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Christian Youth Camps for Individuals

Camps designed for individual youth to come by themselves, and leave with many new found friends.

Rock-N-Water Christian Camps is located in Northern California and has a variety of youth camps that are specifically geared towards individuals looking to come to Rock-N-Water Christian Camps by themselves for a fun opportunity to grow in their Christian faith. In addition to the amazing amounts of fun and outdoor adventures that each of these Christian camps contains, each trip also seeks to help create new friendships as individuals meet for the first time as strangers, but part as friends.

Jr High & Middle School – For those going into 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th grade in the Fall.

High School – For those going into 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade in the Fall, as well as those that just graduated from High School in the Spring.

Teen Summer Camps – For those going into 6-12th grade in the Fall, as well as those that just graduated from High School in the Spring.

Guide School – An intensive two week training program for individuals 18 years old and older who are interested in learning more about working in outdoor youth ministry.


Making a bunch of new friends from all over the place is a great experience, but so is building upon relationships that you already have. So as you consider doing an individual youth camp we’d like to suggest that you also consider the following options:

  • Talk to your Church’s youth pastor and see if they’d be interested in organizing a camp for your Church youth group to go Rock-N-Water Christian Camps.
  • If you live in California, there is a good chance that a local Church’s youth group will being coming to Rock-N-Water Christian Camps this summer. Contact us and we can put you in contact with a local youth group that might have space for you, and that you can continue building relationships with after you come back home.
  • Consider getting a group of friends together for a personalized camp. It only takes a group of 6 people to be able to build a custom youth camp that will be exactly the adventures and length that you want it to be.