Amazing! I loved every moment of it, except for bashing my knee in the bat cave. But even that is cool because I was in the Bat cave.
I could go on and on about the astounding experience I had, but a huge thing I extremely appreciated was the guides and how they balance fun and safety so well. While we were rafting, for example, our guides were really clear about the safety instructions, making sure we were not in danger and knew how to respond if anything startling did occur, but they also let us enjoy ourselves, like actually teaching us how to pull people from the rafts and properly splash them with the paddles with the least amount of effort but most maximum amount of soak. They let us stand up going down certain rapids and play duck-duck-goose on the boats. While canyoneering they taught us how to properly ride a rapid Superman-style, then let us go at it and have fun in the currents, rocks, and water. I was so blessed by our guides and the genuine care for safety, and their genuine concern for fun! They held those two things evenly, guiding us skillfully but also letting us use common sense and enjoy ourselves. The guides hung out and played along with us, laughing, splashing, jumping, and pulling us off the rafts, which was something else I loved.

The food, awesome.
The facility, awesome.
The sleeping under the stars, awesome.
The quiet time with God on the hikes, awesome.
The staff, awesome.
The activities, awesome.
The equipment, awesome.
The canyons, awesome.

I loved it. Thanks so much!