I was able to attend Rock-N-Water for my 8th grade trip this year. There are were many positives, that follow some negatives. The food was so delicious, and our crew leader Zach was so nice. But I was disappointed that we couldn’t go white water rafting. I do understand that because of weather conditions we were not able to do so, but that was the main thing I was looking forward to. The newer bathrooms were dirty and there were no mirrors, for people who have contacts, like myself and my friend, that can be a struggle. There were so many mosquitoes, though you cannot do anything about this, it was a major set back for me and still after three weeks following the trip, I still have the bites. Even though I used bug spray. The tents were crowded as well, and I personally had to share a tent with four other girls. It was very uncomfortable. We didn’t get to do cliff jumping either. I enjoyed the trip greatly but the weather that came along with this trip was a setback. Thank you.