Updated January 1, 2018

Refund Policy

These policies exist to help ensure that we can run our camps and trips in an efficient and predictable manner. It is a two way commitment. We commit to provide you with the amazing trip that you signed up for, and you make a reasonable financial commitment to be there too.

Full Refund

Full refund if canceled within 14 days of booking (and at least 30 days before your trip).

Loss of Non-Refundable Deposit

If canceled after your deposit is due (typically 14 days after reserving your space), you will lose your deposit. Living History Field Trips default to a 50% deposit. For all other trips and adventures, it is typically a 25% deposit. Select super-discounted low priced promotional trips require full payment at the time of reserving your space.

Full Loss

If you cancel your trip less than 30 days before your trip, you will not receive any refund.

Number Range

For trips where you will be bringing a group of people, you will sign up for a range of people. Your deposit (and thus financial commitment) will be based on the bottom of that range, and we will commit to having space for as many as the maximum of your range. Please ensure that the bottom of your range is a number of people that you feel comfortable with making a payment in full for. Once you sign a contract for your minimum number, that is the amount you are contracted to owe.  When you are about to pay your deposit and sign your contract is a great time to make sure that the minimum number is fiscally viable. We strongly encourage all groups to collect at least a portion of your deposit from your actual participants – this both helps ensure that they are as committed as you are, and that it is the individual and not the group left losing out if they back out later on.

If later on you would like to bring more than your maximum, please give us a call. As long as we still have space available we can increase you to a larger range, and you’ll send in a new deposit and sign a new contract for the increased minimum. But there is a chance that we simply won’t have room to accommodate more than the maximum we already promised to.


You are, of course, welcome to reach out to us and ask that we consider making an exception to our default policy based on extenuating circumstances surrounding your trip.


If you have any questions, please contact our office: fun@rocknwater.com | 1-800-738-0555