Local Campsites, RV Parks, Hotels, and Bed & Breakfasts

If you are unable to sleep at Rock-N-Water’s camp, here is a list of the closest alternative lodging accommodations.

If you stay at one of these locations, please make sure we know you are not camping with us on those nights.

Camp Lotus530-622-86727 minYesYesCabinsRiverfront with large spaces.
Optimal space for youth groups.
Ponderosa RV Resort530-642-58303 minYesYesCabinsRiverfront
Limited non-member availability.
Coloma Resort530-621-22677 minYesYesCabinsRiverfront
Across a narrow bridge
American River Resort530-622-67007 minYesYesCabinsRiverfront
Watch rafters at Trouble Maker
Bella Vista Bed & Breakfast530-622-34568 minB&BBed & Breakfast
Eden Vale Inn530-621-090111 minB&BBed & Breakfast
Rock Creek Inn Georgetown530-333-435919 minInnIt’s a windy road
Best Western Placerville530-622-910022 minInnIt’s a windy road
Quality Inn Cameron Park530-677-220324 minInnNot as windy of a road
Motel 6 Cameron Park530-677-717724 minMotelNot as windy of a road
Holiday Inn Express Auburn530-887-150727 minInnFollow link for 15% off via RNW
It’s a steep and windy road

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