girl playing guitar by the campfire on a backpacking trip

“Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.” Psalm 105:2

Have you ever had a camp experience that involved a worship song?

Our God moves in mysterious ways and I think that one of those ways He often moves is through worship and songs.  My sweetest memories of camp are always the ones that take place around a campfire.  Everyone is tired and full after a long day of adventuring.  But the day is still going and even though the sun is slowly fading down behind the mountains, everyone is still laughing and reliving the day.  The night comes to an end with worship songs and hearts that are filled to the brim with the Spirit of God. It is in these moments that I can feel God’s spirit come down and rest on His people.  These are the moments I live for each summer.

Each year at camp I feel as if the Lord introduces me to a new song that becomes like an anthem for my summer. Well, this summer at camp, God put a new song on my heart  – “Rest on Us” (by UPPERROOM). 

I remember it as if it was yesterday.  After a long day of adventuring, I  was sitting in the ”staff area” and listening in on all the stories being passed around.  Suddenly one of the staff begins strumming on his guitar and singing this song.  It was the first time hearing this song and I couldn’t get enough of it!  The simplicity of the tune and lyrics stuck in my head;

As the Spirit was moving over the waters
Spirit, come move over us
Come rest on us
Come rest on us
So come down
Spirit, when You move, You make my heart pound
When You fill the room
You’re here and I know You are moving
I’m here and I know You will fill me

Before I knew it I was singing this song and listening to it every chance I could find.  I would instantly be transported to camp where I could feel the spirit of God working.  Even now, with summer in the past, this song is still constantly on my mind and heart.

Why did this one song impact me so much this year at camp? It’s quite simple, really.  I found that this song so beautifully captures the essence of camp.  It is a simple prayer that the Spirit of God would come down and rest on us and be with us where we are working. There is no better place to be than in the presence of God’s Spirit.  When God’s spirit comes down and rests on us it makes our heart pound with the sweetest sense of joy.  This song reminds us that God’s Spirit is always at work, moving in ways that we can’t see.  God’s Spirit brings peace and joy and courage to all those who let it come down on them.

This song reminds me that God’s Spirit is real and I have seen it at this camp and nothing makes my heart pound more than knowing that our God is at work!

“Be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Ephesians 5:18-20

What is your camp song?

Now it’s your turn to reminisce. Has a song ever impacted you before? Maybe it was a song you sang here at camp? When you think back on your summer, how have you seen or felt the spirit of God moving in your life?  Did you have an experience this year that God used in your life to grow you or convict you?

We’d love to know how God spoke to you this summer at camp!  Let us know in the comments.