Our group of 70 from our homeschool group had a wonderful time of fellowship and living history fun. Our group was primarily 5th graders studying California history and their families with kids ranging in age from 2 to 15. The Rock N Water staff managed our mixed age group with ease and excellence 1854 style! It was a rainy weekend, but miraculously when it was pouring the kids were happily engaged in living history activities, eating delicious food, or enjoying the campfire in the covered areas! The campfire entertainers were the highlight of the trip… adults and kids alike had fun singing, laughing, creating music with old time instruments, and worshipping together. A special relaxing and fun community building time for families and our homeschooling group. The encouragement that a relationship with God is more valuable than pursuing gold was masterfully woven throughout the camp. The Rock N Water staff again was excellent! We enjoyed this trip as much or more than our last trip to Rock N Water. I highly recommend it!