Rock-N-Water Writing Contest

Open to all individuals that have a story to tell about Rock-N-Water Christian Camps
Contest Ends: November 30th. Winners will be contacted directly and announced in early December.


Over the years our office staff has had the privilege of listening to countless youth pastors, teachers, parents, and campers share stories with us about how their visit to Rock-N-Water has had such a positive influence on their life and on their spiritual health.

There are stories to be told, and we’ve love to hear and help share them.


  • The story should in some way relate to an experience you had at Rock-N-Water Christian Camps.
  • Aim for 300-1000 words, but that is as a very general guideline.
  • Include specific personal stories, reflections, things you learned.
  • Think about how your experiences at camp have had a lasting impact on your “regular” life.
  • Avoid writing an “online review”, we’d love to hear that too, but reviews should be submitted here.
  • Be it an Essay, Prose, Poetry, or a Song we are looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

Prizes and Details

  • We will select up to 5 winners who will receive $25 to $150 per winning entry.
  • Winning entries will be highlighted on Rock-N-Water’s Blog.
  • Non-winning entries might also appear in part or in whole on our blog or on social media.
  • Submit your essay by November 30th.
  • Winners will be contacted directly, and announced within 2 weeks of the contest ending.

How to submit

Submit your entry online using the form on this page.

Please email if you have any problems or questions.

Submit your Story