Great! The guides were very helpful and knowledgeable. Very encouraging and great with the kids! I would say for an adult preview day, it would be helpful to know a little bit more ahead of time. (With canyoneering, we didn’t know we would be in water as much as we would. Having a little more of a heads up on how long and difficulty level would be good). During the hike- I think you all could add in a little more when you set up the quiet time. Jason mentioned how the last time he was there God really spoke to him. He could share a little more. I think you could set the group up with a thought to ponder or some scripture during the quiet. Take advantage of the experience and tie it in to how it relates to God. An example could be- talking about how we are meant to get through life together just like we’ve had to help one another during this hike. Giving specific examples from what they are currently experiencing. Doesn’t need to be long or much but could really help new ideas stick. Another example could be how we’ve all fallen during canyoneering and there will be falls in life.