From the start the staff was friendly and outgoing. Throughout our adventure each one of the team leaders brought a unique style and character with them. The learning material was fun and the hikes on the trails were amazing. A lot of our kids had never been in the mountains before. Some had never even been in the river. The only thing I would change is the amount of tine the kids spent gold panning. The kids were reluctant to leave water so quickly and as I understand finding gold is a fluke (I actually found 3 gold flakes in the sand from my river shoes when I came home) the trip was centered around gold. I know there are some regulations with mining certain ways but a working off river slouse box would be an easy and fun thing to show kids, we could make them fetch water from the river in small buckets to pour over the dirt.
I think the program is an important part of our history as californians and I hope it has many more years of service and dedication. Thanl you for letting us be a part of it.
Ana was our tour guide and she was amazing.