boy with pan full for dirt for gold panning by riverPanning for gold
Never gets old,
When you are at Rock-N-Water.

Singing at the campfire,
Lifts love and worship higher.
And that’s not even half the fun!

Stargazing with buddies,
While getting bitten by buggies,
May not be your vision of fun,
But then you are sad when camp’s done.

Rope making is much more fun with friends,
That way you can cut each other’s ends!

You will enjoy candle making.
Just don’t mind them breaking,
If they get rolled up in your tent,
Cause they might be a little bit bent.

Making tortillas out of eggs, water, and corn flour,
Was a tasty treat in the noon hour.
Ice cream churned of ice, sugar, and milk,
Perfect to eat as it was smooth as silk.

men play instruments around campfire for students on field trip

Cartwheels came in handy in the game of Spud,
Good thing we did not play it in the mud.
Square dancing with everyone was a blast,
Wished the time didn’t fly by quite so fast!

The skits you cannot miss,
While watching them you’ll be in bliss.

The smiles on the others,
Your sisters and your brothers,
Is almost too much to bear.
And you’re wrapped in the arms of their care.

So good is the food,
It keeps you in a great mood!

And why do I love Rock-N-Water?
Because friendship fires grow hotter,
They boil and bubble until they overflow,
And when it hits you, you will know
Exactly why I’m coming back!

boys posing on boulder in woods at school field trip

Cause even when you are sleeping in the black,
You can feel the passion in the air
It’s creeping to your head through your hair.
It rushes through your veins,
Until pure joy reigns,
All throughout your heart.
And back to the start.

Because panning for gold,
Never gets old,
When you’re at Rock-N-Water.
Singing at the campfire,
Lifts love and worship higher.

And that’s why I love Rock-N-Water.

By Sophie Gribstad about her 49er Fun Field Trip – Honorable Mention winner for the 2018 Writing Contest. View more writing contest related post here.