My personal experience was amazing. I could go canyoneering every day for the rest of my life! the beauty was incredible. The adventures were awesome; I felt safe, challenged, and fulfilled. I thought Kurt and Aaron were wonderful guides. I really appreciated Rebekah jumping in to lead us in worship. I thought Aaron’s nighly devos for us were great, and he communicated what was on his heart well. In turn, my interns and I were ministered to.

After returning home, however, I found out that my interns did not enjoy the trip as much as I did. Some of them felt the trip was too rushed, and that they wished they could have enjoyed more downtime on the camp site, and more relaxed bonding time with one another (I recognize that this is mostly due to the length of trip we planned on our end). Others felt that they were largely unseen and uncared for in the challenges that the trip presented. They felt that their fears were not spoken to, but rather that they were told, essentially, to “do it anyway.” While I personally connect with that type of challenge, and I loved pushing my own limits, the students came away with the idea that if they didn’t have the same type of high-energy, enthusiastic, adventure-oriented attitude, that this was not a camp they were welcome at. They felt forced through the experience.

Ultimately, they were fine. We’re good! (: They were safe, they each enjoyed some portion of the trip, and I am glad we came. There is an element of discomfort that I appreciate in the camp and its adventures, and I think it’s vital to growth. Keep that up! I would also love to see the leaders/ministry meet each camper where they are at, find challenges suitable for them, and really see them through the experience. I am aware that you guys squeezed us in at last minute, and made it possible for us to be at the camp, which I am so grateful for! I recognize that our particular experience may have come from circumstances that were not in your control. I will still recommend you to people, and I really loved my trip. Thank you for all you did!