I love the program. It fits well with what we study. The emphasis on God is something I can take back with us to the classroom. I love that!
This year the food wasn’t satisfactory. The first night there wasn’t enough food for the vegetarians. The cook hadn’t planned for enough. The quality of the chili wasn’t as good as in years past. Breakfast was good but thought we’d had some sort of potato dish before, but really no complaints for breakfast. Lunch was bad! Always before we have had a veggie pot pie that has been well received by our group. This year we had white pita bread with shredded cheese tomatoes lettuce and cucumber. Very unsatisfying. Even if there had been slices of cheese a more substantial sandwich could have been made. It’s hard to make a veggie sandwich with shredded cheese. Not sure what happened with lunch but it left a bad last impression on all. Not sure what we were to fill up on. The fruit was good but that doesn’t hold one for very long. I feel like I’m complaining too much but something was off when even the cookie, at the end was burnt, hard & flat. Love coming but if the quality of food isn’t improved we will have to make a change.