In the past, I would have always given the camp a 10. This was the first year that I was a little unhappy with the camp. Our leader wasn’t as strong in terms of controlling the group. I understand my class has some very energetic and headstrong students, but one of the other group leaders was very energetic, fun, but also in control. Also, there were too many people there. If there is going to be that many groups, I suggest having each group set up their tents in certain sections. I didn’t like how my class was spread out throughout the whole camp. Also, one of my parents had her bag taken, she told someone about it, but no one tried to help her locate it. It was her toiletry bag, so it wasn’t of value, but that isn’t something that I would expect to happen nor has it ever happened in my experience at Rock-N-Water’s camp. Can we bring the swing back? I feel there is too much “down” time after dinner and breakfast. That’s why I want the swing back so that students are engaged. Maybe some groups games could be added as well. The evening program was fantastic! I loved the TV/book poem! The food was fantastic as always! I look forward to it every year! Thank you for asking my opinion