Bring Students for Free when you tell a new school about our 49er Fun California Gold Rush Field Trips

Spread the Word – Spread the Savings

For every new school that says they heard about 49er Fun from you, and books a 49er Fun field trip, 10 students get to come for free. Those ten students can all be from your school, or you can share the free student spaces with the new school.

camper excited to get his hands muddy panning for goldApril Bonus

Earn an additional 2 students free, for a total of 12, if you get the new school to contact us by April 30th for a trip the next year. As usual, we’ll start the booking process in mid May and it would be optimal to hear from new teachers by April so that we have time to answer all their questions and get them into that priority booking process. And of course, they can cancel at any time with no risk of financial commitment until their deposit is due the end of September, though you’d miss out on getting free students if that’s the case.

Resources to help you tell others about 49er Fun

As a teacher that has done our 49er Fun program, you are probably already the best equipped ambassador for spreading the word. But just in case, here are a few resources that might help.

  • Website – Includes detailed breakdowns of each of our overnight and two night 49er Fun programs.
  • Videos – A promo video about 49er Fun, plus some seperate videos of interviews with both teachers and students about the program.
  • Images – Select photos that highlight the different aspects of 49er Fun.
  • Reviews – It’s not just you that thinks our 49er Fun program is amazing.
  • Contact info: Office: 1-800-738-0555 Email:


  • The new school must be sending at least 12 people on a 1 or 2 night 49er Fun field trip (Greenhorn not included).
  • Your discount will not be applied until the new school’s deposit is received.
  • In some way, the new school needs to tell us they heard about our 49er Fun program from you, or that they are contacting us because of you. We ask all new schools how they heard about us, so this should be simple.
  • The new school will not be eligible for any additional promotional or special offers that might be running at the same time.

We’re looking forward to blessing you, your students, and fellow teachers from across California with this huge discount and a really great time!

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