Our 7th graders loved Junior and actually learned a lot about the Gold Rush days. Getting to go inside the mines, make candles, eat cowboy lettuce, play bocce, pan for gold, make rope, fashion a necklace out of seeds, take short nature hikes and create a pouch out of leather made the time pass so quickly. But wait, there’s more… An AWESOME ho-down complete with square dancing and laughs aplenty. The kitchen put out super yummy food and I think this is the first time I’ve seen kids have fun while cleaning dishes! Our whitewater rafting trip was so exhilarating. Our captains let some brave souls jump out of the raft and ride some of the smaller rapids and managed to keep most of us in the raft during the bigger ones. The rafting guides and safety crew were professional and fun– not to mention hard working. When the wind kicked up to the point of creating rapids where there weren’t any and pushing us back up the river our captains jumped out and manually towed us along the rocky bank like billy goats until we could safely exit the river. Campfire time struck just the right balance of reverence and revelry with worship songs and funny skits. The super swing was a big hit too!