Rock-N-Water Photo & Video Contest

Open to all images and videos from Rock-N-Water in 2019
Contest Ends: Monday September 30th, 2019

We are looking for photos and videos, that have been taken by our guests, that help showcase all that Rock-N-Water has to offer. Here is the deal:

    1. You send us 1-10 images* and/or up to five 90 second videos** from your time at Rock-N-Water.
    2. We will select up to 5 photo winners and up to 5 video winners who will receive $50 to $200 per winning entry.
    3. Rock-N-Water will have the right to use any media submitted.

Please submit your entry using the form below. You can email if you have problems.

Extra Details

*Image submission clarifications:

  • Although we might end up using your best rafting image from a 3rd party photographer like Hotshot Imaging, it will not be considered for the contest, so please do not send more than 1 of these images.
  • Please submit images at the highest resolution possible. Facebook significantly shrinks images you upload to them, so please upload the original not a copy from Facebook.

**Video submission clarifications:

  • Videos can be edited compilations or raw footage, but should be full resolution/quality.
  • Do not add music to your videos.
  • Please upload your video to a cloud storage site like Dropbox or Google Drive and simply send us a link to access it.

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