I loved spending part of my week with “Rock-n-Water”! The guides were fun, helpful, and very knowledgable about the area we spent our time in. I felt very relaxed even though some of the things we did and experienced were a bit out of my comfort zone (snakes, cliff jumping, and just swimming in something that wasn’t the pool). I want to personally, and genuinely thank the guides for taking their time out of there lives to come spend their time with us teaching us about the outdoors and helping us grow in our faith. They were very good at making sure we were all safe while doing some of the riskier things that “Rock-n-Waters” has to offer (cliff jumping and rafting). The food there was great! I was expecting a place with a kitchen that was outdoors to have not so great food, but boy was I wrong! They had warm, flavorful pancakes one morning, they had burritos in the afternoon and all the other meals were as good or if not better than that. All the boats and paddles were in the top condition. My buddy had a broken helmet with a tiny crack in it and they still provided him with a new one. Like I said before I believe that they always made sure that we felt comfortable! Thank You ~Noah