nice, the staff is amazing and the food is good, yet still has the element of camp food, which is nice.
Thanks guys for a great ride down the rapids and for being so connecting. I only have 2 criticisms that I want to share:

1. 7:00pm check in time is too late. I realize that we said we would do dinner on our own, but having groups come in at 7:00 is really hard to do, and not being able to really set up our camp till then was hard after a long drive up.

2. When I was moving my car I guess I went into the second parking lot a bit fast for your liking which is ok to be told to slow down. Thats ok. but being told in front of all my students that I was driving too fast in the campground put me in a bit of an awkward situation. I would have preferred it if you guys just brought me aside and told me that instead of sharing that to my whole team. I understand being asked to slow down. I have no issue with that. But please mind the audience prior to sharing.

Overall great trip. Thanks guys