I’ve been coming to Rock N Water for 16 years and continue to be impressed by what the camp offers. The guides are compassionate, hard working, and capable people. They are very relational and able to instill a sense of safety and comfort. Adventures are well planned, unique, and fun. The variety of adventures is such a blessing as each church can pick a package based on the ability of the campers. Food is great (not an easy thing for a camp to do in my opinion). I am also incredibly impressed by how easy the registration process is. Camp registration has often been challenging when booking trips elsewhere, but this is not so at RNW. Payment makes sense, changes to an invoice are emailed promptly, and information is communicated effectively. Furthermore, Rock N Water has demonstrated a willingness to improve and develop. It is clear that their systems and protocols are improving every year. Most encouraging is that they are constantly improving the systems and training in regards to camper safety. I also greatly appreciate RNW’s honest willingness to hear camper feedback. In many respects, my relationship with RNW feels like a partnership in which my voice matters. As such, they are better serving the needs of my students and working towards growing them in their walk with Christ.

Most valuable to me though, is that RNW shares (and in fact, has expanded) my own ministry philosophy. RNW is unapologetic in helping students understand that God has communicated through nature as well as Scripture. Furthermore, RNW teaches faith lessons concretely. As students face fears and overcome challenges, they learn to see themselves honestly and recognize their tremendous dependence upon their church community and their Heavenly Father. This is tremendously valuable and is the only camp that I have been to that teaches these powerful lessons in this manner.

Much love to Rock N Water and I am exceedingly grateful for all that they do.