Are you looking for an amazing summer job? One that will grow you, stretch you, challenge you, and also be loads and loads of fun.  Well, your search can end today because I want to share with you about one of the coolest job opportunities out there; Being an adventure guide at Rock-N-Water!

If you love God, love people, and love adventuring in the outdoors, then you will love Rock-N-Water.  As an adventure guide, you will get to go on adventures all summer, lead people in God’s creation, and share many new and wonderful spirit-filled experiences with other like-minded believers.  

Need I say more?!  If you need more convincing, below are just a few more of the many reasons why you Rock-N-Water is the best summer job.

Free Meals and Living Space

Being an adventure guide at Rock-N-Water comes complete with free room and board (and free meals). Rock-N-Water offers their staff a place to stay, granted it may not be the fanciest room and board.  But as long as you are cool with sleeping outside for the whole summer and roughing it a bit, it’ll cost you nothing.  Rock-N-Water also provides breakfast, lunch, and Dinner every day that you are working on a trip, so it’s a win-win!

Adventures Everyday

Who wouldn’t want to spend a summer full of adventuring?!  As an adventure guide at Rock-N-Water, each week you will get to go on adventures in God’s creation and lead campers closer to God.  The adventures you get to go on each week will include;  Rafting, rock climbing, canyoneering, cliff jumping, and more.  A summer at Rock-N-Water is a summer filled to the brim with adventures!

Learning New Skills

At Rock-N-Water you will learn valuable adventuring skills that will not only be useful for you at camp, but will benefit you outside of camp as well.  You will learn how to guide a boat down a river, set and rappel rock climbs, and safely lead people through canyons.  Rock-N-Water gives you experience in adventuring that you can take with you into your own private trips and adventures. Not to mention that you basically will be able to plan and do your own private trips with Rock-N-Water gear instead of having to pay for a company to take you!

Friendships that Last a Lifetime

Adventuring every day and learning these new skills may sound like the best part, but it’s the friendships and community you will find that will keep you coming back.  If you spend a summer at Rock-N-Water you will make new and lasting friendships as you serve God alongside other like-minded people. When you work at Rock-N-Water, you will be welcomed into a new family. As you serve God at Rock-N-Water, you will be working and doing life alongside other like-minded believers who also love adventure.  Don’t be surprised when these friendships from camp continue on even after summer ends and everyone says their goodbyes.

Spiritual Growth and Leadership Skills

As mentioned above, Rock-N-Water will grow you and stretch you in many ways.  One of the amazing ways a summer at this camp will grow you is spiritually.  Perhaps leading others spiritually is not something you’re good at.  Or leading a group of people to play games and worship God around a campfire seems like a daunting task. But as you step outside of your comfort zone and lead people on adventures and talk to campers about God, you will be surrounded by a group of people who are here to encourage, help, and support you.  As you are stretched in this area, you will grow in your faith and learn new leadership skills to take with you wherever life calls you.

Kingdom Work and Sharing the Gospel

Rock-N-Water is a camp that seeks to make God known!  This means that when you work at this camp, you are working for God and doing kingdom work!  Rock-N-Water is a ministry where you will get to serve God and share the gospel not only in words but also in actions.  There is nothing more meaningful than spending a summer serving and ministering to people who need to hear the truth of the gospel.


Last, but definitely not least, working at Rock-N-Water is fun!  I know this may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s true.  Working at this camp is quite frankly, just that; fun. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn, grow, lead others, make new friends, and just have fun!  The adventures are fun, the work is fun, and the people are fun!  It’s a summer filled with fun memories and fun new friendships that will last you a lifetime

What’s Keeping You

So what’s keeping you from saying yes to adventure and yes to spending one of the best summers of your life serving God and teaching others about God’s creation?


Interested? Here’s some more info:

– We’re nestled in the foothills of Lake Tahoe In California.

– Main season runs June-July and you’ll have the option to stay on for post-season trips through September

– Mandatory 10 day guide school starting May 30th-June9th ($100 cost to cover expenses). You’ll be fully trained!

– job application and more information found here.