Spend March- End of May as a paid living history guide for elementary age students. You will lead groups through Gold Bug Mine, Marshall Park and hands on stations such as candle making, rope making, gold panning and more. Apply by Dec 31, 2023. Applications submitted before Dec. 31st will be given priority.

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Living History 49er Fun Guide

When: April-May

Location: Lotus, California

Who: Applicants must be 16 years old. The living history program is looking for people that have a strong faith in Jesus Christ, who love working with kids, bringing history to life, and working outdoors. For paid staff we are looking for spiritually mature, selfless, and hard-working people. We look to hire those who are teachable, have an excellent attitude, have a heart to infect campers with Christ’s love, helping people grow in their Christian faith, and have an eye for fun.

Training:To be considered for the position of living history guide, all applicants will need to attend and successfully complete Rock-N-Water’s living history training. Living history training will be at least two training days as well as additional days shadowing full overnight trips before being approved to lead.

Commitment:We look for people who love God, understand the gospel, enjoy working hard, and want to give at least two days per week to the campers. For paid staff we are looking for spiritually mature, selfless, and hard-working people.

Training Opportunity:  If you miss the age cutoff, you may interview with us to join us as a learning guest where you can come to camp for free and learn in hopes of being hired the following year.


Description: You will work long and hard, but very profitable and enjoyable days. As a paid guide at Rock-N-Water in California, you will be directly interacting with the youth that come to our camps as you take them on gold rush tours (gold mines, museums, and park trails), teach them hands-on activities (gold panning, rope making, ect.), and teach and read them scripture.

Paid guides are needed to work two or more days in a row Monday through Friday. Each guide is assigned a set of six to ten 4th graders and their parents to connect with, lead on tours, teach the stations to, and read scripture to while they are at camp. You will need to be able to stay on time, follow a schedule, kindly keep control of the kids you are assigned, and stay completely in character as a time traveler from 1854.

You will also be responsible for some of the many other daily tasks required of the trips we lead (prepping or setting up stations, moving benches or tables, cooking, cleaning, camp set-up, tear-down, and being willing to work harder when needed such as on rainy days to keep campers safe and comfortable…)

49er Living History Guide Pay varies based on experience

How to Apply

All positions have a history of filling up very fast. We recommend you Apply as soon as you are fairly certain you’d like to work here. We typically give priority to those who have applied before Dec. 31st and stop taking applications after March 15th.

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