it was fun! exciting , meaningful, special. my boys truly had a great time. We were able to connect with one another. the leaders were awesome, fun good care takers. everything about the property to the food to the swing to the games to the rafting to the camping is just perfect. There’s nothing I would change. I would go every year. I could see how much of a great time every one was having. Pure clean meaningful fun in a christ centered place. The staff does everything they can to accomodate us, support us and customize the trip. We were supported through love and prayer. Its hard to leave. I have bragged all about the trip to everyone. I love how much I was able to arrive and not have to worry about doing anything, I was able to relax, I didnt have to cook… all I had to do was enjoy. The staff are very very well organized. thank you so much rock and water! we love you. I highly recommend Caleb our guide. Bless his heart! I love who was in our lives during our trip. He means a lot to me.