My wife and children loved the experience down the river – they have never done it before and it was an absolute blast. I did this exact same trip over 20 years ago, and things have changed with your company. Here are a couple of things:
1.) When I called about details on the trip, I was told to be there at 10:30am as it is vitally important to be there on time. This is even stated in your documents and reminders. However, when I drove up with my family, after scrambling to grab breakfast somewhere quick, since we didn’t camp there – we had 2 full hours of doing nothing with our guide leader, who did all she could to keep us entertained until we actually got on the water. We were bored and could have spent our morning not so scrambled and showed up at 12pm to have lunch with the group.

2.) Years ago when I went down the river I remember a higher level of spiritual maturity within the group leadership. The leaders didn’t even pray with the group before going on our adventure, they only prayed with the other guides before we went in the water separately. We also didn’t pull over and spend any quite time with the Lord as I remember it years ago.

My 2 cents! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!