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The things you’ll need/want while preparing for your trip to Rock-N-Water

Your trip confirmation email will contain all of this information (and you’ll get a reminder email of these details about a month before your trip), but here is the information again in case you misplaced the email, or want to check out these details before you book your trip.

Deadlines to Remember

  • Expected Numbers – Call in your Expected Numbers 2 Fridays before your trip starts. Remember, this is the number of people you will be paying for.
  • Final Payment – Typically due postmarked 2 Fridays before your trip starts. Returning leaders typically can bring their final payment with them. See your paperwork for your specifics.

Required Paperwork

  • Maps – Because it’s hard to have a lot of fun if you get lost trying to get here.
  • What To Bring – We’ve put a lot of thought into what you do and don’t need.
  • Release Form – One form per person. Every participant must complete one, and minors need a parent/guardian signature. Bring them with you. Do not mail them. Regarding your immunization records
  • Background Check Declaration – Background Check Declaration – One per Trip. Bring it with you. Do not mail it.
  • Health Screening Form – The state of California requires that participants at organized camps staying 4 nights or longer, must complete a Health Screening Form to be handed in upon arrival.

Optional But Helpful Information

After your Trip

More Information

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