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The things you’ll need/want while preparing for your trip to Rock-N-Water

Your trip confirmation email will contain all of this information (and you’ll get a reminder email of these details about a month before your trip), but here is the information again in case you misplaced the email, or want to check out these details before you book your trip.

Expected Numbers – Call in your Expected Numbers 2 Fridays before your trip starts. Remember, this is the number of people you will be paying for.

Final Payment – Typically due postmarked 2 Fridays before your trip starts. Returning leaders typically can bring their final payment with them. See your paperwork for your specifics.

Maps – Because it’s hard to have a lot of fun if you get lost trying to get here.

What To Bring – We’ve put a lot of thought into what you do and don’t need.

Release Form – One form per person. Every participant must complete one, and minors need a parent/guardian signature. Bring them with you. Do not mail them. Regarding your immunization records

Background Check Declaration – Background Check Declaration – One per Trip. Bring it with you. Do not mail it.

Diabetics – Additional packing information for diabetics in your group.

Promotional Materials – Ideas and materials to help you get your group excited about their upcoming trip to Rock-N-Water.

Weather at Camp – Current weather conditions and weather forecasts at camp.

Food – Keeping everyone well fed and happy.

External Resources – Somewhat related but unconnected web resources that might be of interest to you.

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