Hello Rock-n-water,
I am sorry it took me so long to respond. The experience that I had was awesome. It brought back memories of my childhood church camps during the winter and summer. The entire trip was loaded with so many different activities and yet never felt like to much. The knowledge shared as we hiked through the gold rush era, down into the mines, and amongst nature was very nicely delivered. At least in our group The perry-winkle fuzzy foxes of doom. I enjoyed the story telling, the display of juggling I cant put into words other than the man has mastered his craft. He did so much more. Even though it was locked at the time with a small amount of begging I was aloud to enjoy one of my all time favorite things to do which is rope swinging. Well having said all that. I still need to say one last thing, and this tied everything that happened at the camp together. From start to finish. That was your cook. My wife is an excellent cook with spices and never letting meals get boring and your cook was just as good if not better. Every meal was delicious, with each ingredient tasting clean and boasting great flavors. I did not expect all the things that I got out of the camp!!