It was very good. I would suggest you make sure people know they need protection from the mosquitos (including a tent- the idea of sleeping under the stars is nice but not practical, I was eaten alive, came home with at least 12 bites in spite of using repellent). The night campfire was an AWESOME evening, so much fun and so funny- it did run a little late for the little ones, though… and a plus would be to ask the kids for song requests in the end segment- a lot of them didn’t know the songs being sung, but they have favorites they know really well and different schools could share with each other if they don’t know each other’s songs. The guides were so nice and ours, Rose, was so very sweet. We just adored her, and so did the kids. All of the crafts events were perfect for the kids and their attention span. Good message, and well delivered. Overall, great time! THANK YOU!