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Popular Christian Summer Camps in California for groups of 6 or more

5 Days

  • 1 Day Team Building
    1 Day Canyoneering
    1 Day Rock Climbing
    1 Day Canyoneering
    1 Day Class III River Rafting
  • 5 Nights of Camping & 14 Meals
  • 4.8 (10 reviews)
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4 Days

  • 1 Day Class III River Rafting
    1 Day Rock Climbing
    1 Day Canyoneering
    1 Day Community Service
  • 4 Nights of Camping & 11 Meals
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  • 3 Days

  • 1 Day Canyoneering
    1 Day Rock Climbing
    1 Day Class III River Rafting
  • 3 Nights of Camping & 8 Meals
  • 4.91 (78 reviews)
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  • 2 Days

  • 1 Day Rock Climbing
    1 Day Class III River Rafting
  • 2 Nights of Camping & 5 Meals
  • 4.95 (43 reviews)
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  • One Day Adventures
    Youth Pastor Retreats

    California Christian Church Camps

    Customize your group’s camp to be exactly what you want  it to be.

    For groups of 6 or more people, we offer fun, fully customizable year round Christian church camps and retreats. Each of our camps are specifically designed for church youth groups, private Christian schools, and youth centers (Trail Life, American Heritage, Pathfinders, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, YMCAs…). For smaller groups, or individual kids, please check out our camps and retreats for individuals.

    More Popular Options for Student Groups

    Leadership Retreats

    Winter Camps for Groups

    Spring Retreats for Groups

    Fully Customizable for your High School Students & Junior High Students

    We want the experience of your week at camp to be a perfect match with your group’s goals and expectations. Better yet, we want to exceed those expectations in ways that you might never have imagined possible.  Each of our group camps are fully customizable. You pick how many days you stay, and what specific high adventures you do while you are here. And you set the spiritual direction and personal or interpersonal challenges you want your group to encounter throughout your student camp.

    Start by choosing from one of our great adventures, or from one of our more popular 5 day, 4 day, 3 day, or 2 day camps and retreats. And then tweak or customize your trip into exactly what you have been dreaming of.

    Contact us with your questions, customization ideas, or to check on specific date availability. We’d love to answer any questions you might have. Let us help you handcraft a retreat or camp for your school students that will best enable your group to not only grow closer together as a group, but to also (of course) grow closer and stronger in their personal relationship with our loving savior Jesus Christ.

    What’s the value of a Christian camp experience?

    Growth! Camp provides an opportunity for individuals young and old to get away from the constant distractions of everyday life. By breaking away from the routines, places, and the things that we find familiar, we are better situated to discover new things about ourselves, our friends, and our Heavenly Father. Learn more about Rock-N-Water’s Educational Objectives.

    What’s the value of outdoor adventures?

    two girls sit on a rock together ready to rock climb at summer campAdventures in the outdoors provide a natural camp conference or church event platform for helping to strengthen your ministries by created a more united group. By shifting campers out of their comfort zones, further away from the places and things that they are familiar with. Outdoor adventures provide countless chances for growth through challenging activities and the often temporarily uncomfortable situations we experience when we leave the protection of our everyday lives.

    Experiences like clinging to the side of a cliff, rushing uncontrollably into crashing white water rapids, and being amazed by discovering unexpected sights around every corner all serve to help shift campers out of their comfort zones, and into their growth zones. It is when we are out of our comfort zone that we begin the journey toward lasting personal growth and foundational spiritual development. Read more about the value of the outdoors.

    Who is Rock-N-Water?

    Rock-N-Water is a group of Christians who want to impact young people with the joy of God’s Living Word, so they might come to know Jesus and pass on God’s love with excitement. We focus our camp conferences on biblical principles, and we use the help of nature, friendship, and challenge to develop character. Our staff are not only trained to be amazing camp counselors, but also outdoor adventure guides. Our guides will not only lead you through your spiritual devotionals, but we will also lead you upon the rivers and rocks that we adventure upon. Learn more about Rock-N-Water Christian Camps.

    campers rafting on the south fork of the american riverWhat sets Rock-N-Water apart from other Christian Camps in California?

    It’s our passion to not only get youth into the outdoors, but to also help them to actually stop and experience the outdoors first hand while they are here. Too often, good intentioned camp conference centers can overload christian camp activity and event programing so that it bombards campers with so many amazing camp experiences, that while they are sitting right in the middle of an amazing forest of God’s creation… they never realize it. We want to change that.  

    Each of our adventures include time intentionally set aside to give campers an opportunity to just stop and think. Often times this takes the form of a quiet time that we’ll front load with a short devotional before spreading the group out for time of quiet reflection.

    Plus, the customizability of our summer church camps enables youth leaders to create a trip length and intensity that best matches the needs, goals, and finances of their group.

    Summer Camps, Retreats, and Rafting trips for all your groups

    More Information

    If you have any questions or want to customize your youth camp or retreat, please contact us. We’d love to answer any questions you might have.

    Summer Camps for Groups

    Outdoor Adventures

    Summer Camp for Individuals

    Statement of Belief

    We believe we should, "Love the Lord (our) God with all (our) heart, and with all (our) soul, and with all (our) mind," and "The entire law is summed up in one command: Love your neighbor as yourself." Matthew 22:37, Galatians 5:14. We believe Jesus Christ is the eternal and only Son of God. That He died on the cross as the perfect sacrifice, paying the penalty for all our sins, and then rose from the grave. It is through faith alone in Jesus Christ that we have received the free gift of salvation and eternal life. We are saved by grace, not works, “that no one should boast”. We believe the Bible is accurate, reliable, and the Word of God. (Luke 5:20-24; John 1:1-18; John 3:15-21; John 14:1-15; Ephesians 2; 1 John)

    Who we are

    Rock-N-Water is a group of Christians who want to impact young people with the joy of God's Living Word, so they might come to know Jesus and pass on God's love with excitement. We focus our program on biblical principals, and we use the help of nature, friendship, and challenge to develop character.

    Booking & Reservation Questions

    We've tried to spell out who we are and why we think spending time in the outdoors is so valuable. But if you've still got questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, we'd love to help.