I loved my trip with Rock N Water! As one of my volunteers said, “I can;t believe this camp actually exists.” The range of things we did outdoors was wonderful. The guides were great, the food was great, and the camp itself was great. Overall, I really loved it and plan to come back.
Here are my few notes to help improve… 1) On all-group campfire, it would be helpful to give the guides some more feedback or prep for their talks. I realize this may be a stretch for many of them, but it is an important thing for my group to hear quality talks each night since the day is packed with so many activities. My group night was just okay and the speaker could have used some work. 2) It would be good to give more directions to kids during adventure quiet times. For my group, many of the kids are new to the church/ faith and they didn’t know what to do during these times. 3) I would suggest having guides give mini-talks at each adventure about how this adventure displays something about God. It is such an amazing experiential lesson time and sometimes I felt we didn’t really talk about it.

Still, overall, this is an amazing camp. I am excited about coming back next year!