Kirk and Ellen,our guides, were great!! Rafting was really exciting. The canyon hike and trip back down the river was fun, but quite strenuous. Groups should know it’s a difficult excursion. All of our kids, who are in great physical shape, strong swimmersand some even junior lifeguards, said it was a very difficult day. We felt as though Kirk did a good job getting them back down, but it was more dangerous than expected. I think floatation devices should have been used, even just the noodle type foam tube that two of our kids used should have been manditory for all. Do your guides carry some kind of radios on the canyon excursion? It is quite remote and if someone, especially the guide, had been hurt how would you contact help? As far as the camping areas, the facilities were great. I would add to your list of items to bring for the parent chaperones a chair and lanterns. We arrived and were setting up camp after dark. It would have been nice to have more light for that task. The food was good, but your menu planning need help. Three meals in a row made with tortilla wraps. Kids also need a mid afternoon snack with more protein than a granola bar. Thanks for the awesome memories!